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You suck if you hate this game!


Now you can't buy this gane in stores for some odd reason (don't tell me) but if you really want to play it and you're a TRUE Beast Wars fan (like me) you'd go out and find it. Well, I did and it isn't what like people said it was. They say the graphics suck. Well they don't. The sound and controls are good. The music could be worked on. I'd just turn it off. It's perfect in every way except the range of attacks. There is only 4.(the R button is the 4th) They can be worked up to a stronger attack. Also, if you guys didn't notice if you press the R button in any mode close to your enemy and ...


Megatron says, "Nooo."

The good:

great voice samples

The bad:

everything else.


I put in the game and turned on the N64, the company logos flash by and then I hear Megatron, "Genasia, Yeeesss."

"Dude this game is going to be cool!" I exclaimed, wide-eyed, to a friend sitting nearby.

Then, when I had to rearrange the controls, it confused the system into thinking there wasn't one connected. Megatron barked out, "The controller is not plugged in! No!" Again, I was certain this was going to be a really cool game.

Being a Beast Wars fan, I was hopeful. This hope went away when I started playing. It's played on a 3D circular arena. You start in robot mode but can transform in...

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