Transformers: Beast Wars Transmetals (N64) Cheats

Transformers: Beast Wars Transmetals cheats, Tips, and Codes for N64.

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Transformers: Beast Wars Transmetals Cheats

Fight Megatron X
Successfully complete the game with Megatron with no time limit. You will have to fight Megatron X at the end.

Defeat Megatron X
Press C-Right to keep firing your gun until you get a Energon Strike. Transform into vehicle mode. Then transform into beast mode and keep pressing C-Right rapidly until your Energon bar is filled. Get close to Megatron X. Repeat this until you defeat Megatron X twice.

Get Rattrap's Armor from the First Episodes
Successfully complete the game, including Megatron X to unlock his best armor.

Unlock Blackarachnia
To play as Blackarachnia, highlight Tarantulas at the character select screen and press Z and A. Then move left or right to select the new character.

Unlock Ravage
To unlock Ravage in Arcade or Versus Mode, at the Character Select screen, stop on Cheetor, Hold the Z Button and press A. Now, Use the Left and Right to cycle through the color selections until you see Ravage.

Unlock Starscream
To play as Starscream, highlight Waspinator at the character select screen and hit Z and A. Then move left or right to select Starscream.

Unlock Tigatron and Ravage
To play as both Ravage and Tigatron, highlight Cheetor at the character select screen and press Z and A. Then move left or right to select the other to characters.


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Beat Megatron X
If you are having trouble beating Megatron X, press c-right rapidly to get him down on the ground. Then, while he is down, charge and ultra shot. Get it as charged as much as possible before Megatron X can recover. Blast him! Repeat. Your energon bar should go out soon. Transform to beast mode and keep hitting him rapidly. Once your bar is full, transform and repeat the process.


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Megatron X
Playing as Megatron, successfully complete the game with no time limit. At the end of the game you must fight Megatron X.
Rattrap's armor
Simply complete the entire game including defeating Megatron X. You will get Rattrap's armor from the first episodes.
Secret characters
For the following secret characters, first select either arcade or versus mode. After highlighting the corresponding character (in italics below), hold Z and then select the character with the A button. While you press left or right to view his various colors, the hidden character will be selectable:

Ravage and Tigatron - Highlight Cheetor
Starscream - Highlight Waspinator
Blackarachnia - Highlight Tarantulas