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Transformers: The Game FAQ/Walkthrough

by widge567   Updated on
This walkthrough was originally written for Transformers: The Game on the PS2, but the walkthrough is still applicable to the PS3 version of the game.
Transformers: The Game (PS2)


1.0	 Legal Stuff (LegS)
1.1 	 Sites allowed to use guide (STAuG)
2.0	 History (HisT)
3.0	 Basic Controls (BaCon)
3.1	 Special Controls(SpCon)
4.0	 Autobot Walkthrough (AuBW)
4.1	 Mission 1,Chapter 1 (Ami1,ch1)
4.2	 Mission 1,Chapter 2 (Ami1,ch2)
4.3	 Mission 1,Chapter 3 (Ami1,ch3)
4.4	 Mission 1,Chapter 4 (Ami1,ch4)
4.5	 Mission 2,Chapter 1 (Ami2,ch1)
4.6	 Mission 2,Chapter 2 (Ami2,ch2)
4.7	 Mission 2,Chapter 3 (Ami2,ch3)
4.8	 Mission 2,Chapter 4 (Ami2,ch4)
4.9	 Mission 3,Chapter 1 (Ami3,ch1)
4.10	 Mission 3,Chapter 2 (Ami3,ch2)
4.11	 Mission 3,Chapter 3 (Ami3,ch3)
4.12	 Mission 3,Chapter 4 (Ami3,ch4)
4.13	 Mission 4,Chapter 1 (Ami4,ch1)
4.14	 Mission 4,Chapter 2 (Ami4,ch2)
4.15	 Mission 4,Chapter 3 (Ami4,ch3)
4.16	 Mission 4,Chapter 4 (Ami4,ch4)
4.17	 Ultimate Doom (AUD)
4.18	 Cybertron (ACy)
4.19	 Sub-Missions (ASuM)
5.0	 Decepticon Walkthrough (DcCW)
5.1	 Mission 1,Chapter 1 (Dmi1,ch1)
5.2	 Mission 1,Chapter 2 (Dmi1,ch2)
5.3	 Mission 1,Chapter 3 (Dmi1,ch3)
5.4	 Mission 1,Chapter 4 (Dmi1,ch4)
5.5	 Mission 2,Chapter 1 (Dmi2,ch1)
5.6	 Mission 2,Chapter 2 (Dmi2,ch2)
5.7	 Mission 2,Chapter 3 (Dmi2,ch3)
5.8	 Mission 2,Chapter 4 (Dmi2,ch4)
5.9	 Mission 3,Chapter 1 (Dmi3,ch1)
5.10	 Mission 3,Chapter 2 (Dmi3,ch2)
5.11	 Mission 3,Chapter 3 (Dmi3,ch3)
5.12	 Mission 3,Chapter 4 (Dmi3,ch4)
5.13	 Mission 4,Chapter 1 (Dmi4,ch1)
5.14	 Mission 4,Chapter 2 (Dmi4,ch2)
5.15	 Mission 4,Chapter 3 (Dmi4,ch3)
5.16	 Mission 4,Chapter 4 (Dmi4,ch4)
5.17	 Day of the Machines (DDoM)
5.18	 Cybertron (DCy)
5.19	 Sub-Missions (DSuM)
6.0	 Symbol locations (SyB)
7.0	 Skills (SkL)
8.0 	 Contact Info (ConI)

This Guide does Contain Spoilers

1.0 Legal Stuff (LegS)

This FAQ is copyright 2007 by Widge567.
This FAQ may not be sold, changed or distributed without my permission.
This FAQ is for Personal use Only.
Violators will be Prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

1.1 Sites allowed to use this guide (STAuG)
in no order

2.0 History (HisT)

2007-30-6 Controls done, Finished Autobots to Mission 4, Chapter 1,
	started Decepticons, finished symbols locations
2007-1-7 Finished Autobots
2007-3-7 Started Decepticons to Mission 1, Chapter 3 and added
	special controls.
2007-4-7 Added Sub Missions and Skills, finished Decepticons through Mission 3.
2007-5-7 Finished decepticons through Mission 4, Chapter 3.
2007-6-7 Finished Decepticons through Ultimate Doom and finalalized symbol locations.
	also finished all sub missions and locations.

3.0 Basic Controls (BaCon)

Left analog stick : move
Start: Pause
Select: Objective
R1: light weapon
R2: Heavy Weapon

X: Jump
[ ] : Melee attack
/_\: transform into vehicle
O: Pick up/ Throw when something is picked up
R1/R2: Throw when something is picked up
L1: Target Lock on
L2: Block
Right analog stick: look around/aim

X: accelerate or go
[ ]: Brake/Reverse
/_\: transform into robot
L1: nitro
L2: handbrake
Down on the D pad: rear view
Pause Menu
D pad up and down/ left analog stick: change option
Right and left D pad: change menu left or right. Change selection
X: select
/_\: go back

Advanced moves
Roll: Double tap the analog stick in the way you are going for a roll move
Climb: Jump (X) into a building and hit ^up on the left analog stick to grab on
	and climb.
Ground attack: Hit jump (X) and while in the air hit melee ([ ]) for a
	ground attack

3.1 Special Controls (SpCon)

Vehicle Mode
X: Nitro
L1: Target Lock on
Right analog stick= dive/climb

/_\: Dive into ground
Cannot Block, Pick Up/Throw or Jump

 4.0 AutoBot Walkthrough (AuBW)

Chapter format is
Chapter 1, uninvited guests:
Chapter #, Chapter name:

Just North of Construction site South
Chapter location

All directions are done by the mini map

Playable characters

*Optimus Prime-leader of the autobots (3 looks)
Standard: Peterbilt semi truck cab
G1: cab over semi truck (collect all Autobot symbols)
Robo-Vision: sleeked up G1 (complete Autobot campaign)

*Bumblebee (2 looks)
Standard: 1974 Chevy Camero
Version 2: 2009 Chevy Camero

Jazz (2 looks)
Standard: 2006 Pontiac Solstice
G1: repaint of Pontiac (complete all of the sub missions
		for both autobot and decepticon)

Ironhide (1 look)
Standard: GMC TopKick C4500 pickup truck

*=still playable after completing game

These 5 skills will appear on every Autobot mission Jump, Slide, Throw,
 Speed and Heroism

     Mission 1: Suburbs
This is the same place as The hunt for Sam Witwicky and More than Meets the eye.
You are Bumblebee

4.1 Chapter 1, uninvited guests:

Just north of construction site south. (Ami1,ch1)

Destroy all the deciptions is your objective. Orange ones which were forklifts are
easy to defeat and can use ranged or melee, but the blue and grey ones are more
difficult and can only be destroyed by melee attacks. Defeat about15-20 orange ones
and about 3 blue/grey ones in waves and

chapter complete

4.2 Chapter 2, Guardian Angel:

 In front of Sam’s house (Ami1,ch2)

Follow the first two cars(red) shoot the one behind until it pops up but don’t
change untill you make the other car pop out. It takes about 5 shots for them
to pop out. You pop out both of them as they don’t go anyway except follow you
 once popped out. Then kill both of them  with melee or ranged attacks. After
defeating them go to the Mall(the traffic circle/round a bout) go right(from
Sam’s House) or West, then keep going untill you get to the police station
and wait for them. Pop out each one as they come and then kill them although
 I have found the blue/grey one in the housing area already popped up.

Chapter complete.

4.3 Chapter 3, Protect and Serve:

 Just North of the High School (Ami1,ch3)

BOSS – Barricade   HP: 18
Barricade begins the battle with his arms spinning, to stop him doing this
throw an object from the ground at him. Now after you throw something at
him melee attack him 3 times, then there is a cut scene. Now to beat
Barricade to the base ball field take the 1st right then the 2nd left then
 the 1st right again and keep going. Throw something at him then melee
attack him 3 times, now he spins his arms again so throw something else at him.

 Then proceed to hit him 3 times with a melee attack, again cut scene. Now to
 beat him to power plant take the 1st right which is right where you are, then
 the 2nd left and 3rd right then lastly keep heading on to get the power plant.
 This is the same process expect he spins his arms 3 times. Now, stand back at
 the beginning as the explosions can hurt you but not him. Get an item to throw
 at him in the mean time. Throw it then melee attack him 3 times. Throw
something else at him, then hit him 3 times with melee attacks. And again throw
 something at him, the hit him 3 times with melee.

Chapter complete

4.4 Chapter 4, Air traffic control: Northwest of High School and Southwest
of Mall (Ami1,ch4)
There are 2 power generators which you have to destroy in the square you start
 one in the East the other in te West and to the North on a building is a tower
 you have to destroy. Now from there Head West from the road South of the
Square and take the 2nd right, 1st left, 1st left again then the right at the
curve in the road. There are 2 decepticons in there one red(so easy), the other
 one blue and grey(melee attacks only). Although there has been a blue and grey
one which has snuck up on me half way through destroying stuff.

There are 3 generators, 2 are in front of the South building and the other is in
 front of the North building. There are also 11 towers on the 2 buildings 6 to
the South and 5 to the North. Now to the power plant from the entrance take a right
 and then the 1st left and zoom to the action zone. Now just destroy all the white
 tubes in the ground to get

Chapter and Mission complete.

  Mission 2: More Than Meets the Eye
This is the same place as the hunt for Sam Witwicky and the Suburbs.
 You start out as Jazz

4.5 Chapter 1, Obstruction of Justice:

Just North of mall (Ami2,ch1)

Each Check Point (CP) location is relation to the last one.

CP 1: Keep heading counter clockwise around the mall and take the1st exit to
the west and zoom through the police roadblock.

CP 2: Take the next left after the roadblock and follow the road to the next

CP3: again take the next left block but not the one the check point is at and
	 follow to the 3rd checkpoint.

Destruction 1: Take an immediate left at the Check point then change up the
road and destroy the gas pump

Destruction 2: Is right next to the last destruction if your lucky you might
 get both in one shot but it’s a gas pump anyway.

Destruction 3: Now destroy the gas pumps up the road.

CP 4: alley to the North to the grass and get to the road North and hit the
	Check point.

Destruction 4: Keep following the road North and then East to the high way
and change and destroy the Gas truck.

CP 5: Its on the Highway heading North or counter clockwise depending on view
 just jump over the baricade and then change.

CP6: Keep going along the highway until you reach the first exit and take it
 and go through the tunnel.

CP7: Once you get out of the tunnel take a right or West across the grass and
 then when you hit road take a left and hit the check point.

Destruction 5: Head to the police station and change to destroy the fuel truck
 there, then change back.

CP8: Follow the road from the police station South then take a left at the
roadblock and then take the 2nd left.

CP9: Now take the 1st left and the 1st right.

Destruction 6: Keep going North and change at the gas station to shoot out
the gas pumps.

CP10: Now head East or right (If you entered the crossroad from the last
Check point), to the mall and go clockwise on it.

CP11: Turn left from the mall and then turn left again and keep following
the curvy road.

Chapter complete.

Now you are Ironhide as Jazz got captured

4.6 Chapter 2, A friend in Need:

East of the Baseball field and South of the Construction site North(Ami2,ch2)

Watch Jazz’s health bar occasionally it isn’t that important.  Follow the
road you are on South  to the first location where there are 4 guys just
take them out with melee attacks its quicker. Now after defeating all 4
follow the road you came on North now either keep following the road
and turn off on the 4th left and the 1stleft or cut into the grass right
before the police station into the housing area. There are3 guys here
the first two are there anyway and you can beat them up easy with
whatever you want but the 3rdone is a tow truck who has to popped up.

This truck is spinning just like Barricade. Throw something at him
 and then you can attack with melee attacks twice then repeat a couple
 of times. Leave the housing area with a right and then take the 3rd
right and then 1st right. Then head clockwise around the mall and take the
1st turnoff, to the next area which has 2 oranges and a tow truck dude.
 Kill this spinning as quickly as possible because if you don’t more
orange guys will keep coming in sets of two. Now head back to the mall
 and head counterclockwise and take the 1st exit then take the left and
after the 1st left cut across the grass to construction site North. This
 dude is tough he isn’t a boss as he doesn’t have a name.  So to take
him down throw stuff at him and then he will fall now you can go up to
him and throw him around, throw him into buildings for extra damage
like 150% damage.

Chapter Complete

Now you are Optimus Prime

4.7 Chapter 3, flight of the bumble bee:

Just North of High School (Ami2,ch3)

Not much advice I can give without being really confusing, so just
follow the helicopter and stay in range. When the helicopter goes
over a building just go to the nearest turn towards its direction.
Now after following it for about 5-10minutes it will be

Chapter complete.

4.8 Chapter 4, Heavy Weapon:

East and a little bit South of the Mall(Ami2,ch4)

Boss –Shockwave HP: 30 HP
Shockwave is a turret is at the beginning of the level, the only
way to hurt him is to throw stuff at him. Keep throwing stuff at
 him until he has 3 ringlets of health left. Now Shockwave will
change into robot form. Now the only way to hurt him is to melee
 him to death. You get 3-5 shots in depending on how and when you
 hit but you have to hit 3 times to make him transform.

After 3-5 hits he will change into a helicopter chase him to new
area and he will be in his robot form and just repeat previous
process, watch out for him blocking as he does that a lot. Locations
 he flies to in order are: Police Station, Northwest of High School
 and southwest of the Mall, North of the Mall, Original location
East of the Mall and back.

Chapter and Mission complete.

  Mission 3: Inside Hoover Dam

Now you are Inside Hoover Dam with bumblebee who managed
to escape because of a power cut.

4.9 Chapter 1, Break Out!:

Right in front and South of the control center (Ami3,ch1)

Destroy the door by punching and kicking it with [ ] 8 times.
Now a little robot, sentry thing will come. You have to
 destroy this thing before it gets to the alarm. Change Bumblebee
 into his vehicle and chase it , he turns right, while shooting
 your light weapon at it. After 5 hits it should go on fire and
 no health bar go back to the control room.

 Don’t bother with the turrets and destroy the door again 8 melee hits again. Now
another sentry will come out and go left not right again chase
it and shoot it. Again 5 shots dead. Go back and destroy the
last wall/door thing for 2 sentries to come out, oddly they both
go left not one either way. So follow them and shoot each one
5 times then head back to the control room for

Chapter complete.

4. 10 Chapter 2, Tunnel Vision:

All the way down North tunnel B (Ami3,ch2)

So you have to escape the tunnel within 1 minute now. Good
Tactic to do would be to use your nitro a lot and shoot out
 obstacles ahead of you. I would keep going on after this
and try to get the 5 Speed icons for some goodies.

Now destroy the fan in service tunnel A North. It takes 4
melee hits and escape again. Keep making your way around the
tunnels and destroying the fans which take 4 shots. After
destroying all 5 fans and escaping from the 6 tunnels you
will get

Chapter complete.

4.11 Chapter 3, Power Drain:

South East Corner of the Dam right by tunnels South C,D. (Ami3,ch3)

 Now you have to throw the reactors within 2 minutes or
they explode but each time you throw one you get an extra
30 seconds so you have 4 minutes to complete this mission.

 I would start out by heading north, now you can only
climb the buildings from the East and West sides. Now get
 to the top and throw the reactor in the opposite direction
 you want to go as it will fly you that way. Save the one
 by its lonesome for last and then once you get all 5 reactors.

Chapter complete

 4.12 Chapter 4, Waking Giant:

Southwest of Megatron and East as you enter the lab area. (Ami3,ch4)

First off you should now you only have to survive this
mission. Ok but first to destroy the clamps just lock
 on and use your heavy weapon for quick destruction. Then
 a cutscence should happen and a timer will appear you
have to survive for 3 whole minutes, just destroy the
little energon droids with melee attacks as its quicker
for health. Now after about 30 seconds Megatron will awake
 and will start shooting you with lightning which you cannot
 block. You cannot kill him but you can disable him. By
shooting the canisters around him with your heavy weapon
it takes 2 or 3 shots depending on each one. You have to
destroy them in this order shown

^^^^^ You face him this way

Know once he is knocked and it takes him about 40 seconds
 to recharge and start shooting yiou again. Try strafing
to make Megatron miss you. After 3 minutes have gone by
with you in or out of the action zone you get

Mission and Chapter complete.

 Mission 4: The Last Stand

You are Iron Hide

4.13 Chapter 1, Exterminator:

Directly west of Obelisk (Ami4,ch1)

This chapter has to be the easiest in the game all you have to
do is kill 100 of the little energon droids like in . Just have
fun I took them out with melee attacks as it is quicker, it is like
 1 shot kill and they are so close its hard to ranged attacks. You
don’t really have to watch bumblebee’s health but glance at it a
couple times this mission took 3 minutes tops probably took more
like a minute and a half though.

Chapter complete

You are now Jazz

4.14 Chapter 2, Unfriendly Skies:

2 blocks South of Chapter 1 and a block West from the
Eagles statue (Ami4,ch2)

BOSS-Starscream HP: ???
Throughout this mission set healths will regenerate.Start by
transforming into your car and going as quick as you can down the
 road using nitro and such so you get minimal if any damage from
the explosions.  Now wait for Starscreen to come down and transform
and then just beat him up with melee attacks.

When he flies to the sky run away as he will do a ground attacked with
 range, use the minimap as a guide to where he is. Again wait for him
to come again and Jazz will say “If I were you I would call for back up
 too”. Now he will use flamethrowers from his wrist like Jango/Bobba Fett,
 just throw something at him and he will stop then beat him up, he will go
 up and flame again. Keep doing this until a cut scene happens
(Starscream runs out of Health).

BOSS-Blackout HP:???
You have to shoot Blackout out of the sky or wait a while, one or the other.
 Once he is grounded just beat him up with melee attacks too but watch out
for his charge attack YOU CAN NOT BLOCK IT, you can tell he is doing it as
he does a little jump thing. Either roll out of way or if you’re lucky you
will go under him as he charges you.

Now after he runs out of health Starscream will come back for more just use
the same tactics as before and now you have to fight both off at once. I would
 recommend picking on one at a time. Now Starscream has less HP than Blackout
 so I would take him out first then move onto Blackout when knock one of their
 health down to about 25% they will go and fly for alittle bit and come back
with 50-75% health but will not do that again. Also always watch your Health
on this bit as that got me a lot of times and they cause nearly double damage.

Chapter complete

Now you change back to Ironhide

4.15 Chapter 3, For the Fallen:

1 block North of Chapter 1 and 1 block West of Obelisk (Ami4,ch3)

BOSS-Brawl HP:40
Again with all bosses just pound him with melee attacks you can get two off at
time then he blocks it takes 10 hits the first time and then Brawl runs. 4
Decepticons appear quickly fight them off and then head South along the street
to get to Brawl who is a tank shooting you but will pop when you come along.
Same strategy 2 hits then block after 10 hits he runs again this time 8 decepticons
 come now head East along that street to get to Brawl as a tank again.

2 hits and block yet again and then 2 Decepticons come including a tow truck, spinner
 who was surprising to me and anew one, a charger you have to attack but only when he
 is stopped. After defeating them all head north to Brawl’s final location and yet
again the same strategy.

Chapter complete.

You are now Bumblebee

4.16 Chapter 4, Keep Away:

Southeast of the Really big building (Ami4,ch4)

BOSS-Barricade HP: 54
This is the police Car from earlier and you should use the same tactics, So he starts
 off with his arms spinning so throw something at him and then hit him 6 times and his
 arms will spin so just throw something at him and hit him 6 times for a cut scene,
now to beat him to the café go left through the alley, then left onto the road then
take a right and then the 1st left to get to the café.

 Now you have to do the same throw, hit 6 times combo 3 times now to get another cut
scene. Now just go up the road north as fast as you can to beat him there. Now you
have do the throw, 6 hits thing 4 times to finally finish him off.

Chapter and Mission complete.

4.17 Mission: The Ultimate Doom (AUD)

You are Optimus Prime for this mission.

One Shall Stand, One Shall Fall

BOSS-Megatron HP: 12
Now at first wait for him to land while avoiding the bombs he drops. After a while he
 will come down and will be like the charge dude from “For the Fallen” just throw
stuff at him once he is stopped and then he will attack you, block his 3 hit combo
then hit several times about 3 times does it and then he flies off.  Now again wait
 for him to land except this time he will swing a mace like Barricade and now throw
something at him to make him want to attack you.

Block his 2-3 hit combos depending on if he uses his mace. Then hammer Megatron with
 melee attacks about 3 times for him to flee to the skies again.  Now after waiting
he will come down now he use flamethrowers like Starscream did, but you have throw
something at him while he is flaming and he gets close to you, I would recommend picking
 something up while he is in the sky.

 Now same thing block and then attack. Now after flying and coming down he will charge
you like the first time so just follow those instructions then he will try the spinning
thing again so throw something at him and then he will try and flame you like before. After
 all this just block and then attack to finish him.

Chapter and Mission complete.

Now watch this awesome cut scene.

4.18 Bonus: Cybertron Autobot (ACy)
This is a bonus mission where you are Optimus Prime on Cybertron and you have to destroy
 all 35 Droids. All the enemies you face are enemies you have faced before there are
throwables are around the place, health pickups regenerate constantly. Watch your Health
and good luck.

Chapter complete.

4.19 Sub-Missions (ASuM)

There are 16 submissions for the Autobots 4 in each mission suburbs,
More than Meets the Eye, Inside Hoover Dam and the Last Stand.
I will list their objectives and locations here. Each submission
 requires 20 more energon cubes than the last so it starts off at
20 then up to 40, then 60 and finally 80. The only point in
collecting is 1. If your a completionist and second if you want all
 the cool bonus features. All submissions are timed

1.South of Sam's House. Hunt-hunt down 4 cars within 5 minutes
2.East of Highschool in construction site. Sumo-Knock 18 droids out
	of the ring within 5 minutes
3.Inside Power plant on 1st oil tank to your right. Scavenger-find
	20 cogs within 2 and a half minutes
4.Northwest of construction site south. Race-go through all the
	checkpoints within 2 minutes

More Than Meets the Eye
1.South of Construction Site North on building. Sumo-Knock 18 droids out
	of the ring within 5 minutes
2.Across street from Baseball field. Race-go through all the
	checkpoints within 2 minutes
3.In the Mall. You are Ironhide. Attack- kill all 11 enemies
	 in 5 minutes
4. At the Police station. You are Jazz. Scavenger-find 20
	cogs within 4 minutes

Inside Hoover Dam
1.Infront of Service Tunnel North B. Race-go through all the
	checkpoints within 2 minutes
2.Infront of Lab with Allsparka nd Megatron. Hunt-hunt down 4
	 cars within 5 minutes
3.Imbewteen Service tunnels South C,D and North B. Sumo-Knock 18
 	droids out of the ring within 5 minutes
4.West of Control Room. Scavenger-find 20 cogs within 2 and a
	half minutes

Last Stand
1.Northwest corner of the city. Scavenger-find 20 cogs within
	2 and a half minutes
2.North Central Park. You are Jazz. Sumo-Knock 18 droids out
	of the ring within 5 minutes
3.Southwest corner of city in construction site. Attack- kill all
 	11 enemies in 5 minutes
4.Southeast corner of city.You are Ironhide. Race-go through all the
	checkpoints within 1 minute and 50 seconds

 5.0 Decepticon Walkthrough (DcCW)

Chapter format is
Chapter 1, Uninvited guests:
Chapter #, Chapter name:

Just North of Construction site South
Chapter location

All directions are done by the mini map

Playable characters

*#Megatron leader of the decepticons(2 looks)
standard: Cybertronian jet
G1: OringalG1 skin but can fly instead of changing into vehicle
	(collect all decepticon icons)

*#Starscream (2 looks)
standard: F-22 Raptor
G1: Repaint of Raptor (complete decpticon campaign)

standard: MH-53 Pave Low helicopter

standard: Mechanical Scorpion

standard: Saleen S281 Ford Mustang (police car edition)

*=still playable after completing game
#=donates special controls (SpCon)

These 3 Skills will apear in every decepticon mission:Throw,
	Destruction and Evil

  Mission: SOCCENT Military Base

You are Blackout

5.1 Chapter 1, SandStorm:

Corner of US military Base (Dmi1,ch1)

This mission is easy all you have to do is destroy buildings until
 the meter gets up to 100% and all this within 3 and a half minutes,
 this is easy change into a copter and shootthe buildings mainly
with R1 with an occansinal heavy attack, R2.

Chapter complete

5.2 Chapter 2, Communication Breakdown:

Corner of the Us military Base (Dmi1,ch2)

Now you are Scorponok and are sent to destroy 5 Communication trucks.
You have 2 minutes to destroy them all plus 3o seconds for each one
you destroy. I would reccomend (from your starting position) heading
 left and getting those three and then head right to get the others.

Chapter complete

Back to Blackout.
5.3 Chapter 3, Seek and Destroy:

Right near Supply Depot West (Dmi1,ch3)

This mission is easy as there is no time limit. just destroy the
buildings with the yellow marks (on the minimap). Then pick up
the Green boxes to download the information after doing this
4 times.

Chapter complete

5.4 Chapter 4, Fire in the Sky:

Middle of the desert imbewteen 	the two bases (Dmi1,ch4)

You have 6 minutes to destroy 20 jets thats an average of 3.3333
 jets a minute so aim for 4 jets a minute and you should get
them. Fly around and look on the minimap for reb dots flying
around, Use light weapon mostly with heavy weapon as a finisher.

Chapter and Mission complete

  The Hunt for Sam Witwicky
There are 3 extra skills in this mission: Jump, Speed and Slide.

This is the same place as the suburbs and more than meets the eye,
 You are Barricade.

5.5 Chapter 1, Rough Justice:

Infront of the High School (Dmi2,ch1)

This is a simple mission just kill the Autobots, They will be 4 around
the High School. After defeating all 4 of them 4 more will appear
around the Highschool. After taking out 8 in total head to the baseball
 field. Which is from the front of the Highschool, head left and take
the 1st right and follow the road all the way.

Now they will be 4 again including one spinner, just throw something at
him and then beat him up do this twice to three times. so defeat the 3
others and another set of 4 will appear with no spinner though defeat
them all for

Chapter complete

5.6 Chapter 2, Race for Frenzy:

In the Power Plant (Dmi2,ch2)

Now destroy 2 buildings for a cutscene. Change into your vehicle and
 chase them by heading left out of the power plant. Then the 4th right,
 and 1st left. Now destroy 5 buildings as quickly as possible to
activate a cutscene. Now chase head left then take the 1st right,
followed by the 2nd right and then 1st left. Now destroy 8-10 buildings
 for a cutscene and now just go straight ahead and destroy 5 buildings
to get

Chapter complete

5.7 Chapter 3, Pursuit:

Opposite side of street from Sam's House (Dmi2,ch3)

BOSS-Bumblebee HP:24/8
Follow Bumble bee to the highway and then start shooting him untill he
pops up. Now he will start charging up a blue energy ball now defend
until it goes past you and then move closer, again he will charge up, so
 block then move closer. After3 or 4 times you beclose enough to attack
 him before he starts charging up hit him with a 3 hit combo then pick
him up and throw him.

 He will charge again. Keep doing this process until heis defeated. Now
head staright and go aroundthe mall then take the 1st right and you will
 get to the construction site. Kill the 4 autobots to make 4 more appear
 and then 4 will come over time.

Chapter complete

5.8 Chapter 4, Plight of the Bumblebee:

 Infront of police Station. (Dmi2,ch4)

BOSS-Bumblebee HP: 96/24
Now first your thinking 96HP thats alot!!!. But not really as a 3 hit combo
 hurts him 1 and throwing another 1 but into a building is 2. This fight
 is justlike the one you last had with him in "Pursuit". He charges up so
 defend and then move closer, after doing this a while you will be close
 enough to be able to hit. Make sure you hit him before he is charging as
 you can't hurt him then.

After hitting him with a 3 hit combo he will fall back now pick him and
throw him against a building for 2 times the damage. If you don't pick
him up he will attack you with 3 hit combos, just hit him with a 3 hit
combothen he will start charging up again. It takes 24 hits to make him
flee or 8 combos/throwing him but only 6 combos/throwing him at a building.

Now after he flees head North then take the 3rd left and then the 1st right.
 Use the same tactics again and he flees again. Left onto road, then take
the 4th right or one at the end of the road. Then take the 1st, to go clockwise
 around the mall and take the 1st exit. Same Tactics again and then just head
South down the road when he flees and enter the power plant. Same Tactics again
 accept this time Autobots come and attack you throughout the mission don't
bother with them just defeat Bumblebee for

Chapter and mission complete

  Mission: A Gathering Force
You are now Starsrceam. I would recomend doing the 1st chapter as your
minimap is down right now.

5.9 Chapter 1, Clearing the Air:

North Main Runway (Dmi3,ch1)

To start off you have 45 seconds to find a hidden zone to destroy the
radars and towers head like North East from your position so rightish. to
find it, then destroy the stuff now look around that area for the next area.
 There are 5 in total but there is really no time limt. After you get all
of them

Chapter complete

5.10 Chapter 2, Sinister Saviour:

South Main Runway (Dmi3,ch2)

Okay so you have to protect Bonecrusher by destroying all the turrets in his
way before his health drops to zero. Watch his health as it can drop quick
now to kill them lauch a heavy weapon attack then finish them with either
another heavy weapon shot or some light weapon shots. Ignore everything else
 you may have to fight (autobots). Stay as far in front of him as possible so
 you can start destroting turrets beforehe can get hurt.

Chapter complete

5.11 Chapter 3, Firework:

Right next to Chapter 1. (Dmi3,ch3)

You have 6 minutes to destroy 10 Jets and retrieve the data they were carrying.
 The data is the green glowing cockpit of the jet, you collect it by picking
it up. You can do two ways (recomended) shot down each jet then collect their
 data when they fall or shoot down all the jets, then collect all the data
they have all dropped. Just like in "Fire in the sky"shoot them down mainly
with your light weapon and use your heavy weapon as a finisher.

Chapter complete

5.12 Chapter 4, Warpath:

Right next to Chapter 2 (Dmi3,ch4)

This is basically the samemisssion as chapter 2 except you have to defend
two people(transformers/decepticons) Bonecrusher and Brawl. You start off
 with Brawl so destroy the tanks by him mainly with heavy weapons as it
effects a large area. Then head over to Bonecrusher, doing the same thing.
 Then go back to Brawl, after going back and forth 5-6 times then they will
 meet and there will be a giant tank roadblock. Just destroy the tanks as
quickly as possible as they can be a bother. just pump out heavy weapon shots
 at them then unleash alod of lead into them with your light weapon.

Mission and Chapter complete.

 Mission 4: City of Machines
You are Barricade in the same place as Last Stand.
There are 3 extra skills in this mission: Jump, Speed and Slide.

5.13 Chapter 1, Nowhere to run:

Northwest corner of city (Dmi4,ch1)

BOSS-Jazz HP: 27
This is a pretty easy boss battle. You can just hit him outright.
 3 hit combo him, then pick him up and throw into building for 9
HP gone.Keep doing this until he starts to run which is after 12HP
 is gone. Now follow him while shooting with mainly your light
weapon with some heavy fire in their. After shooting him for so
long he will pop and you will fight again do this again aad finally
 you will win after taking off 15 more HP.

Chapter complete

You are now Scorponok

5.14 Chapter 2, Energon Overlord:

Center of Centrel Park (Dmi4,ch2)

This is another simple mission go aroung killing Energon droids
(metal cockroaches). The pop up from the East, West, North and South
 of the Park. I reccomend sing your light weapon as it is a 1 or 2
shot kill against them. After going around killing about 30-40 you
will get

Chapter complete

5.15 Chapter 3, The Mighty will fall:

Northwestcorner of Central Park (Dmi4,ch3)

BOSS-Ironhide HP:25
this boss fight is difficult but not as if you remember to destroy all
 the droids/autobots before even approching Ironhide.If you do not then
 will unleah an ultimate explosion on you. After you destroy all the
droids, Ironhide will then charge you now throw something at him when
he is stopped. Now you can 3 hit combo him he flyand end up on his back,
 now pick him up and throw him against a building.

Now more Droids. Repeat same strategy, then more droids will come with a
spinner. Same startegy then more droids come with 2 spinners. Then again
same tactics. Now only 3 droids will appear one spinner and 2 new foes to
 the decepticon campaign, two chargers. With chargers what you do is attack
 them but only when they stop from charging. Then do the same strategy again
 for Ironhide defeated and

Chapter complete.

5.16 Chapter 4, Devastation:

1 block Northwest of Central park (Dmi4,ch4)

You have to destroy the city in this one. You have to get the meter to 100%
 within a 1 minute 30 seconds. Now a good strategy is to shoot the buildings
 with your heavy weapon (R2) alot as it cause alot of damage to the buildings.

 Now the action zone is North of the chapter location . Now destroy about 40,
 yes 40 autobots to be able to destroy the city again. Again you have to get
 the meter up to 100% within a minute and 15 seconds. Now this next action
zone is in the very East, again you have to kill 40 autobots. Now destroy 100%
 again except this time you only have a minute. After getting to 100% you have
 to climb the really tall building, you have too climb it from the back. I have
 heard though that the tall building cannot be damged for you to be able to climb it.

Chapter and Mission complete

  5.17 Day of the Machines (DDoM)
You are Megatron for this mission

One Shall Stand, One shall Fall

BOSS-Optimus Prime HP:
hit Optimus right off the bat 9 hitsand then he will flee. Now stay in the area
 do not follow him now 4 autobots appear and kill them. The Allspark is located
northwest of Central Park, again hit him 9 times. Now 3 autobots come
including someone just like in Autobot mission "A friend in Need" you have to
throw something at him then he will fall over. Now proceed to pick him up and throw
 him at a building for maximum damgeandI would kill the other two first though.

Now the Allspark is the Southeast of the city head there and fight Optimus. Again
9 hits should do the trick for now and get ready to fight another dude
 from "A friend in need" and a spinner. Now the next action zone is in the diner area.
 bu the curve with a bunch of tables and umbrellas.Again hit optimus 9 times then you
 have to fight a flamer dude and a spinner. The 4th Allspark location is located just
 West of the obelisk by where you start and 9 hits later Optimus is down for the count.

Chapter and Mission complete.

5.18 Bonus: Cybertron Decepticon (DCy)
This is a bonus mission where you are Megatron on Cybertron and you have to destroy all 35
 Droids. All the enemies you face are enemies you have faced before there are throwables
 are around the place, health pickups regenerate constantly. you can also throw people off
 the edge.Watch your Health and good luck.
Chapter complete

5.19 Sub Missions (DSuM)

There are 16 submissions for the Decepticons 4 in each mission
SOCCENT Military base,The Hunt for Sam Witwicky, A Gathering Force
 and City of Machines. I will list their objectives and locations
 here. Each submission requires 20 more energon cubes than the
last so it starts off at 20 then up to 40, then 60 and finally 80.
 The only point in collecting is 1. If your a completionist and
second if you want all the cool bonus features.

SOCCENT Military Base
1.In the South area of the US Airforce base.You are Scorponok.Scavenger-find
	20 cogs within 5 minutes
2.Just South of the Tank Depot in Supply Depot East. Attack-Kill all 11
	enemies withn the 5 minute time limit
3.Just West of the Tank Depot in Supply Depot. Sumo-Knock 18 droids out the
	ring within 5 minutes
4.Northwest of Us Army Base.You are Scorponok. Destruction-Increase the
	percentage to 100% with 2 minutes and 10 seconds

The Hunt for Sam Witwicky
1.In the Housing South of Construction Site North. Sumo-knock 30 enemies out of the
	 arena in 5 minutes
2.A block West of the High school.Hunt-hunt down and destroy 4 cars in 5 minutes.
3.In Park North of Power Plant. Scavenger-find 20 cogs within 2 minutes and 30
4.In the power plant's are northwest corner. Destruction-Get the meter up to 100%
	within 2 minutes

A Gathering Force
1.Imbewteen Tank Depot and Aircraft depot by the air control tower.Sumo-knock 20
	enemies out of the arena within 5 minutes.
2.Northeast corner of the aircraft depot. Attack-Kill all 11 enemies within 5
3.Southeast area of the aircraft depot. Scavenger-20 cogs to collect in 2 minutes
4.Imbewteen Residental quarters and recreational area. Destruction-Raise the meter
	 to 100% within 2 minutes.

City of Machines
1.Northwest corner by fast food joint. Destruction-Raise the meter to 100% within
	2 minutes
2.NorthWest corner by the Ocean/Sea. Sumo-Knock 20 enemiesout of the ring in 5
3.Behind Giant eagle Statue in Central Park. Hunt-Destroy and hunt down 4 vehicles
	within 5 minutes.
4.Southwest one block each way of the giant eagle statue. Scavenger-2 and a half
	minutes to collect 20 cogs.

6.0 Symbol locations (SyB)


The Suburbs:
1. Sam’s House – behind billboard on roof of building closest
 	and South to Sam’s House
2. The Mall – on the roof
3. The High School – on the roof
4. Bobby Bolivia's – near the back of the lot
5. Power Plant – fuel oil tank #1 3rd one on right when you
	enter from the North

More Than Meets the Eye:
1. The Baseball Field – look closely in the parking lot right
	next to the actual field
2. The Baseball Field – Rooftop of building South ofBaseball
	Field and North West of Mall
3. The Police Station – behind middle building in ring around
	 central police station
4. The Police Station – when leaving the police station, go
	straight up the slight hill and make a right into an
	alley, right before the hill.
5. Power Plant – Middle of Park Just North of Power Plant

Inside Hoover Dam:
1. Service Tunnels South C,D –close to chapter 1 dot in the
	black area on the opposite side of the wall
2. Service Tunnels South C,D – heading towards Service Tunnel
	 North B, in a cubby hole on the left just before the
	 road leading to the Central Core Area (jump over the health
	 pickup to get it)3. Service Tunnel North A – on 1st level of
	 generator structure closest to the tunnel (on the side
	facing 	you as you come out of the tunnel)
4. Central Control Area – in the control room
5. The Containment Lab – in front of Megatron (must
	 get shield down first)

The Last Stand:
1. Central Park –in front/ North of the bird statue
2. Central Park – next to a water tower on top of
	building near central park (across the street from bird
	statue’s right wing)
3. City Boulevard East–In the South of this area it is
	imbewteen two billboards one is Southeast of its
	location and the other is exactly West of the Symbol.
4. City Boulevard West – roof of tall, brick building near
	Chapter 3 (JUMP!)
5. Construction Site- On the really tall building that you
	can see everywhere which too climb you have
	to approach from the back.


SOCCENT Military Base:
1. U.S. Military Airbase – behind building on opposite side
	 of base from Chapter 1 signal
2. U.S. Military Airbase – next to hangar near Chapter 1
3. Supply Depot East – just south of tank lot
4. Bedouin Village – roughly the center of the village
5. Next to/behind the satelite base that is just south of
	bedouin village - thanks to deathreapdude6690

The Hunt for Sam Witwicky:
1. High School – in park next to the high school
2. Bobby Bolivia’s – in highway tunnel near the used car
3. The Mall – in the middle of an alley between the mall and
	the baseball field
4. Housing Estate North – between two houses on elevated row
	of houses (first two house on left as you come up
	towards the dead end)
5. Sam’s House – behind a brown house that is between two white
	 houses (there is a health pick up in front of the brown

A Gathering Force:
1. The Residential Quarters – in the middle of the larger
	 housing circle
2. The Tank Depot – between two long buildings near mountain
3.The Recreation Area – between two buildings on a curved part
	 of the road (near baseball field)
4. Roof of a building between the Recreation Area and the
	Aircraft Depot
5. The Aircraft Depot – behind a building that is near
	a fuel oil tank

City of the Machines
1. Main Avenue – in curved area with many umbrella
	covered tables
2. Central Park – top of tall building facing bird
	statue’s LEFTwing
3. Central Park – roof of building cater-corner to bird
	statue’s LEFT wing
4. Central Park – roof of tall corner building in cluster
	 BEHIND the bird statue
5. Central Park – roof of corner building cater-corner
	 to bird statue’s RIGHT wing
Thank you rodhot024 and Duskhk for the symbol locations guidelines.

7.0 Skills (SkL)

JUMP: To get these for Jump either get alot of speed and then hit
a ramp or get on top of the tallest building and transform

SLIDE: slide is easier than you think my 6 year old broshown me this,
 Build up alot ofspeed, while holding accelerate and Nitro, when you
 hit 130ish hit the handbrake(L2) but keeping holding accelerate and
you should get it.

THROW: Just pick up something aim your circle as far up as it will go
 and throw it and you should get throw everytime.

SPEED: Just find a staright piece of road or one with little and slight
 curves and just go as fast as you can using nitro and accelerate.

HEROISM/EVIL: You get this by fighting Decepticons/Autobots without taking damge,
 I heard that if you stay long range from one and shoot and back peddel,
 and kill it witout taking any damge you will get it, Boom!

DESTRUCTION: Hence the name all you have to do is destroy buildings and
 terrain around the area.

8.0 Contact Information (ConI)

To Contact me for questions, comment and corrections
email me at