Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen review
Great Game

The good:

You can choose what faction you want to be - the devious Decepticons or the heroic Autobots! Play as your favorite Autobot or Decepticon in this fun adventure game!

Each transformer has their own primary and secondary weapons ranging from power full snipers to devastating wave cannons. Learn your character's capabilities in a fun free roam mode where in each zone YOU can play as every available Transfomer including Starscream and many others.

The environment is destructible !! Rampage your way through the mission by flipping and destroying cars, vans, fuel tanks, electricity stations, trees and lampposts.

This game features great voice acting from Shia LaBeouf, Megan Fox and Peter Cullin and not to mention the voice over who voices Megatron in the games Hugo Weaving.

Features fun and enjoyable unlockables which enable you to watch episodes of the early transformers T.V show, G.I colours, character and environment concept art.

The bad:

This game generally features a very short Campagin and small battle grounds. You might get stuck in certain places when driving or flying around the maps or you may find yourself stuck on low barriers and other obstacles.

The controls are tough to get the hang of. The bosses of this game are generally easy and do not have a lot of health so beating this game will probably take no longer about 4 days or so. Controls are hard to get used to such as your vehicle mode where you have to hold down R2 the whole time.


GRAPHICS: Game features great graphics and very detailed transformers Robot mode and Vehicle mode. Structures and other buildings detailed very nicely and background structures are detailed great as swell. Explosions and gunfire very detailed as well.

GAMEPLAY: Similar to the game based on the first movie, Revenge of the Fallen the game features two separate campaigns; one showing the actions of the Autobots, and the other the actions of the Decepticons. The game will progress more on the movie with more missions and characters including Breakaway. In the Autubots campaign you will generally protect human buildings and escort human allies, nest to safety as well as bring Mikila and Sam to safety too. With the Decepticons, you destroy the human military forces and nest bases along with Autobot and major human civilization and electricity strutter's.

SOUND: Voiceover of all transformers and humans are very good along with missiles being fired and building and vehicles blowing up. In game music is also good along with the transformation with the robots as well.

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