Transformers: Decepticons review
Protect or Destroy : Destroy for the win!!

The good:

Fun Gameplay a few Easy to learn controls and good replay value make this game good, to get to grips with and to play.

The bad:

Average Graphics and some rare glitching are the only negatives of this game.


Transformers: Decepticons, the game of the 2007 Transformers movie, allows you to take control of the Bad Guys and destroy the Heroic Autobots and their Leader Optimus Prime. You can play as Barricade, Blackout, Brawl, Megatron , Starscream and your own Personal Decepticon to allow you to further indulge in the Transformers Universe. By gaining XP from Doing Challenges and Missions as well as defeating enemies your character levels up and gains better stats. The controls themselves are simple with the touch screen allowing easy map, scan and transform options and when transformed into a vehicle the controls are also simple requiring only the d-pad and a button to move forward. Another Positive is because of your ability to scan things as your custom Decepticon, you are not limited to a single vehicle. This gives you the option of changing into not just a car, but also a range of SUV's, hot rod's, trucks , jet fighters, tanks and helicopters. The games story follows the films plot but also differs from it as well, allowing surprises to the gamer. With some Challenging yet fun missions, you are kept alert as the action becomes more intense. the further you proceed through the story. There are also challenges within the game that allow you, to have fun and hone your skills at the same time. These include melee and survival challenges, designed to keep the gamer interested and alert. The challenges also award medals for high scores, with Bronze, Silver and Gold medals awarded to high scoring players. The game also has the replay value of Wi-Fi allowing fun with other gamers across the world, as well as having a free roam mode so you dont have to do the missions if you dont want to. Now that the postives are clear lets move on to the negatives. The most obvious negative to most people is the graphics of the game compared to the console versions, however with it being on the DS which does not have the power for graphics similar to the Xbox 360 or PS3 the graphics compared to other DS games make them average in reality. The other negative is the rare glitches that sometimes occur while playing a level, like the failure to load textures so you cant see anything in the game. All in all the game is a must have for your DS, its fun and allows you to play against friends using Wi-Fi. Plus who can turn down the oppurtunity to play as Megatron the greatest evil machine of all time ? No-one this game is a must for all those gamers who like to destroy things.

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