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[edit] Background

Design It. Build It. Race It! Original, fresh, innovative, TrackMania is more than just a simple car game. A cutting edge blend of arcade, SIM and puzzle games, TrackMania is set to be the first in a new and unique genre of racing game that will truly bring the game back in to gameplay

[edit] Gameplay

Using the simple and intuitive editor, players can let their imaginations run wild and build their own crazy tracks, modifying them block-by-block, to create complex and spectacular tracks. Then, when the tracks are completed, players can test their creations in real-time, and experience all the fun and excitement of high-speed racing.

TrackMania offers a choice of three distinctive gaming environments; Desert, countryside, and snow. Each location has its own unique vehicles and handling controls, players must learn to adapt their driving techniques in order to master the tracks in each of the different environments.

Players are given a choice of over 300 different blocks from basic straight blocks to adjustable corner or sloping blocks. It is possible to build increasingly impressive tracks of up to a staggering 2000 blocks. One of TrackMania's best features is the opportunity for players to create and share an infinity of original tracks.

Set to be the latest craze in online gaming, TrackMania's highly competitive and addictive multiplayer mode allows you to challenge players worldwide on several competition types. The game network is built to allow every player to participate; from casual gamers with a low speed connection to hardcore gamers with a high speed connection.

With TrackMania, Nadeo has endeavoured to lay the foundations of a strong gaming community. The original gameplay and incredible freedom of the TrackMania world will ensure a continued flow of new, more intense, and fun tracks from a committed and contributive community. Players creativity are fed by the availability, through the games dedicated server, of brand new blocks made by Nadeo, and some of the best tracks made by the players themselves.

When playing TrackMania for the first time, players only have access to a few of the blocks from the catalogue. These few blocks however will be sufficient to allow players to create their first tracks, and complete the first challenges of the game. With every completed challenge, and every new medal or best time achieved, the player wins more and more of the games currency, coppers. Eventually these coppers build up allowing the player to buy new blocks to build more advanced tracks.

The first puzzle in the challenge mode, for example, requires players to find the most efficient way to connect two points on the grid and then proceed to race the track in the fastest time possible. Each time the player achieves a faster time they receive more Coppers, thus allowing them to access more blocks in the catalogue. Each block has a different price according to its originality and its importance. For example, a loop is more expensive than a straight road.

When enough blocks have been collected, players are able to create unlimited tracks to play either alone or in multiplayer (LAN, dedicated internet Server or 2 players on the same PC). The dedicated TrackMania server, the true cornerstone of the game, is directly accessible through the game interface allowing everyone to instantaneously face other players and offers classification systems, clans and private games, new tracks and new blocks

[edit] Features

  • Easy-to-use track editor
  • 300 different race construction blocks
  • Three racing environments; American Desert, Countryside and Winter Landscape
  • Three different race modes; Rally, Stunt and Speed
  • 50 single-player challenges
  • Multiple multiplayer modes
  • Scaleable graphics technology accommodates most system specifications

[edit] Hardware Requirements

Windows 98, 2000, ME, XP.
Pentium II 450 or equivalent.
32MB 3D graphics card.
Direct X9 compatible sound card.

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