Touch the Dead Action Replay Codes

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Power Up Weapon Codes (DS) North America

3-Stars: Crowbar
220afba8 00000003

3-Stars: Pistol
220afbb0 00000003

3-Stars: Shotgun
220afbb8 00000003

3-Stars: Machinegun
220afbc0 00000003

Infinite Ammo Codes (DS) North America

Infinite Ammo: Shotgun
120afbba 000003e7

Infinite Ammo: Machinegun
120afbc2 000003e7

No Reload Codes (DS) North America

No Reload: Pistol
220afbb1 00000008

No Reload: Shotgun
220afbb9 00000006

No Reload: Machinegun
220afbc1 0000001e

Infinite Health (DS) North America


220afba4 00000005

Into your Action Replay to get Infinite Health.

Infinite Lives (DS) North America


220afba6 00000063

Into your Action Replay to get Infinite Lives.

Excellent End of Stage Stats (DS) North America


620afb10 00000000
b20afb10 00000000
20000018 00000064
2000001a 00000064
2000001c 00000064
2000001e 00000064
20000028 00000045
2000002a 00000045
2000002c 00000045
2000002e 00000045
d2000000 00000000

Into your Action Replay to get Excellent End of Stage Stats .

Have Weapons (DS) North America

Have Crowbar
220afbac 00000001

Have Pistol
220afbb4 00000001

Have Shotgun
220afbbc 00000001

Have Machinegun
220afbc4 00000001