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Toto World 3 FAQ/Walkthrough

by IceQueenZer0   Updated on
--------------------------------- [ TOTO WORLD 3 ] ----------------------------
---------------------------------[by Ice Queen Zero]---------------------------
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Toto World 3 is a game made in Korea that was also released in Australia as part
of a 4-in-1 pack for the Sega Master System under the name Cave Dude. It has a
combination of elements from Chuck Rock and Super Mario 2 USA/Doki Doki Panic
(notice the waving grass?).


Toto World 3 and its characters are trademarks of Open Corp. and all copyrights
belong to them.

This FAQ/Walkthrough is the sole copyright of Andrea "Azul Fria" Castillo aka 
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nor can it be reproduced w/o proper consent. 


D-pad = Move left or right. Press down to slide down a slope.
Button 1 = Attack
Button 2 = Jump



Head right and kill the chick and monkeys as you gather the yellow and silver
stars and then kill the elephant with a few hits of your club. For now you only
have your club and it takes 1 hit to kill the chick, 2 to kill the monkey and
4 to kill the elephant. You will eventually get a hammer later in the game that
doubles the attack power. The monkeys also spit bullets when they stop moving.
Use the springs to get stars out of reach. Hop over the gap or you will die when
you fall down it. If you come upon a slope, press down on the D-pad and you'll
slide down and kill any enemy in the way of your slide. Gather the exit star to
end the level.


Wait for the monkey to walk away from the ledge before you hop over the gap and
kill it. Slide into the chick and destroy the right block above to get the good
ol' hammer. Now you are playing with power. Now the elephant dies in 2 hits and
the monkey dies in 1. Kill the next chick you see and destroy the block for a
heart that gives an extra energy. Bash your way to the right and clear the gap
and kill the chick and monkey below. Use the spring and kill the elephant at the
top of the ledge once you are on there. The starts at the end form an arrow that
points to the exit star.


Smash the first block for energy and use the spring to get the stars and jump on
the platform that is rising and falling. To get the silver stars, hold right to
walk off the ledge and your momentum will carry you over to collect them. Kill
the monkey and jump onto the low platform to make it rise then kill the little
head while avoiding the bullet it spits at you. You will come across a platform
that sinks when you step on them so get off it quickly before you fall to your
death in the pit below. If you need health, stay on the first one long enough
to get the energy before jumping off. The second platform rises when stepped on.
Kill the little head safely. The next platform will sink. Once you get past the
monkey there, use the three springs to safely clear the large gap. There is one
more energy item in one of the blocks before the exit star.

Boss Fight: Jumbo

Jumbo flies back and forth using his ears just like Dumbo the Elephant and will
try to smash you if you are underneath him. Move from under him when he comes
down and hit him. He will die in 4 hits hit the hammer and 8 hits with a club.



Kill the mice as you gather two sets of stars that form arrows. You can jump
through the wall to the right which is why the stars formed arrows. Inside it
is a mouse to kill and a hammer if you need it. Go back out and along the top
then kill the enemies up there. If you need health, drop back down and kill the
little head and destroy the block for it. Go right and kill more mice then go to
the upper right area blocked off by logs. The left block contains a 1-up. Drop
down to the bottom and you will want to stay on the low road. You can go through
the wall here and stay low until the logs block your path then go over them and
get the exit star.


Head over to the right and kill the nearby enemies before hopping on the rising
platform to get to the upper ledge. Carefully hop across the platforms to avoid
falling to your death. You will see a set of stars that spell TOTO. As you head
further to the right, you will also come across cracked blocks that break when
stepped on. Run across them as quick as possible. The exit star is just ahead.


Run across the logs and watch out for the fish jumping out of the water that'll
try to eat you. Ride the platforms moving along the lines. If you miss the ride
the first time around, it will come back to the beginning so you can try again.
There isn't really much anything new here aside from the fish. Just be careful
where you leap.

Boss Fight: Gojira

You might say he looks like Godzilla but the fact is that it is him. Gojira is
how the Japanese say Godzilla. Stay on the far left and wait for Gojira to spit
a fireball that angles down then straightens as it moves towards you. Jump over
the fire and move towards him and bash him in the head once then head back over
to the left and repeat the process until he dies. 4 hits with the hammer or 8
hits with the club will do the job.



Collect the stars while you kill the alligators and crabs. You will see an enemy
that looks like a pokey from Super Mario Bros 2/Doki Doki Panic. Stay on the
ledge far away from it and bash it when it gets close. It takes 4 hits with the
club and 2 hits with the hammer. You will see stars on top spelling "GO" and a
set of stars forming an arrow. Kill the little heads as you collect the stars.
The crabs shoot bullets in variable directions so be sure to avoid those bullets
by staying at a correct angle. The two blocky platforms contain a hammer and a
health heart on the top blocks respectively. When you see 2 little heads (one
hopping and another spitting), let the hopper jump over the pit then kill it and
then jump over the pit to kill the other one. There is a 1-up before the exit


You will be introduced to quicksand and spikes. The quicksand will make you sink
into the ground and you'll die when you are buried. The spikes will damage you
if you land on them. There is a 1-up inside the top "step" of the lower set of
blocks when you reach the wall. Jump across the quicksand and be wary about the
spikes. After defeating the next cactus enemy, stand on the platform to make it
rise and get on the platform and jump across the quicksand. Don't land in the
water. It's full of spikes and a fish. You will the stars form an arrow that
point to more stars that spell TOTO before the exit star.


In this level, it's safe to jump into the water at the beginning and it gives
you buoyance to get out of the water with one jump no matter how high it is. Use
the springs to get over the spikes. If you need health, jump into the water
and drop down to the left of the spikes to kill the fish and break the block on
the very left. Get out and kill the gators and avoid falling onto the spikes.
Use the blocks to get over the pit and jump off the next platform before it goes
down. Jump into the water. Kill the fish. You are not as buoyant in deep water
as you are in shallow water. Get out of the water and exit stage right.

Boss Fight: Mushman

Stand on one of the two blocks in the area to avoid the missile that Mushman
shoots then stand on the edge and wait for Mushman to jump towards you and then
bash him while he is on the way down.Just be sure to avoid the stomps and the
missiles and this will be an easy fight.



Despite being in an icy level, the physics will not come to play. By physics, I
mean that one would expect to slip n' slide when stepping on icy floors like the
majority of games with ice in them. Nope, you still stop on a dime. Avoid the
avalanche balls at all cost. No you cannot ride on top of them. I know you were
tempted to do that. The ice blocks don't break when hit unlike the average stone
ones. Avoid the spikes as you kill penguins and chicks in this level. You will
come across some silver stars that spell "Oh!" before exiting the level.


Nothing new here, just be wary of the pit as you hop across the small blocks
over it especially when using the springs. Near the end you can get a 1-up and
exit to the right.


This level has a lot of dead ends and tricky paths. If you see an avalanche in
the way, you can scroll it off the screen from a lower path to get rid of it.
When you see a line of arrows, the silver ones will point to extra health and an
extra life. You'll see a line of stars pointing up and that tells you to take
the top path to the exit.

Boss Fight: Big Mouth

You fight a giant version of the head enemies you fought throughout the game, it
doesn't really offer any resistance at all. It will just hop at you while the
little heads try to join the fight. Get in your hits while defeating the little
heads and run under the Big Mouth if it gets too close to the corner. If you got
the hammer, it will most likely die before worrying about running under it if
you got the hammer.



Welcome to hell on earth. You will have to fight against fellow cavemen here as
well as bats and skeletons. Not much else to say here. I don't need to tell you
to avoid the lava (or is that hot water?) as you know well enough to do that.
The bats attack directly, cavemen try to crash into you and skeletons will throw
bones at you.


More lack of physics here. Normally stepping on a ball and chain will give you a
painful foot. Instead, you can jump on them as platforms to avoid stepping onto
spikes and get over the lava pit. Kill the bats as quickly as possible as they
can be very annoying. There is a 1-up inside the block before the exit star.


Avoid the top and bottom spikes at the start and use the blocks to clear the pit
of lava. Some spikes are loose and will fall down when below them. Use the line
platform to get past the spike pit. This ride will fall down at the end of the
line. You can tell which spikes will fall when you see the ones that are thinner
than the other ones. When you come across 2 more line rides, the second one will
have a 1-up in the block before it. The final one will be tricky but stay on the
ride when if falls then hop to safety and exit.

Boss Fight: Dodoria

When Dodoria stomps, avoid the rocks falling down from above. Get onto the right
platform and bash Dodoria in the head when he comes down from a stomp then only
jump away when he goes for another stomp. If he doesn't jump again, then he'll
move back and give you another opportunity to hit him again. Repeat the process
until he dies.



Welcome to the castle where you will combat walking and hopping candles, knights
and the same ol' little heads. Knights spit bullets in a 3-way arc. You can use
the windowsills for platforms too. One thing you will notice about the walking
candles is that they will extend their flame if you stand above them but they
don't stretch out that far if you are high enough. Fight your way to the exit.


Ain't much else going on here. The only thing to watch for is a long pit of
spikes that has a hard jump to get across and there are also spikes that will
fall from the ceiling. Other than that, just exit the level.


For this level, just concentrate on killing all the candles as they will just
continue to hound you. Even the encased ones can still burn you with their fire
extended out when above them. You should have no trouble beating this level.

Boss Fight: Dark Dragon

This is the final boss. Avoid the missile and run towards Dark Dragon before the
lighting strikes and bash him in the head. The lightning will come down based on
your current location before it came down so that's why you got to run towards
him. After getting hit, Dark Dragon vanishes and reappears on the opposite side 
of where you stand and does the same thing. Repeat the process until he dies.


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