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Stay in your own league

The good:

I don't really know to be honest....Maybe the fact you can run people over & SOMETIMES they split in half?
-Matrix style bullet time & shot combos
Other then that the entire game is pretty damn poor, even for a piss take of games like GTA.
-The game doesn't take itself too seriously. Still this makes no difference to its quality.

The bad:

-It costs $99.95AU ($50.00USD....Come on...For this?
-The visuals are flat, dull & boring but smooth. They just don't boast anything special. If you've ever played the game "Cold Winter" you'll know what to expect.
-Gameplay is just generally clunky & not fun in anyway. It feels unfinished, the shooting elements lack any real punch. You feel like your firing a virtual pen gun.
-Sound Effects are absolutley shocking, the gunshots are extremely outdated & are just plain rubbish. Another element that feels quiet unfinished. You can't expect to paste sounds from last generation games & get away with it.
-Vehicle physics are poor. Crash & it feels as though you're hitting a giant net. Like the rest of the game, the vechicles lack any punch & so they are very dull to drive. Stick to playing with matchbox cars'......
-Level design is also extremely poor, the missions are short & boring. Free roam my ass, everytime you attempt to go somewhere outside the mission zone the computer puts you straight back where your suppose to be for the mission & no that's not a good thing. Not to mention that the missions feel really last generation as well. It's nice to be original but when do a crap job of doing so, it doesn't exactly pay off.
-The A.I is pretty bad. Like in a lot of games, the A.I simply stands there while you train a pistol on their heads. You would have thought that by now, that anyone could over come this. Obviously not....
-Unnecessary load times. GTA: San Andreas is the most massive & busy games ever created, we have 1 single loading screen at the start of the game and that's it. However in Total Overdose we sit through them constantly & they arn't short either


Don't blow your cash on this over-priced piece of crap. It was created by rookie, wannabe Rockstar developers who thought they could jump straight into the big leagues without thinking things through. As I said, even if you consider this to be a GTA piss take, there's still almost 0% value. I personally am sick to death of these "first time" developers. Either make a crap game & price it fairly or make an excellent game & price it fairly. Don't give us crap like this then expect people too pay as much as they would for a star quality Blockbuster such as GTA: San Andreas or MGS3: Snake Eater

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