Total Overdose (Xbox) Cheats

Total Overdose cheats, Tips, and Codes for Xbox.


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How to get Angel's Purple And Flame Pickup
To get this car, first you should go to Angel's Apartment, then go to the end of the tunnel, you should see a red pick-up, ride on it then go to Barrio Antiguo, go to the area where the El Macho Bar is, scan the area and you should see a Purple and Flame pick-up, just like in the mission where in Angel saved you but there isn't any turret.
Play as Ram or his brother
To play as Ram you must successfully complete the good son mission.

To play as Ram's brother you must successfully complete the father mission.
To get the dual pistols upgrade you must collect ten weapon icons.

To get the dual rifles upgrade you must collect twenty gun icons.

To get the health upgrades you must collect ten health icons to upgrade your total health.

To get the stamina upgrades you must collect ten stamina icons to upgrade your total stamina.


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All weapons
Press Y, L, Black, X to unlock all weapons.
Cheat mode
Hold L + R + Black + White + click Left Analog stick + click Right Analog stick during game play for at least three seconds, then, enter one of the following codes.
Maximum health
Press A, X, B, Y to get maximum health.
Maximum Rewindings
Press R, Black, White, A to get maximum rewindings.