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Balance your Money
If you are short on cash because of your top guys demanding really expensive salaries; Let some of them go. It may hurt you in the short term, but as you make your lesser-known talent of worth to the public, they will probably not come to demand money as your first stars did.
Booking Wisely
One of the tips about booking is to choose wrestlers that are compatible with each other. Try different combinations in matches and see what works, and what doesn't. It really depends on their skill, more talented, over wrestlers are more likely to steal the show as with another wrestler who has slow morale, and is sluggish in the ring.
Easy way to get people over
Man, I just found a way to get someone over easily! It works and I almost fell out of my chair when I found out how much overness the guy I pushed gained.

I was doing this during my battle, I decided that I should push Shannon Moore. He has around 50% overness in the update I use. So, I decided to put him in a match with JBL, who was around 80% overness and I let him win, since I hate JBL and don't like him being an upper midcarder. I checked Shannon Moore's overness later on and I noticed it was 74%! Do this with any lowcarder, it works! I have big plans for Shannon now and I'm going to use some more of my crappy uppercards as pawns.
Firing Glitches
There are a lot of glitches sometimes when firing. Most of the time, it is supposed to make your relationship with the person you fired "dislikes" or "hates". But sometimes it might say "Best Friends" or "Trained by".
Gain mic skills
If you have someone in your roster that you want to push a bit that has bad mic skills, put him on the mic a lot. He'll gain. I had Nunzio go from 60% in mic skills up to around 75% where he is now in 3 weeks just by putting him on the mic every week. Charisma and mic skills are two things you need when pushing someone, so this can be handy.
Keeping stables in order
If you ever use an angle that kicks someone out of a stable, make sure you remove the person yourself after the show. It will not do it automatically.
Playing as a wrestler
To play as someone other then your starting character (Who's name is 'You') just go to the editor, find the person you want to play as and check the box 'User Character'. He/She will then appear at the character/promotion selection screen.


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TEW version of Arsenic Editor...and it's already in the game!
Ok ok, most of you must be pretty bummed Arsenic didn't make his fantastic editor for TEW.

Good news is, you may not know it, but TEW comes with one!

When on the main screen of a save game, go to "Options" and you'll see a section for something called the "Live Editor". This will let you edit anything from workers to staff right on your save game, so no more having to start new games just because you made a mistake on one worker!