Total Annihilation Cheats

If you want good cheats, see these.

+ATM- Supplies an instant 1,000 metal and energy

+DOUBLESHOT- Doubles the damage that all weapons do

+HALFSHOT- Halves the damage that all weapons do

+ILOSE- Causes you to lose

+IWIN- Causes you to win

+KILL #- Kill of player, # = 1 – 9

+KILL- Kill all enemy and friendly units

+LOS- Toggles on/off Line-Of-Sight (LOS)

+LUSHEE- Limited resource increase (?)

+NOWISEE- Allows you to see the entire map

+METEOR- Cause a random meteor shower to occur

+NANOLATHING- Building occurs at 2x normal speed

+NOENERGY- Sets current energy level to 0

+NOMETAL- Sets current metal level to 0

+RADAR- Toggles on/off full radar

+VIEW #- Lets you see things from player #'s perspective

These are the ones I found. See me for more cheats to this game.