[edit] Background

Toribash is a turn-based fighting game. Create your own martial arts movies in single player sandbox mode,
or join the competition in the multi player modes. Focus is on tactics rather than reaction and button mashing.
The game features physics, full dismemberment, decapitation and comic style blood.The majority of fighting games rely on pre-built, unchanging animations. Although newer titles are incorporating motion blending and even including layers of physics simulation, the underlying motion is still keyframe based. Toribash does away with keyframes entirely, and the results are fantastic.

[edit] Gameplay

The game is turn-based; each match is broken down into segments of time. While time is paused, you can set the behavior of your ragdoll's joints: extend, contract, hold, or relax. So, for instance, you could raise your knee to kick by contracting both your hip and your knee. Check out their tutorial video for an idea:

Other games have attempted to implement full body, physics-based control mechanisms. The problem lies in the complication of movement. As a designer, you either need to simplify the control mechanism, automate some aspect of the process, or rely on convoluted controls. It's a very hard problem to solve for a real-time game.

And that's the brilliance of Toribash. They didn't attempt to solve the complexity problem. It can take a full 20 seconds to set up your punch, kick, or grab just the way you want it. Because everything is turn-based, though, there isn't any real penalty to this for the player. They're given enough time to create very complex maneuvers.

Rock Paper BOO-YA!
Toribash is primarily a multiplayer game. It has a single-player mode, but there isn't any AI to play against. You simply control two ragdolls simultaneously. While playing by yourself can be fun for setting up ridiculous replays, the real fun starts when you play a match against someone else. The default server lineup offers a variety of game settings (the server sets the amount of time that passes each turn, and the total time per match). The longer turn settings, 70 frames or so, have a very apparent rock-paper-scissors feel to them. Properly predicting and counteracting your opponent's moves becomes a huge part of the strategy.

All of the default servers have disqualification turned on, which means that a player loses if they touch the ground with anything except their hands or feet. Most servers leave the default of enabling dismemberment, too, so a valid strategy is to literally tear off someone's arm and throw it on the ground. Instant disqualification!

We played some matches here with disqualification turned off, and it was an interesting dynamic.

[edit] Features

- Full multi player access, including registered only servers with 'buddies'

 system, protected nicks and head skins

- Join the competition in the online top 250 ranking system
- Realtime Belt grading system. Get yourself a Toribash Black Belt
- Custom mods, such as the official sumo mod
- Alter the rules of Single player and hosted Multi player games
- Host your own TCP or LAN server
- Your own custom head texture included in the official releases
- Autosaving of matches
- Export screenshots and animations to POV-Ray

[edit] Hardware Requirements

128 mb videocard, 500mb hard disk space, a video card that supports 2.0 shaders, pentium 4,2 ghz,internet connection, keyboard, mouse

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