Torchlight (PC) Cheats

Torchlight cheats, Unlockables, and Codes for PC.


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Torchlight Achievements List
UnlockableHow to unlock
A Lich to ScratchDefeat the Overseer
AnglerCatch 50 fish
Beast of BurdenFill your pet's inventory
Beast Slayer IDefeat Ordrak on Easy or Normal
Beast Slayer IIDefeat Ordrak on Hard
Beast Slayer IIIDefeat Ordrak on Very Hard
Big and Green and Dead all OverDefeat Krag
Bum LuckHave an item disenchanted on the first enchantment attempt
Deep DelverReach the 50th floor of a dungeon
Deep PocketsHave 100,000 gold in your inventory
EnchantedSuccessfully enchant one item 5 times
Enchantment OverloadSuccessfully enchant one item 10 times
Epic StrikeDo at least 10,000 damage to an enemy in a single strike
Fetch a Fair PriceSend your pet to town
FishermanCatch 100 fish
Gambling AddictGamble 50 times
Gambling EnthusiastGamble 20 times
Gambling FiendGamble 100 times
GibbedBlow 25 enemies to pieces with critical strikes
Hardcore ChampionDefeat Ordrak on Hard Hardcore
Hardcore GodDefeat Ordrak on Very Hard Hardcore
Hardcore HeroDefeat Ordrak on Normal Hardcore
Hardcore VictorDefeat Ordrak on Easy Hardcore
Hat TrickBeat the game with all three classes
Ka-Chunk!Pull 100 levers
Line of KingsRetire over 300 levels worth of characters
Lucky GamblerGamble a unique item
Master SmasherSmash 1500 Breakables
Mod Maniac5 mods installed at the same time
Mod Squad1 game mod installed
Modpocalypse10 mods used at the same time
Noble LineageRetire two characters
Only a Master of EvilDefeat Alric
Over the BrinkDefeat Brink
Passing the TorchRetire a character
Pension PlanAchieve player level 65
Perfect VictoryDefeat Ordrak with no deaths
Pet TrainerEquip a spell on your pet
Price of LoyaltyUse 50 potions on your pet
Purple People DefeaterDefeat Medea
QuestorComplete 200 Quests
RichCollect 250,000 gold
Shape-ShifterChange your pet by feeding it fish
Sir Mixes-a-lotSuccessfully create 25 items using the transmuter
Sorcelator's ServantTransform your pet into a Mimic
Speed KingDefeat Ordrak in less than 5 hours
SuperstarAchieve maximum fame
Supreme SlayerKill 50,000 monsters
Swift ExecutionDefeat Ordrak in 8 hours or less
The Adventure BeginsFind the entrance to the mine
The Horse WhispererAchieved enlightenment by speaking with the horse 100 times
The Long HaulAchieve player level 100
The Need for GreedSuffer 20 disenchants from the enchanter
TransmogrifierPermanently transform your pet
Tree HuggerDefeat the Root Golem
True DelverReach level 100
Universally UnderstoodComplete 25 Gar Quests
Wabam!Kill 5000 Monsters
WalkaboutTake 25,000 steps
When this Town's a Rockin'Defeat the Ember Colossus
Cash for TrashSell 10,000 items to vendors
Down the HatchComplete 50 Hatch Quests
Fisher KingCatch 1000 fish
Ironman VictoryDefeat Ordrak without buying anything
Potion WhizDrink 5,000 potions
TormentedDie 500 times
Trolling for PunishmentKill 25 champion trolls