Tony Hawk's Underground (GBA) Cheats

Tony Hawk's Underground cheats, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for GBA. Also see Code Breaker Codes for more Tony Hawk's Underground cheat codes.


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easy points!
Do a special move (example indy 900) on the ground. Then, while in air, do a run out and keep doing it. You will get tons of points without going to a ramp!
Easy Stat Points!!
Go to the Drainage Pools In New Jersey and keep railing while doing tricks For exaple rail (A Button) Then Shove It (Up,L Button)Then Repeat Or Grab Tricks Instead Of Flip Tricks Like Nosegrab (Up, R Buttons)Thats How I Got My Air, Ollie and Rail Points Full!
Get up faster
Either rapidly tap: Up, L and R together or A.
more points
To get 35,000 points in New Jersey, gring the sidewalk that is right next to you and you will get the special trick name in blue and if you keep on doing this you will get a lot of points that will get you up to 35,000 points.


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Flying Lesson
Turn on your GBA,DS,or any other game console that can play a GBA game. Now go to the Warehouse and grind on either of the pipes going down to lower floor,and HIT THE A BUTTON all the way down the pipe,then you will find yourself flying.This is something I found just earning points because I could not git past the channel gaps on either the levels New Jersey or the Warehouse.


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easy 'get combo' glitch
when trying to get all the combo letters there is a small glitch which appears occasionally, instead of skating, do a combo runout by double pressing A and casually walkround into all the letters and then press B to return to skate mode and you will get a snapshot indicating your compleated the goal
Easy Points
Go to Battery Park. Go to the last tree on the right.Grind the far east side of the planter from the bottom to the top. You will keep grinding, but stop in place (you do not have to balance). Hold A to keep grinding and keep pressing B for more points. To stop grinding, release A. Do not press anything when you jump off or you will fall.
Skip Tutorial
Enter this code at the Main Menu: