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everything the earlier games lead up to – for better or for worse


It’s no secret that Tony Hawk games after Pro Skater 3 are nowhere near as good as the pre-Pro Skater 4 Tony Hawk games. The earlier games had you accomplish several goals within a sandbox-type area, like scoring heaps of points, collecting letters that spell out SKATE and nailing sick tricks over something, among other things. It was like these areas were your own personal skate park. Post-Pro Skater 3 games implemented a mission based structure which was just… weird. Pro Skater 4 might as well have been called “how to play Tony Hawk” since like half the missions were tutorials on how to d...


Tony Hawk's Underground 2: Remix

The good:

- Lots of excellent levels
- Able to have fun with glitches
- Can basically create your own game, with Create a skater, graffiti tag, goal and trick
- Good multiplayer modes
- Lot's of different game modes
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The bad:

- Choppy graphics, can get a bit annoying after a while
- Some characters have bad control systems
- No create a park mode.


If you remember THUG2 on the PS2 and Xbox, you will know that it was a pretty good game for it's era.
But this is THUG2 Remix for the PSP. It's basically the portable version of the game, and Neversoft have stripped some things out, but also made some improvements.
The PSP version of a Tony Hawk game is much better than a DS counterpart, so if you have a PSP, you'll be best off buying this game.

There are a few extra levels in this game, added in after it's home console prequels. The levels added are Santa Cruz, Atlanta, Kyoto and Las Vegas. You still get all the old levels, Boston, New Orlean...


The worst Tony Hawk game I ever played.

The good:

It's Tony Hawk

It's entertaining for a couple minutes.

The bad:

Everything else


I was looking for a game that deserves a 1 and this is one of them. This game is nothing like the console versions! I should have just stuck with a console version. I bought this Walmart and I was expecting pretty much the same thing but no I was wrong. Wal Mart wouldn't let me take back this game either. Come on Wal Mart I want my money back!

Gameplay: 2-The gameplay is dull and slow. Those are the main problems with the gameplay area. It's get's old real fast. At first it's not real bad then you notice the slow gameplay and everything. I just stopped playing this game after about ten minut...


Tony Hawk still rocks!

The good:

-online and multiplayer
-another mode
-lots of 'create-your-own' things

The bad:

-a bit short


This Tony Hawk game was the best so far! It was very fun and had different ways of doing things than the others.You start off by making a skater then setting of with your team on a destruction tour. You travel the globe, which are all of the levels. There are lots of twists and other unexpected happenings in the story as well, making the game only that much better.

On top of all that, you can still make you tricks, skaters and much more. There are lots of levels and you can get evn more after you complete te game. Also in this Tony Hawk game, there is another mode at the end. It is called cl...


Could've been better...MUCH better

The good:

- I mean, it's a Tony Hawk game
- A FEW more (emphasis on FEW) Create-A-Skater options
- Pretty decent soundtrack

The bad:

- Too repetitive
- Too cartoony
- "Create-A-Deck", where'd you go?
- Too short
- Too "Bam" (I can't stand him)
- Still no decent "Create-A-Trick" engine (Still no grinds, no manuals, no lips, just crappy, crappy airs)
- LESS deck choices!!! (There were already not enough in the first place!!!!)


Anyhow, when I heard they were making a THUG 2, I was incredibly excited, being as though the first one was so good. I couldn't wait. And then, I found out that Bam Margera was going to be a main player, and that the graphics were going to be cartoony (I absolutely loved the graphics in the first THUG, and thought they could only get better, they failed me, not to mention I cannot stand Bam Margera, I think the world has had about enough of him), and I thought I was going to be sick. I almost didnt want to get it (the only way I decided to was getting it used for like 10 bucks). Nevertheles...


A must buy for all Tony Hawk fans!

The good:

The same great gameplay from the previous games.

You now get to spray grafittis which is in instresting feature.

You now get to do some move called "Freak Out" after you fall off your skate from trying to do a different move.

A story mode (from Tony Hawk's Underground 1 AND a classic mode (from Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1-4)

The graphics are decent.

The bad:

Not much except this game is just a little too difficult.


Difficulty: Hard

Tony Hawk is back in a new and fun game. Their's some instresting new features as I mentioned before. You can spray grafittis and "freak out" and not to mention you get s Story Mode AND a Classic mode. This game also has online play but I never played this one online yet (But I have played Tony Hawk 3 and 4 online before). This is basically everything you would want in a Tony Hawk game.

As the title says this is game is a must buy for all Tony Hawk fans. Too bad I don't own this game myself. I only have Tony Hawk's ProSkater 3 and Tony Hawk's Underground 1.

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