Tony Hawk's Underground 2: World Destruction Tour Tips

secret character information
beating story mode easy:

3.Phil Margera
4.Spacemonkey 1

beating storymode normal:

1.Alien Doctor
2.Boat Captain
3.Lost Soul 1
4.Paulie Ryan
5.The Hand

story mode sick:
1.C.O.D Soldier
2.German Drunk 1
4.Nigel Beaverhausen
5.zombie 1

classic mode normal:

1.Inline skater
2.Natas Kaupas
3.Ramp kid
4. Steve-O
5.Thps1 Tony Hawk

classic mode sick:
1.Alien leader
2.Big foot
4.Jesse James
5.Space Monkey 2

these are the characters i have but my friend got Eric sparrow from beating story mode 100% it is cool but i know how to get these characters very easily get the perfect rail code which is straight edge and u must have always special which is likepaulie and 1 more cheat code all levels which is d3struct the first 2 codes will help u thru classic mode this last code will make u skip all the way to the last level which is skatopia and u dont have to do all the other levels to get the characters from story mode and sometimes u have to do d3struct twice i hope u love this code please rate!!! Thankyou