Tony Hawk's American Wasteland review
Tony Hawk's American Wasteland Review


Gameplay - 8.5

This Tony game excelled by a mile compared to The Pro skater and/or Underground series, this game was great for almost every aspect except for the story mode, and that's where the higher than slightly higher than average gameplay comes in. Tony Hawk games have definitely made a name for themselves in the widely vast video gaming world. Created by Neversoft, these games have actually never disappointed their costumers as far as I am concerned, but that's where the actual problem comes in, the gameplay, this game as some refer to it as is practically a gritty, bug filled skateboarding heaven, filled with practically ever kind of in game bugs, from your skateboarder looking gritty during a high air move to to him getting botchy during an inverted lip trick, which makes it nearly impossible to concentrate, overall, an ok eight and a half stars for THAW's Gaemplay

Sound - 6

This year's sound was er... how you say... very disappointing for many namely reasons, such as during talking scenes or car scenes such as the opening scene, the sound of the game will not reflect what's being done, as the noise may occur before or after it's supposed to, and in addition to that, the "lines" displayed below a talking character won't always match what is being said but not supposed to have been said, ruining the game unproductively, overall, this game was horrendous in the sound compartment, so I have to give this game's sound an extremely disappointing six stars even

Characters - 7.5

Like every last year, die hard neversoft and/or Tony hawk fans expect lots of characters to choose from, counting the professional skateboarders themselves, and like every last year the selection screen is disappointing, bearing the same old characters we are used to so well but more than ready for to change, such as bob burnquist or rodney mullen, maybe even tony hawk SOME day if the series even makes it that far thanks to the fantastic game EA Skate, either way, Tony Hawk x should add in more characters, perhaps more girls, bring the oldies back like Rune Glifberg or Kareem Cambell, either way, this game's characters get an average seven and a half stars from me

Graphics - 5.5

This year's graphics were very, very, very disappointing, concerning that you do not like anti-swift, grungy crap for graphics, when you are doing cutscenes or pretty much any kind of scenes, the character models look plastic, which is extremely distasteful, and quite frankly, extremely annoying at that, example, Skater Joe's model is grainy and choppy as well, definitely not too much of an improvement of the graphics of namely Tony Hawk's Underground and Tony Hawk's Under Ground 2: World Destruction Tour, but overall, I, unfortunately, have to give the graphics of Tony Hawk's American Wasteland a very, very, very disappointing five and a half stars

Overall - 6.5

This game was really disappointing to be honest, if I were you, I would save my money and just rent the game until I've made a decision as to whether you really are sure or not on whether you want to get the game or not, but I doubt you will end up permanently getting the game though, but still, this game has 1 good new thing, the bert slide, which is an overall spectacular old school move, so in all, I have to, unfortunately give Tony Hawk's American Wasteland a very, very poor six and a half stars

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