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If I had a TV show, I’d run that sucker into the ground


There’s something off with Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland. It’s not something that you could immediately put your finger on, either – after all, the levels are at least competently laid out, the missions are kind of fun and even the story is pretty down to earth. The main chick is voiced pretty well by Cree Summers, what more could you want!? For my money, it’s when you look right into the game and compare and contrast it to the Underground games – which wouldn’t have been hard in 2005 since you would’ve played Underground 2 the year prior most likely – that you realize American Wasteland i...


Tony Hawk's American Wasteland Review


Gameplay - 8.5

This Tony game excelled by a mile compared to The Pro skater and/or Underground series, this game was great for almost every aspect except for the story mode, and that's where the higher than slightly higher than average gameplay comes in. Tony Hawk games have definitely made a name for themselves in the widely vast video gaming world. Created by Neversoft, these games have actually never disappointed their costumers as far as I am concerned, but that's where the actual problem comes in, the gameplay, this game as some refer to it as is practically a gritty, bug filled skatebo...


Tony Hawk\

The good:

Soundtrack Controls No load times Variety of game-play Bikeage Millions of ways to customize your character The amount of area you space you have to do whatever you want!

The bad:

Mediocre plot No girls in story mode Character designs are mediocre


Game-play - 16/20 The game-play is everything you'd ever want in a Tony Hawk game. It offers several new tricks. Trick customization is also available. But this game offers so much more than skateboard maneuvers. The latest Tony Hawk game offers no load times, and a whole city to skate through. That city, is Los Angeles. You are given skateboard, biking and even ditching both to just run around. Get pissed off every once in awhile? Smack someone with your board or chuck it in their face. Can't wall-ride to a building? Get off your board and run up the wall. The game-play has never...



The good:

-Better than the PSP tony hawks
-Online gaming is very good with 5 modes
-Lots of replay value
-Cel-shaded graphics look amazing
-Hardly any lag

The bad:

-Hard to find someone on wi-fi
-Some in-game challenges are amazingly easy


Tony Hawk's American Sk8land follows in the footsteps of its console brothers but doesn't try to bring the same experience on the go. The game still is set in the Los Angeles area with the goal of trying to build your skate park, but the game play takes a nod from earlier games in the series where you concentrated more on skateboarding and less on all the extras. It's so focused on the skateboarding element that you can't even get off the board to run around the world. Some may think it's a step back, but others feel that the series has lost its focus, so those who liked the older games sh...


The American Wasteland


Tony Hawk's American Wasteland, a good game to say the least.

Featuring the story mode and the classic mode, so that makes two good reasons for it being awesome already.
Classic mode, basically is re-doing levels from the Tony Hawk games on the PlayStation(one), it's pretty easy for people such as myself who have had experience playing on the first few Tony Hawk games.
Story Mode has another way, though it actually is a story and has more real life things to do, story mode is really interesting. The story of re-creating a skate park which was closed down years ago, stealing pieces to help re-b...

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