Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness (PS2) Cheats

Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Army Crawl
Press Triangle + Forward to crawl, then while crawling hold L2 and keep going.
How To Get Back To The Game Quicker If You Die
If you die for missing a jump or something similar, which seems to happen pretty often. Before you are taken back to the menu screen, press select. Then hit load game. The game will load from your last save point instead of going back to the main menu.
Permanently Defeat the Skeleton Warriors
After returning to the Hall of Seasons w/all four crystals. When you make your way to the higher balcony the Skeleton Warriors will appear. To permanently defeat them shoot them off the balcony. The warriors will fall back down by four raising pillars and disappear like a dead guard. (Note: If there are too many skeletons, I suggest running from them until they stop chasing you, then kill them one by one.
To keep the cleaner from coming
If you want to keep the cleaner from coming do not pick up Wrener's Walking stick. Pick up ammo, guns, and health. When you are ready then pick up the walking stick. The walking stick is right next to you when you start at the beginning of the level.


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Game Shark Codes
[M]Must Be On F443B62E B77C4516
Infinite Ammo (All Guns) 24903568 347451EC
244135E8 38F4519F
Infinite Grab Bar 2490B268 34F445BC
Infinite Health 24DC1548 2671D14C
24D0B168 34F4471C
24D0B168 34F4478C
Infinite Money 2415153E BAE0D05E
Infinite Oxygen 24D0B368 3474471C
Level Select/Skip 04501528 3670D3CC
Max Strength 2490B7E8 327453B1
Mega Jump 24D18EB8 1676520D
Start Game With:99 Desert Ranger Clips 24D0B5AE 1664852B
2451B5A8 9664C51B
24D1BDB0 9F66CD3A
2440B5A8 1A64C58B
Start Game With:99 Large Health Packs 2450BCAC 96E4C529
24D1B4A8 96E4C519
2440B4A8 1AE4C58B
Start Game With:99 M-V9 Clips 24D0B7AE 966485A9
2451B7A8 9664C59B
2440B5A8 1A64C50B
Start Game With:99 V-Packer Standard Carts 2450B6A8 9EE4852B
2451B6A8 96E4C51B
2440B6A8 1AE4C58B
Start Game With:99 Vector R-35 Clips 24D0B5A8 1E6485AB
2451B5A8 9664C59B
2440B6A8 1AE4C50B
Start Game With:Crowbar 24D0B6AC 9EE4C5AB
24D1B6A8 16E4C59B
2450B4A8 12E4C509
Start Game Withesert Ranger 24D0B4AC 16648529
2451B4A8 1664C51B
24D1BCB0 9F66CD3A
2450B4A8 1264C589
Start Game With:M-V9 For Start Game With Only codes! 2450B6AE 166485AB
2451B6A8 1664C59B
2450B4A8 1264C509
Start Game With:R35 Pair 2450B4A8 1E6485A9
2451B4A8 1664C59B
2450B7A8 1264C509
Start Game With:V-Packer 24D0B7A8 9E64852B
2451B7A8 1664C51B
24D1BFB0 9F66CD3A
2450B7A8 1264C589
[M] Must Be On For Start Game With Only codes! F443B62E B77C4516
24CFFEB6 576D8C01
24DAF6A8 1647C529
24DBF6A8 9647C519
24DAF6AA 1247C539
24DFF6AA D247C589
4454B628 1274C5A8
3942D6E1 9BABB1E0
24DAF4A8 16C7C598
24DBF4A8 96C7C5B8
24DAF7AA 12C7C508
24DAF70A 16F5C528
24DFF7AA 5EE5C519
2491B328 10F657FC
Get Gas Masks Early
Stand directly in front of the cabinet and press Triangle (Crouch). When the hand appears, press X (Action). If done correctly, Lara should reach through the door while crouched and grab a gas mask.
How to do a Hand Stand
This is how you do a hand stand the correct way

when lara is hanging off a ledge hold L1 and press UP and she will do it
how to walk without needing to hold the L1 button
all you need to do is tap the L1 button and she will walk like when you hold the L1 button
sanctuary of flames walkthrough
Most of FAQ and Guides about Angel of Darkness say that you must run and jump the sets in the sanctuary of flames as fast as possible in order to avoid the wave of fire that comes inmediately behind you. But THIS ISN'T completely true. As a fact, you can WAIT at the entrance until the wave of fire has passed and then jump the sets in a easier way, with much more time at your disposition, just taking care not to fall.
Saving: The TOOL of the Wise
Not a Cheat, just a tip!
Save! It is your biggest item/weapon/health. Save before you do big jump or when you are about to do something that will take hours. If you don't save it might take you a while to get back where you were or what you were about to do.

Be Safe and SAVE.
Special Moves
When hanging from a ledge press and hold; L1+L2+R1+R2

While facing a ledge press Triangle then Up on the analogue stick.

Swan Dive:
Hold L1+Up on the stick and press Circle
V-packer in Von Croy's Apartment
Immediately before you exit Galleries Under Siege, equip the shotgun (you cannot just have it on your back). Then, walk through the room to the exit intermission sequences. Once you have control of Lara again, in Von Croy's Apartment, tap Up on the D-Pad. If done correctly, you should have the shotgun on your back. Press R1 to equip it. You should have all the ammunition you had just before the intermission sequences. Note: When you fire, there will not be a sound effect, but it still works. If you shoot it at a wall, you will hear the ricochet sound effect.