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Tomba! review
this game rocks=tomba!!!!!!

The good:

everything is good about this game. it is really fun and pigs rock. this game is so cool since your this dude named tomba with pink hair yahooooooo. u have to capture evil pigs.like how creative i think that evil pigs are awesome.

The bad:

theres nothing bad about this game.man wuts bad about evil pigs they rock.


summary- this game is about a little pink dude that has no shirt on is going through the jungle with his monkey friend charles. while there are walking through the jungle you and charles are attack by evil pigs that steal tomba's grampa's bracelet..... that was just the intro dont even play that part...... this is the exciting part you get to go through the worldmeeting these old men giving you keys for treasure chests. at the end you have to capture 8 evil pigs and the last pig is really hard.after you have beaten the last evilpig then you will have beaten the game and you will get ur grampa's bracelet back

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Marshal Loss Aug 18, 09
My god, you used to be retarded
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The Groove Master Aug 18, 09
Thanks bro (h) this will remain as the best review ever
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Harry Hippo Jan 10, 10
I definitely feel I should now buy this game after reading this
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