Tomb Raider III: Adventures of Lara Croft review
I luv Tomb Raider III

The good:

Very addicting! One of my Favorites!

The bad:

U have limited Save Crystals.


This game iz soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fun! The levels take @ least 30 minutes to complete. The graphics R gr8. It's very challenging. If U have @ least $15 [That's what I bought it 4], U should definitley buy this game cause this iz worth $15. If U need some help, either e-mail me by clicking on FrankieThaLuckyDog [U will find this on this review] and then click on my e-mail, or I will tell U some info. right now:

If U want to know where the 6 secrets R in tha first level, then listen to me. Before I tell U where they R, when U find a secret, it makes a noise.:

Secret 1: This secret's in the beginning [right where U start] walk straight until U can't walk anymore. Turn left a little bit, then jump. If U land on the correct spot, U R a lucky dog because there R 2 items. The first one iz a Shotgun. It iz a very strong gun. When U pick that one up, U also grab the second item @ the same time. I think the second item iz Uzi Clips.

Secret 2: As ur sliding down the hill, go to where there iz Shotgun Shells & a Large Medi Pack. WATCH OUT! The rock will come rollin' done. To avoid it, go to the Large Medi Pack. Then walk straight up to the edge. Once U get 2 the end, jump! Then U will find 2 items. A Save Crystal, and some Shotgun Shells.

Secret 3: This one should B easy. When ur done sliding down the hill, go to the next Save Crystal [Which should B nearby; U must fall, then turn left]. Go left from the Save Crystal. There are 4 items. The first one wuz the Save Crystal. To get to the second item, jump into the place with the waterfalls, then turn left. U will find grenades [U can't use these unless U have a Grenade Launcher]. To get the third & the fourth items, climb up the walls. The third one iz Flares, and the fourth one iz Shotgun Shells.

Secret 4: When U get to the next Save Crystal, go straight. When U get to the end of the tree, go left. Then go up a little, then right, then turn around. U will see an opening in the tree. Walk up to the ledge in the floor, then jump and hold the action button to grab on to the opening. 2 items: Flares & MP5 Clips.

Secret 5: Once U get to the dark cave, go up to where the switch iz, pull it, run from the rock by exiting where U came in, then once the rock has passed, go back to where the rock came from [Where the switch wuz]. Climb up. U will find 2 more items. 3 Harpoons & 1 Rocket.

Secret 6: When U get 2 the part where 2 rocks fall [in the forest], go where they came from, and turn left cause another rock iz going to fall. Once the rock falls, go up. U will see an opening crack. Make sure U hold onto the ledge by tapping backwards, followed by holding the action button. When U let go, make sure when U hold the action button again, U will grab another ledge cause if U fall, U will die by falling onto spikes. So when U grab onto the second ledge, go pull yourself up. Turn around, and grab onto the ledge where there iz an opening. When U get in, U will find 2 items. A Save Crystal, and a box of Flares.

There, I hope that's helpful.

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