[edit] Background

Tomb Raider Underworld is the next installment of Lara Croft which features new combat options, an upgraded move-set and a new grapple feature which now has the ability to attach to any object, manipulating objects by force if necessary.

[edit] Features

  • Master your surroundings: Reach new heights with the broadest range of acrobatic abilities and utilize objects within the environment to uncover new paths to explore.
  • Explore epic and unknown worlds: Discover ancient mysteries of the underworld hidden within the coast of Thailand, frozen islands of the Arctic Sea, the jungles of Mexico, and more.
  • Treacherous and unpredictable challenges: Each level is an elaborate multi-stage puzzle masked within an interactive environmental playground offering more flexibility over how the area is solved.
  • New state-of-the-art gear: Utilize the latest technology in Lara's upgraded inventory to navigate the world including:

- Multi-purpose grapple: A claw-like device with a high-tension cable designed for climbing, rappelling, performing wall runs and manipulating objects within the environment.
- All-terrain hybrid motorbike: A unique vehicle design built to drive on everything from mud to snow and ice.

  • Built specifically for the Wii: Level design and environmental challenges are designed to take advantage of the unique capabilities of the Wii Remote and Nunchuk.
  • Exclusive Multi-Tool: Excavate hidden secrets with this modernized and expanded tool kit that includes:

- Compressed Air Gun: A high-powered instrument used to clear away dirt or silt.
- Acetylene Torch: An advanced, multipurpose torch used to weld metal objects, set fire to objects, and melt ice.
- Chisel: Pry apart objects or chip away sediment in order to discover hidden secrets.
- Pliers: Extract elements from ancient devices.

  • Exclusive Active Aim Combat System: The combat system has been enhanced for more fluid character control and more precise aiming with the Wii Remote and Nunchuk.
  • Expanded Camera Control: Take more control of the camera using the Wii Remote. If the Wii Remote is not pointed at the screen, the camera will follow Lara automatically. If it is pointed at the screen, the game will enter a “free look†mode.

[edit] PC Hardware Requirements

OS: Microsoft Windows XP or Vista (in both cases, administrative rights required)
CPU: Intel Pentium 4 3+ GHz or AMD Athlon 2.5+ GHz
RAM: 1GB (Windows XP) / 2GB (Windows Vista) system memory
GRAPHICS: nVidia GeForce 6 series 6800GT or ATI 1800XT
SOUND: Direct X 9.0c compatible sound card and drivers
HARD DRIVE: 8 GB Free Space
INPUT DEVICES: Keyboard and mouse

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User Reviews


Tomb Raider: Underworld made free-to-play as browser game, via Square Enix's Core Online

As long as you don't mind an ad every 20 minutes

Dec 21, 2012, by Lydia Sung | 7 comments
Tomb Raider Trilogy HD heading to PS3

Re-remake, anyone?

Jan 06, 2011, by Sean Ridgeley | 2 comments
Guinness World Records crowns Lara Croft most famous video game heroine

Not to mention the most successful game girl, with both top selling games and motion picture adaptations

Jan 21, 2010, by Leo Chan | 6 comments
Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, phone saleswoman

Raiding The Carphone Warehouse this week

Feb 04, 2009, by Sean Ridgeley | 0 comments
Eidos asks journalists to hold off on negative reviews

Hopes for high Metacritic score

Nov 21, 2008, by Lydia Sung | 10 comments
Eidos releases Tomb Raider: Underworld PC demo.

1.2GB demo lands on the internet

Oct 31, 2008, by Gabriel Vega | 5 comments

Latest Activity

Aug 22, 11 8:23am
Similar to previous TR's really. Great looking environments. good gameplay, however pretty short, and story didn't draw me in much. TombRaiderUnderworld
Feb 05, 11 6:04pm
Love the action in this game it is more action packed than any other Tomb Raider game I have ever played. TombRaiderUnderworld
Sep 23, 10 5:45pm
Apr 09, 10 8:21am
My favourite game of all time. I've been playing Tomb Raider ever since I was 8. TombRaiderUnderworld
Feb 20, 10 8:52am
Bad graphics. Don't like this one. TombRaiderUnderworld
Feb 10, 10 3:04pm
5/5 TombRaiderUnderworld
Sep 15, 09 6:42pm

I had never touched a single Tomb Raider game before Tomb Raider: Underworld, despite...

Aug 15, 09 7:50pm
Jul 18, 09 11:55am
Only so I can let my mate see the story as he's not too good at the gameplay TombRaiderUnderworld
Apr 25, 09 2:49am
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  • Europe:
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    • Nov 21, 2008 (PC)
  • Australia:
    • Feb 12, 2009 (PS2)
    • Dec 4, 2008 (PC)
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