Tomb Raider: Anniversary (Wii) Cheats

Tomb Raider: Anniversary cheats, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for Wii.


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If you are low on health, wait until you get to a checkpoint. Save the game at that point. Load the game. This will take you to where you were previously and with a full health bar. This is useful, as it saves on medipacs which you will need later in the game. Alternately, if Lara is low on health and you do get to a checkpoint, kill Lara (for example, jump off a high ledge). This will also take you back to the previous checkpoint with a full health bar.
lost vally raptors
Attacking raptors safely in Lost Valley
When you slide down the slope and the raptors charge at you, ready to attack, there is a rock where they cannot get you. As soon as you enter the valley, jump on the rock to your left. You will be able to shoot them, and they will not be able to attack you.


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killing the t-rex pips (on wii only)
when your on one to one with the trex run straigt towards the two spikes things
inbetween you notice a samll stuby tree run into the corner on your left of the stuby tree
then the trex should bite you
(if not thats good)
then on the rigth of the stuby tree there is a rock
jump on that rock turn round and shoot the trex
and he can't get thanks to the stuby trees graphics just keep shooting this may take a while (unless you have a shot gun)
if he charges try the head shot becuase he falls in to the spike things
then jump back on the rock and keep shooting

happy raiding raidersxxxxxx