[edit] Background

Tom Clancy's The Division is a third person shooter game set in New York City during a pandemic; the city has fallen victim to a plague that spread during the Black Friday sales. It combines action with role playing game elements.

The player is a Division Agent and is on a mission to investigate the source of the virus and to restore order to the broken city by reclaiming buildings and areas.

It was developed by Ubisoft and released in 2016 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC.

[edit] Gameplay

The game is set in New York City which is split into 16 districts which are open to the player at any time; the open world displays the level of the district at the various entry points to it. The Dark Zone has 6 districts and is the PvP area in the game.

Players are able to create and customize their own character at the start of the game; they are given freedom with selecting a playstyle and may switch between the three main roles at any point in the game, players can also switch out abilities mid-battle. The customization continues and the player can earn experience points and currency which are used to further customize the character, upgrade weapons and gear, learn new talents and also skills. Some of the talents require that the player completes certain missions before they can be unlocked.

Scavenging and exploring reward the player with new gear and weapons that can be used by the play, sold or modified to make them stronger; modifications for weapons can be found in the world and are weapon type specific. Weapon modification allows player to customize their weapons and further specialise their playstyle.

The Dark Zone is the PvP competitive area where high-end weapons and gear can be found; the items found in this zone are “contaminated” and need to be extracted before they can be taken out of the Dark Zone. Contaminated loot can also be taken by other players and are dropped on death. To extract loot, the player needs to reach an extraction zone and call for an extraction; doing so will start a timer and once it runs out the player will be able to attach their loot to a helicopter which will “clean” it. Once an item has been extracted, it will no longer be contaminated and will not be dropped on death.

Attacking or killing another player in the Dark Zone will cause that player to become “Rogue” which encourages other players to attack them, killing a Rogue Agent will provide rewards. Attacking a Rogue Agent does not give a player the Rogue status however accidentally shooting another player will. A player is considered Rogue until the timer runs out, shooting players will increase the timer. The game allows up to four players in one team and the Rogue Agent status works on a team basis, one player shooting a non-team mate will trigger the status for the whole team.

[edit] Features

Open World – Explore the city and always know the level of the different districts

Change playstyle – Switch roles and abilities mid-battle to heal, gain more defensive abilities anf become more offensive as needed

Customize – Create a character and customize them further in the world

Modify weapons – Add modifications to weapons to enhance their stats

The Dark Zone – Fight with other players for high-end items

Co-op – Team up in The Dark Zone and work together to hoard items

[edit] Players Liked

  • The Dark Zone
  • The game physics
  • Good customization

[edit] Players Didn't Like

  • Enemies are repetitive
  • Voice acting is not very good
  • AI not very intelligent

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