Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas review
What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas...


Out of all the possible locations available for this story to be set in, Vegas becomes a hub of terrorism in this action packed thriller that could have only come from Tom Clancy (Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon) himself. With big shooter titles around such as Call of Duty 4, looking back on such a well made game can make the title of "Best Shooter" a debateable one...


The year is 2010 and you assume the role of Logan Keller, new squad leader of team Rainbow. With your two companions, Gabriel Nowak and Kan Akahashi you are sent to the Mexican border town, San Joshua del Mosquiera to arrest Irena Morales who is forming a terrorist plot. You are dropped into the city via helicopter where you manage to break off from your team. You plough through the city fighting terrorists until you regroup with them and head for the location where Irena is said to be hiding. Upon surrounding her she triggers some hidden explosives around her and caves in team Rainbow. As you come around you see that Irena has taken Gabriel and Kan and has also taken all your guns and equipment except your pistol. You manage to escape from the cave using your pistol and get picked up via a helicopter.

Logan's only thoughts are to rescue Kan and Gabriel but another crisis has occured. From his intelligence officer, Joanna Torres, Logan learns there is a dire need of his aid in Las Vegas where Irena Morales and her terrorist troops are trying to seize control of the city. At first Logan is reluctant to help but when he realises that Kan and Gabriel may be close by he accepts his mission and rappels down into the streets of Vegas where he meets his new team-mates, Michael Walters who is a British demolition expert and Jung Park who is an expert in electronics (hacking). With a new team alongside you and Vegas as your playground, will you be able to defeat the terrorists?


Vegas is the first Tom Clancy game I have played and there is a unique style of playing. It takes both the convetions from your everyday shooter and then combines it with its own mechanics to make a gameplay style like no other. In Vegas you don't play as your average American jarhead as in many shooters, you play as an elite who has been trained in stealth and combat.

There are mainly three modes to play in Vegas, firstly the single or co op player campaign, the online mode which supports up to 14 players and Terrorist hunt in which you are pitted against a set number of terrorists on a selected map.

Shooting your guns is simply done through pressing R1 and you can zoom in once by clicking R3 which improves accuracy. There are a wide variety of guns to choose through including Sub machine guns, Light machine guns, Shotguns, Sniper rifles, Assault rifles and pistols. You can carry two guns and two types of grenades in Vegas and scattered about the various maps are outfitting crates which allow you to change your equipment to suit your current situation which is a nice little perk but sometimes you can be overwhelmed with the ammount of weapons available, each with their own attatchment such as red dot scopes, ACOG scopes and silencers. These add ons can be attached and removed during combat instead of just when you are at the outfitting crate which makes your weapons adaptable to all purposes. You are also equipped with various other gadgets such as stun, smoke and incendiary grenades, breaching charges and the ever so useful NVGs and thermal goggles.

Vegas wouldn't be half as fun if it didn't have its team system. In Vegas you have two team mates who will obey your every command, you can order them to move by aiming at the location where you would like them to move and then press X. You can also order them to use fast ropes, to rappel down buildings and wait by doors by simply using the X button. Your team is quite efficient and is usually better than you in combat but if one gets knocked down in combat you have to go and help them out. However if you are shot down there is no revival available and you are ported back to your last checkpoint.

Vegas focuses very much on realism and that's what you get, a few shots from an enemy will kill you instantly and enemies have their own tactics. Another thing I liked about this game was the cover system. In the average FPS the only form of cover is crouching behind things manually and popping up, in Vegas you use L1 to go into third person and prop against the nearest bit of scenery. From there you can pop out from above or from the sides to fire or simply use blind fire to tackle nearby enemies. Most cover is indestructable and is also good for hiding spots from online players.

With all this being said, Vegas still suffers from its flaws. For example the "snake cam" system lets you poke a mini camera under a door to spy on enemies in the next room, however one wrong button tap can have you opening the door and getting riddled with lead. By this I mean all the command options are too tightly packed which can affect gameplay especially when you are in a dire situation. Also the cover system has its flaws, occasionally you will find yourself shooting into the terrain you are covering behind in attempts to fire at an enemy and sometimes being in cover can disorientate you when you come back around.

But as a whole it's a wonderful system and places Vegas at the top end of the list of games you can keep coming back to play and play again.

Visuals & Sound

Vegas is powered by the Unreal engine and there is plenty of the environment to bash about with your weapons and character design is very intricate. The designers of Vegas have really caught the true feel of Las Vegas, the casinos are richly painted in gold and the city streets are lit with neon lights which replaces the generic war zone shooting location which is a pleasant change but some objects can feel out of place. Locations are made to be as varying as they can but you can't help notice that you feel as though you are passing through the same room over and over with is disappointing but when your in the middle of an epic gunfight you don't take notice. Sounding is great to, each gun with different fire noises that change when suppressed and voice acting is mostly great but as in all games there are snippets of dialogue that shouldn't have ever cropped up.

Overall Rainbow Six Vegas was a joy to play and there is enough thrills to last you a good ten hours or so and if that isn't enough you can take the battle online and up your online rank and unlock new weapons, armour and clothes to customise your online profile. If you are looking from something that plays out a bit more tactically and are looking for a subtle shooter then Rainbow Six Vegas should be your next purchase.

Gameplay: 4.5/ 5.0
Graphics: 4.5/ 5.0
Sound: 4.5/ 5.0
Story: 3.8/ 5.0
Online: 4.7/ 5.0
Realism: 5.0/ 5.0

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