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Tom Clancy Does It Again

The good:

- Stunning graphics
- Great game play
- Lots of weaponry
- Intelligent enemy.

The bad:

Bad? On Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas? I didn't experience any "what a load of sh.. sugar" moments.


Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas offers its game players a realistic action shooter that could keep you hooked for hours. From stunning scenery's, to intense tactical action, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas has everything you could wish for in this sort of game. Along with the intense tactical thinking you have to put behind each mission, you also have a wide range of weaponry to choose from to assist in completing the missions, along with skillful team members that can really help in the heat of gun battles.

Throughout Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas, you are the c...


What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas...


Out of all the possible locations available for this story to be set in, Vegas becomes a hub of terrorism in this action packed thriller that could have only come from Tom Clancy (Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon) himself. With big shooter titles around such as Call of Duty 4, looking back on such a well made game can make the title of "Best Shooter" a debateable one...


The year is 2010 and you assume the role of Logan Keller, new squad leader of team Rainbow. With your two companions, Gabriel Nowak and Kan Akahashi you are sent to the Mexican border town, San Joshua del Mosquiera to arrest I...


Rainbow Six: "Not-So" Vegas


This game was a disappointment. I was extremely pumped, waiting for it after numerous delays of the game. Eventually, the delays stopped and I had to wait a few weeks for it to hit store shelves. I quickly went to EB Games to buy it, even after seeing some bad, personal input from other people. I hesitated at the cashier, but I went with it. Later that night I played it and boy was I let down. Okay, it wasn't horrible, but maybe my expectations were too high due to the awesome videos and gameplay from the Xbox 360 and PC versions. The first time around, I didn't really appreciate the game, ...


Once Again, Tom Clancy

The good:

Excellent Graphics

Endless Online Fun

Very Enjoyable Story Mode (Also Terrorist Hunt)

Create Your Own Appearance Online with An Xbox Live Vision Camera

Best Weapon Game I've Ever Played

The bad:

As all great online games will have, annoying gamers, but they are avoidable.

Online Lag (Can get very annoying at times)


Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas, in all honesty, has been the best action game I have ever played, beforehand Gears Of War, but Vegas takes it head and shoulders above the rest. It has an excellent story mode which lasts hours with different difficulties to choose from. Personally, I could do the whole story mode once again. The online mode, is unbelievably good, as most games, the online really makes it that bit better. Rainbow Six is very enjoyable online:

Online Mode, as you would read what I have written above, is very enjoyable with a lot of game modes to choose from. Ranked Matches are ...


Headshots and Flashbangs


Are you looking for a shooter that's more than just run and gun? Do you long for ultra realism? How about squeezing off a double tap into the brain of a terrorist while suspended upside-down from a rappelling rope? Do you get giddy at the hollow, suppressed thud of a well-silenced weapon? Maybe you like to give orders and death commands to well-trained assassins in the name of liberty? If you answered yes to any of the previous questions, then Rainbow Six: Vegas for the PS3 will be perfect for you.

For those of you who have not picked up the game for your 360, or for those Sony fanboys out t...


Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas

The good:

-- Phenomenal Graphics
-- Brilliant tactical first person shooter
-- Simple, flawless command system
-- Outstanding on-line play
-- Great selection of weapons & gadgets
-- Online ranking system

The bad:

-- Unpatched glitches (so far)
-- Lack of clan support (hopefully patched soon)


Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas is a big hit among R6 veterans and I would regard it as the best FPS so far to hit the 360 lineup. I would consider it to be a must have for any fan of the shooter genre.

The campaign mode puts you (Logan Keller) in control of an elite counter-terrorist squad consisting of two other members. As a three man team, you are given the task of diffusing a hostile situation in Las Vegas after a mission gone awry in Mexico. From then on, the scale and intensity of the operation only increases.

Like stated above, R6 Vegas is a first person shooter. However, when t...

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