Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2

  • Released on Apr 15, 2008
  • By Ubisoft for PC, PS3, Xbox 360

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2 review
Tom Clancy Rarely Disappoints

The good:

  • Your squad (Michael and Jung) can be really helpful throughout the story mode, and in single player Terrorist Hunt. Using 'Infiltrate' mode when fighting terrorists in either modes can be very good for your own benefit, as they can clear rooms by your command.
  • Commanding your team to move to doors, cover, rappel, fast rope etc. is always pretty enjoyable. It's good to feel like a leader!
  • Enemies are smarter than the first game, so it will become quite difficult for you to get use to the story and game modes.
  • Online mode is good once again, and there is less lag problems than before in the first game.
  • Although it is easy to die, it's equally easy to kill an enemy, so it's good to use tactics.
  • It's a typical Tom Clancy game - it consists of strategy and using your brain to get through the story mode, and wiping out enemies in Terrorist Hunt.
  • There is a wide variety of weaponry, and all guns have their advantages and disadvantages - using them to their ability is key in this game.
  • Using silencers can be really key, and again leads to using tactics. It really changes a lot whether you use a silencer or not, and can improve whether an enemy will hear you firing or not.

The bad:

  • It's extremely easy to die, and playing on Realistic difficulty can really be a pain in the back side, when you feel hard done by, thinking you've put more bullets in an opponent than you've received.
  • Although it's great to have a team help you along, it can be really annoying when they're not using their intelligence to keep themselves alive. They often get downed by enemies, and can cause you to healing them, which can also lead to you being blasted by an enemy!
  • I find it very frustrating to see some enemies being able to shoot you with their shotguns, when they have their guns facing the ground. But some way or another, they just happen to shoot you in the face and kill you before you get the chance to even think of an opportunity to take them out.


When this game had just released, I purchased it because I was such a big fan of the first game. I'll be completely honest by saying I wasn't impressed one bit. I'm really not sure what it was, now that I look back at it, I just didn't enjoy it at first as much as I enjoyed the first game. I proved myself wrong just recently when I got a loan of the game from a friend at school. My eyes were opened to a completely different Rainbow Six Vegas 2 when I released the game's qualities.

Playing the game on second attempt, I was excited after knowing I had been wrong thinking this game was poor. I love just messing around with my squad in either story mode or Terrorist Hunt, as it's very challenging playing on Realistic mode, but also very fun to be tested upon your skill. Unlocking different weapons can come as an advantage, but it really depends what weapon you enjoy as any weapon could be your favourite - I think that's one of the main reasons I enjoy this game more so than the first. On the first game, there was always superior weapons to all users, but on Rainbow Six Vegas 2, any weapon could be your personal favourite. My favourite would probably be the SCAR-H CQC, as I find it a powerful assault rifle and it tends to kill an enemy with about four bullets, unless you shoot him in the head. It's also a personal favourite of mine because it is an assault rifle and can be used with a silencer. But of course as I've said, any gun can be your favourite, and all have their advantages as well as their disadvantages. The enjoyable part is discovering your weapon!

Just like the first game, you can choose two primary weapons, a pistol and two grenade-like weapons (such as a grenade itself, incendiary, flashbang, smoke grenade etc.), and this comes as a huge benefit to all players. Of course you can run out of ammunition on one weapon, but story mode missions are pretty long and you may want to pick two guns that don't really relate to one another as you'll most likely need a close combat weapon, and possibly a long-range rifle or something of that sort.

    Story Mode

The story mode has 8 long and enjoyable Acts, so it will take you quite a while to complete it, which is good. Rainbow Six Vegas had a pretty enjoyable story mode, but I'd say the sequel had the better of the two. Normally it's tough for a second game to have a better story line than the first because of course, the first is the main lead. But number 2 is possibly better in my views. It consists of bringing down terrorists and saving civilians/hostages. Your squad are so important to you in the story mode, and you won't even realise this. Sending them to doors to breach, getting them to clear rooms, defuse bombs, switching to silent mode, scrolling from assault and infiltrate modes - the list is pretty much endless. Michael and Jung are a lot more intelligent on this game, and certainly in the story mode. They're pretty much on par to what they were before when you play Terrorist Hunt, and can become very annoying. But as for story mode, they're more important than your own character.

    Terrorist Hunt

I can't really describe how enjoyable this is for me as I no longer have Xbox Live, but even if you do have it, it is extremely good. If you're not familiar with the first Rainbow Six, this mode is basically about entering a map with either your squad or as a lone wolf, and wiping out the remaining terrorists in the area. Depending on the settings you have chosen and the map you've selected, the terrorist number will vary between 20 to 50. It's probably more difficult than the story mode on certain game maps, because it's not as open as things would be in the story mode, and the terrorists can come from any direction and just shoot you there and then. It's important to use strategy here, and can also be ideal if you camp in certain areas. Enemies will do the same, so just imagine that you can beat them at your own game!

    Ranking System

If you've played the first game, this won't be much different to you. The game consists of many ranks, and the higher your rank normally determines your experience and ability with the game. Getting kills improves your experience points, as well as completing missions and hunts and when team-mates get some kills in Story Mode or Terrorist Hunt, it also racks up a few experience points for you. Your rank can also help you unlock more weapons, as well as armour, clothing and camouflage. The more you have, the higher your option choices become and can turn you into a very skilled player - especially online!

I can't remember there being a time when Tom Clancy let me down with his graphics, and it certainly didn't begin here. This game has excellent graphics for me, and looks great at certain times. It's great to switch from first person to third person when you lean against a wall to take cover, or use a rappel.

As you can see from the above image, your character is placed in a third person view mode. It's good to switch from third to first, and shows signs of versatility in the game. Normally when you play a shooter, you just expect it to be first person, so it's good to see a bit of a change. It featured in the first game too of course, so it mightn't come as much of a surprise to you.

    Character Creation

Creating your character is something I always enjoy seeing featured in a game. I like the fact that you can create your own player, and feel like you are part of the game. There is a various amount of armour and clothing that you can wear, so if you get a bit bored of how your character might look, you can always change to a better armour, camouflage or certain type of clothing. Another thing that shows versatility, because when playing online you don't normally see many characters to look similar to one another. Also, if you have Xbox Live, you can create your own face on your character, using the Xbox Live Vision Camera.

Online is pretty similar to the first game, and consists of modes that you may have seen before. A personal favourite of mine has always been Attack & Defend, and I think I can speak for all Vegas 2 fans when I say that it's been an amazing game mode to venture on the game. One problem with the first game was the amount of lag online, but it was fixed up quite a bit, although there are still signs of lag at times, and can effect your gaming skill. But don't let it put you off, because it's still a great online game, and the online system is what will probably keep you interested in the game when you've completed the story. Other games modes that should appeal to you are the multiplayer story mode campaign, as well as the multiplayer Terrorist Hunt which consists of up to 4 players. It's great to play Terrorist Hunt with 4 players, because it will improve your teamwork skills, as well as your rank.

The music in the game isn't really music that you'd hear on the radio let's say! It's game music that should probably take place in many first person shooters, as the music can really get you into the game. When playing the story mode, there's always some sort of music in the background, which sounds stealth-like and strategic to me at times, and it just fits so well. It's good to hear because it improves my gaming for one, and can really keep you interested in playing. The main menu music is always the same, but never gets old! It's got an interesting war-like beat to it, and can be enjoyable to hear. I've always liked it anyway, I'm not sure how you will feel about it yourself but I'm sure you'll feel the same way.

The controls can be a problem if you are a Call of Duty player. It's tough to adapt from the Call of Duty controls, to the Rainbow Six ones. The sprint button on Rainbow Six is LB, whereas you sprint with the analog stick on Call of Duty, and it's just little things like that that can be a pain because if you use the analog on this game, it will make you crouch! To lean against the wall, it's LT, whereas on Call of Duty, that button allows you to aim when the aim is the other analog stick on Rainbow Six! It's not something that could annoy you much, but it certainly will take a bit of time to get everything right. Nothing practice won't help, eh?

The game does get repetitive for me, but that's only because I no longer have Xbox Live. When I had it, and did play it online, it was a game I could play for many hours a day and not get bored. Depending on who you play online with and what game mode you play, determines how long you will play it on a weekly basis. If you've got friends who play the game, and you give Terrorist Hunt or Attack & Defend a go, I think this could be something that would give you quite a lot of lasting value. But if you play it on your own against random people, playing game modes you are not familiar with, with no one to show you the ropes, you mightn't play it as much - but of course you never know until you try it. The game would be sold at a cheap price now, so I'd imagine the money you would pay for it now would be worth the bargain, as I find if you are a shooter-based gamer, you will enjoy Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six.

When the game first came out, there was a terrible bug in the first level of the story mode where you could rank yourself up by getting infinite experience points. There was a certain part where one of your squad members tries to defure a bomb, but if you stand too close to him, he won't defuse it. While he is defusing, there is a terrorist who gets on a turret - easily defeated by yourself. But when you kill him, you will find him respawning simultaneously. For every time you kill him, he will respawn and it will get you 10 experience points for every kill playing on Realistic. This was something many fans complained about, because it was found out soon after game release and many online players had become Elite (top rank) already, before others had even got the game, which is a huge disappointment. But you needn't worry now because if you play online, a patch has been done a long time back where you can download it and the problem will be fixed. Needless to say, it mightn't mean a lot to you now as most players who play the game will be ranked at Elite at this stage! But besides that, I don't notice any problems with the game myself.

This game is really enjoyable, when at first I didn't think it was good enough to satisfy my type of game because I felt it was similar to the first, but after a while I realised I was wrong - and I was happy to admit it too! The game is great and I love the strategic-like feeling I get from it. It's good to be able to use your brain playing a shooting game, and tactics are a must when playing it. I cannot emphasise how important your team are going to be to you, and using them correctly is a must. It's great to see yourself with a squad that you can order around on here. You really feel like you're a boss of some sort, and feel like you've achieved more when a mission is completed under your commands.

I would recommend this game to shooter fans, as I find you will certainly enjoy it - especially if you play online. I feel the game is a must buy now, because there's no doubt it will be sold at a cheap and merchantable price to you. Even if you do dislike the game (which I doubt), you won't have spent much money on it so needn't you worry!

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Lyrikal_Retorik Oct 26, 09
Fantastic review - I am torn between getting Vegas 2 or getting Fallout 3 - I found it ironic that we read eachother's reviews today on accident.
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EricF Nov 25, 09
That's quite coincidental alright.

Thanks for the comment man.
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