Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Cheats

Easy Ranking Up and ACES Ranking Up
Player Rank Up, and Marksman ACES Rank Up

To rank yourself up, load the mission 'Pyrenees' and the scene 'Ambush' on 'Realistic' difficulty. After playing through the mission, you arrive at a moment where Gabe must defuse a bomb. If your within about 5 meters of him, he will constantly whine about:
"I can't work with you watching over me," or "Give me some room to work."
If you can hear that, then good. Because if you hear him saying that, he is invincible. If you leave the radius of which he says that, he gets ambushed and killed, which is part of the mission, and you don't want that. Tell Gabe to disarm the bomb, then you run on the opposite side of the bomb, so your looking at the hallway that brought you into that room. Tell Logan to regroup, as he will run out of the radius and hide behind a pillar. Once he has regrouped with you, order him to take cover at the front of these computer terminals to your right. They should be kind of squarish, with the rear end open to you. Once Logan is in position, you turn 90ยบ to your right. You should see several large black boxes stacked up. Take cover behind these, but make sure you don't stray past the outer edge, otherwise you'll leave the radius and Gabe will be downed. Once both you and Logan are in position, look back at the bomb, then to your left. On the wall there should be and un-openable door. without moving your character, order Logan to hurl a grenade at the door. Then, immediately turn your character and look at the corridor you entered the room by, there should be a catwalk above it with a mounted machine gun. Position yourself correctly behind the boxes so you can see the turret and barely behind the pillar about a meter away from the turret. You should see a terrorist spawn there. Shoot him in the head, and immediately another one should spawn in the same spot. So switch your weapons to single shot to reduce recoil, then blast the terrorists in the head repeatedly. When you reload, a terrorist should be able to escape your wrath and mount the turret. Don't worry about him, and position your aim where the terrorist's head will be. Logan should be able to take out the turret gunner eventually, then you fire away again. Just keep repeating this and you will be ranking up like crazy. Your Marksman should be leveling up insanely fast if you shoot all the enemies in the head.

CQB and Assault

To level your CQB and Assault ACES, load the level 'Theater' and the scene 'Penthouse' on 'Normal'. Shortly after the beginning, and you descend the stairs in the first house, there will be ammo crates and a room with 3 terrorists talking. For Assault, open the door and throw C4 in there, almost immediately blow the C4, you should kill all 3 men, earning you 9 assault points. Then, pause the game and click 'Reload Checkpoint'. You should be at the top of the stairs again. Run down the stairs and repeat what you did last time. You should be leveling up in no time. For CQB, go to the exact same place as you did for assault. Open the door and kill all 3 men with any gun. One of the men should have a 500 Tactical shotgun. Pick it up. Then, reload checkpoint. You should be back at the stairs, only this time with a 500 Tactical. Descend the stairs and enter the room with the 3 men. One man should have his back to you, shoot him in the head with your 500 Tactical, and it should kill him and the man in front of him in one shot if done correctly. After that, just quickly shoot the last man to the right. You have to do this fast, or they will probably kill you. Repeat to level your CQB.

Happy leveling!