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Getting to Know Your Gun
Okay. You have a good gun you like, and you know you like the look, magazine, accuracy, and pretty much the weapon overall. However, how good is it? Sure, you can add on slilencers, scopes, magazines, and red-dots to help your weapon fit the mission, but how good is its standards? Here's a fun and useful experiment to help you find out if that gun will safve your life or fail you.
First, play some Terrorist Hunt missions on easy mode. Use "Militia" as the enemies, or you can go harder if you want. Take as many team members as you want, but don't let them take away from the action. The goal is to get as many kills as you can.
Now, when selecting your weapon, pick the gun that you are going to get to know. HOWEVER, you can't use any scopes, silencers, or ANYTHING! This is how you will understand the standard settings of your weapon and can then understand just how good it really is.
Go through the mission and get as many kills as you can. See how many shots in center-mass (torso) it takes to drop your enemy. Then try using the iron sights to get headshots. Aim for whatever part of the body you think you can hit or will be forced to hit. Go for legs, arms, groin, and feet too. Also, swtich firing modes.
If you go through this a few times, constantly checking the the scoreboard, you will soon understand the limitations and strengths of your gun. However, this experiment can also be used to get to know other guns, and when you compare them, you can start to understand other guns and can then use that information to help you choose which gun is the right one for the job.
I hope this helps you. Email me if this tip helps you.
Some Weapon Ideas
Okay, I will give you some tips for a few weapons I myself prefer and I believe will get the job done. These weapons are only opinions, so you do not have to follow them and they are only ideas that you might like to try out. I am not a fan of shotguns, light machine guns, or grenade launchers, but these four weapons are good considerations. The pistols you use are generally the same, but I would go for the USP just because the sights are easier to get used to.

SR4 (Custom M4) - This weapons is my favorite rifle. It's accurate, looks cool, is modular (will except all attachments) and is just a good all-around weapon. One of its key features is the iron sights. They're easy to use, quick to get used to, and are incredibly accurate. The damage is decent and the rate-of-fire is low enough to keep it under control but fast enough to be used easily in a two- or three-round burst. For me, I prefer to use bursts to the chest or headshots with this gun. Good for all-around combat.
M36C (G36C) - this gun is a little harder to get used to, has less accuracy, and harder-to-use sights, but it's a good weapon for close-to-medium-range combat. Also, it looks cool and the reloading feels futuristic and smooth. Plus, it's shorter and easier to maneuver.

MP5/10 - Okay, this is - in my opinion - the best SMG in the game. It's powerful, fast, and easy to use. If you have a scope or silencer, it works quite well and is quite reliable. Good for close-range combat, and urban settings. The sights might take a little getting used to to use perfectly.
MP5SD - this is the only automatically silenced SMG in the game. It's weak, VERY weak, and it can take 5 shots just to drop one guy, but it can also be equipped with a scope. This gun is best used for stealthy operations where accuracy, manuverbility, and sleath are required, but power is not an option. Best used in Close-Quarter-Battle (CQB).