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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter

  • Released on Mar 7, 2006
  • By Ubisoft for Xbox 360


The year is 2013. The U.S. Army has been developing – and can now deploy – the Integrated Warfighter System (IWS), a complex combination of cutting-edge technologies that transforms an individual soldier into the ultimate fighting force. IWS combines advanced weapons systems, satellite communication devices and enhanced survivability into one fully integrated combat system that is finally ready for the true test of the battlefield. Combining the advantages of next-generation console technology with future military technologies, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter includes a wealth of groundbreaking features, including the Cross-Com, a communication device attached to the soldier's monocle and powered by satellite technology, which will deliver constant and complete battlefield awareness seamlessly within the action.

In Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, players will embody Captain Scott Mitchell as he commands the Ghosts and Special Forces allies equipped with the IWS in the quest to save the president of the United States, recover stolen nuclear codes and eliminate a vicious band of renegade soldiers hell-bent on unleashing catastrophe. The game unfolds entirely in Mexico City, where numerous, meticulously researched and detailed environments will deliver complete immersion into the future of urban warfare. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter will also include multiplayer and cooperative gameplay with exciting new elements, continuing the Ghost Recon tradition of setting the bar for multiplayer action.

The face of war has changed. Enemy lines blur and there is no longer a clear opponent. New enemies and new threats require a new type of warfare - a new type of soldier. Enter the Ghosts. In 2013, the U.S. Army will implement the Integrated Warfighter System evolving what we know as the modern soldier. IWS combines advanced weapon systems, satellite communication devices and enhanced survivability into one fully integrated combat system. The IWS program has been developed to meet these new threats head on. Now, it can be tested on the battlefield.

Following an insurgence in the heart of Mexico City, the U.S. Army's most elite Special Forces team is deployed to the center of the conflict to regain control of the city. Greatly outnumbered but fully equipped with the IWS, this elite team is the first and last line of defense on the battlefield. They are the "quiet" professionals. They are the Ghosts.


  • Next-generation gaming technology: Ghost Recon 3 is built from the ground up for next-generation consoles, taking full advantage of powerful technology with amazing textures, lighting and particle effects, multi-windowing and state-of-the-art physics. Old generations will be built using top technology that pushes those systems to their limits.
  • Become the soldier of the future: Gain access to the future of military technology. Using a fully integrated combat system with cutting-edge weapons and revolutionary communication systems (see below), gamers will embody the soldier of the future. Based on actual U.S. Army research, the Ghosts give gamers a realistic view of how war will be fought in the next decade.
  • Revolutionary feature: Use the revolutionary Cross-Com, a communication device powered by satellite technology. Attached to the soldier's monocle, the Cross-Com provides full situational awareness and command of the battlefield. Command the Ghost squad and remote allied forces and drones, and direct artillery and air strikes. See what the squad sees and receive visual and auditory intel from allied forces and unmanned drones.
  • Stunning urban environment: One city, multiple locations. Ghost Recon 3 takes place entirely in Mexico City, one of the world's largest cities. A stunning, meticulously detailed universe will provide complete immersion in the urban war of the future.
  • Top-notch multiplayer experience: Ghost Recon 3returns to deliver industry-leading multiplayer and cooperative gameplay for one of the hottest online franchises with a host of exciting new features.

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Aug 25, 09 5:55pm
Play this like you'd play Rainbow 6 and you'll be laughing. TomClancysGhostReconAdvancedWarfighter
Celes Leonhart
Jun 12, 09 6:20am
First online 360 game, had a great time on it TomClancysGhostReconAdvancedWarfighter
Mar 24, 09 10:28am
I have not really played it much. TomClancysGhostReconAdvancedWarfighter
Jan 9, 09 10:31am
Dont play it TomClancysGhostReconAdvancedWarfighter
Sep 13, 08 7:03am
Worth the $30 TomClancysGhostReconAdvancedWarfighter
Jun 27, 07 12:30am
don't like it... TomClancysGhostReconAdvancedWarfighter
Mar 24, 07 2:59pm
Bought used. Case is beaten, but the disc is impeccable. TomClancysGhostReconAdvancedWarfighter
think of something
May 31, 06 3:39am

So, Tom Clancy series has, once again, brought out a blinder of a game, it almost...

Super Saiyan Goku
Mar 12, 06 9:05pm
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  • North America: Mar 7, 2006
  • Japan: Jun 29, 2006
  • Europe: Mar 17, 2006
  • Australia: Mar 30, 2006
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