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Tokyo Xtreme Racer Cheats

Bonus cars
Defeat all cars from The Four Devas team at the end of Quest mode to successfully complete the game. The Honda S2000 will be availalbe for purchase at the car shop in the next game. The Rival 138-141, Type-515, and Type-AP1 cars will also be unlocked.

Porsche 911 car
After unlocking the Honda S2000, defeat the other death cars in Quest mode and successfully complete the game. The Porsche 911 will be availalbe for purchase at the car shop in the next game.

Old Datsun (head Boss)
Race and win 200 quick races in a row to unlock the old Datsun.

Four Devas car(s)
Once you have defeated a Four Deva, you will be able to purchase his/her car in the shop.

Free car (Japanese version)
Earn enough money to purchase the desired car. Then when selecting a license plate number, press Y to get a random selection. If all numbers turn out to be "7", that car will be free. Press B for another attempt if those numbers did not appear. Answer "No" when asked if you want the car to start again.

Max speed in Quest mode
At the "Assist Shifting" menu, press Y. You will hear a sound. Then the player and opponent car can reach full speed after a win or lose battle in Quest mode.

Enable rival pointers in Quest mode
At the "Assist Shifting" menu, press L or R.

Alternate replay view
At the post-race screen, hold L + R and press A to select the "Replay" option to view the replay from behind your car.

Avoid a loss record
Press Start and quit to the the Main Menu if you are going to lose a race. The game record your opponent as winner.

In-game Music
You can play music from the CD on any regular CD player, starting from track 2 and above.

Tip to beat 100 Races
Trying to beat 100 Races is hard, here is a great tip which will never fail. While you are racing your lifebar will go down if you are passed by a rival, whatever amount of life you have left, will remain until you complete 100 races OR run out of energy and lose. Here is a nice tip for Full Energy through all 100 races. If you get passed, just hit Start and Click RETIRE, then RETRY. You will begin where you left off, and you life will be restored. Do this until the end, and you will be unstopable.
submitted by Sashimi Sam

The real names of the cars
While Genki didn't spring for manufactuer licences, they have confirmed that the cars are modeled closely to real cars and that their strange names are simply the chassis codes of actual cars:

AE86L--Toyota Corolla (Levin/Trueno) '80-82 
AE86T--Toyota Corolla (Levin/Trueno) '83-86 
SW20--Toyota MR-2 '91-95 
JZA80--Toyota Supra '93-98 
XE10--Toyota (Altezza)* late-model
JZX100--Toyota (Chaser Mark II)* '92- 
S13--Nissan 240ZX Coupe (Silvia) '90-94 
S14--Nissan 240ZX Coupe (Silvia) '95-98 
RP512--Nissan 240SX (180SX) '90-94 
R32--Nissan (Skyline GT-R)* '89-94 
R33--Nissan (Skyline GT-R)* '95- 
Z32--Nissan 300ZX (Fairlady) '89-95 
Y33C--Infiniti Q45 (Cedric/Groria) '90-96 
Y33G--Infiniti Q45 (Cedric/Groria) '97-98 
EK9--Honda Civic CX Hatchback VTEC '96-98 
DC2--Acura Integra Type-R '97- 
NA2--Acura NSX '97- 
CE94--Mitsubishi (Lancer Evolution III)* '93
CP94--Mitsubishi (Lancer Evolution V)* '97
FC--Mazda RX-7 '87-92 
FD--Mazda RX-7 '93-95 
GC8--Subaru Impreza WRX '93-98 
GFLF--Mitsubishi Eclipse '95-98 
GFLS--Mitsubishi Eclipse '00- 

The Japanese car name is in parenthesis. The dates are the model years of that body style according to my best info. * means there's no US model.
submitted by Sashimi Sam