ToeJam and Earl Cheats

ToeJam and Earl cheats, Tips, and Codes for GENESIS.


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Free Presents
Sneak up on Santa Claus before he takes off and he'll give you a few presents.
Present Island
At the top right of the map on level 1, there is a hidden island with a load of preasents for the taking. You will need rocket skates, an inner-tube or icarus wings to get there.


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All spaceship parts except the last one
During game play pause the game and press Up + A + B + C at the same time. Then press right + A at the same time. Then press down+B at the same time and press left + C at the same time. Then unpause.


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Level 0
On Level 1, on the bottom left side, there is a small hole that leads to level 0, which has hula dancers in a tub and a lemomade man who gives you another life.

To get across the water, use any type of item that does that (tube, rockets ect).