Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (PS2) Cheats

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cheats, Easter Eggs, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Battle Oroku Saki (Shredder's true form)
(Okay, this isn't a cheat anyway) Just complete Story Mode with all four of the turtles (do it in any order) and with the fourth one, Shredder flees into his Shinto Palace rather than falling from the heliport. The battle has no power ups, but at the start of the battle, you'll get all 6 of your lives back (cool)! The battle will be easier with a supply of electric and/or fire shuriken. Use your supplies first. Ordinary shuriken and weak attacks are useless against him. Also use Gembu (complete Special Stage: Ordeal with all four turtles. Control with L1). Even when he turns red but after one Gembu, run away until the recovery time is over, so you can use it again. This strategy should defeat him before you can say "Cowabunga!" Enjoy the extra clip.
More tips
Tip #5: Attacking Tip
Okay, if a character is powerful, it is not everything. Look at the defense. Splinter has much more attack than the turtles, but Saki is twice as hard with Splinter's low defense.
Tip #6: Finding Makimonos
If you want to find more makimono scrolls, go into places you would not normally go, and attack in the middle of nowhere to find hidden crates. Like, for instance, if you are Leo is Sewer, go backwards at the beginning to find a scroll hidden in a wall.

Okay, a few tips
Hello, I am very good at this game, and I have a few tips for you if you want to be a very good player on this game.

Use Small Attacks Often
This may sound crazy, but the game is much harder if you're going around hitting enemies with [] attacks. They may be stronger, but small attacks don't knock the enemy down, and saves time. The game is very difficult because they are much slower, too. Also, hit X multiple times to do combination attacks.
Oroku Saki Tip
Whenever you fight Saki in the end, either use Don or Mike. Leo and Raph are good, but Raph's going to get the crap beaten out of him with his low range, and Leo is not agressive enough. Don has far reach and can knock Saki down, and Mike's quick attacks can be a weakness for Saki.
Nano Monster 3.0
After oil drums are gone, the Nano Monster is still vulernable to attacks. Mike's incredible jump attack is very useful to use on the huge robot's head. I got 20 combos on his head with this advantage.
Challenge Mode Tips
.Use Mike for challenge mode, especially for Dr. Stockman. His jump attack can damage Stockman. The other bosses are easier, too.
.Also, collect as much shuriken as you can cause some bosses are nearly impossible without shuriken, without dying; Hun, Shredder, Saki, and Yoshi. Fire shuriken work the best.

To get better times
Don't go for boxes that you don't need. If you have almost full health, don't run off to a hidden area to look for a pizza just for the good of it, just keep going.

Easter eggs

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Christmas Easter Egg
Set your system clock to December 25th (Christmas). You'll see your turtle wearing a Santa Hat.
Halloween Easter Egg
Set your system clock to October 31st (Halloween). You will see your turtle with a pumpkin for a head.


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4 More Cheats!
Put these cheats in the password place.
New costume for Michelangelo: RRLMD
Michelangelo Gets Unlimited Fire Shurikens: DRDSS
Michelangelo has double defense: RLDDR
Improved Weapon for Michelangelo: MSRMM
All pizzas
To make all recovery items pizzas, (for Michelangelo,) type in DRDSS at the codes section.

Cheats for Alternative Costumes
Alternate Donatello costume:
Enter Splinter, Raphael, Splinter, Michaelangelo, Michaelangelo as a password. Then hold L1 or R1 when selecting Donatello at the character selection screen.

Alternate Leonardo costume:
Enter Raphael, Michaelangelo, Michaelangelo, Leonardo, Leonardo as a password. Then hold L1 or R1 when selecting Leonardo at the character selection screen.

Alternate Michaelangelo costume:
Enter Raphael, Raphael, Leonardo, Michaelangelo, Donatello as a password. Then hold L1 or R1 when selecting Michaelangelo at the character selection screen.

Alternate Raphael costume:
Enter Leonardo, Michaelangelo, Splinter, Donatello, Donatello as a password. Then hold L1 or R1 when selecting Raphael at the character selection screen.
Password Cheats
Enter these codes at the Password Screen on the Opeinos menu

Goofy Sound Effects- SMMRS
Unlock playmates toys- LSDRM
Unlock splinter story mode- MSRLS

for Donatello
Alternate Costume- DDSMS
PowerUp 1- DRLDS
PowerUp 2- SSSMR
PowerUp 3- DMDRS

For Leonardo
Alternate Costume- LDMSR
PowerUp 1- LMLSD
PowerUP 2- MRLLM
PowerUp 3- LSLSR
Unlimited Shuriken- SMRDM

For Michaelangelo
Alternate Costume- RRLMD
PowerUp 1-MRRML
Unlimited Fire Shuriken- DRDSS

For Raphael
Alternate Costume- DMDML
PowerUp 1- RDSRL
PowerUP 2- LRMDS
PowerUP 3- SLDSM
PowerUP 4- MSLLR
Sound Effect
At title screen, enter this to get sound effect to your turtle's footsteps

Squeaky Feet- Up,Up,Down,Down,Left,Right,Left,Right,X,Circle
Unlimited Health
Put in SMDRL at the password option. Then play the game and you will never get hurt.