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An exercise in ear sodomy


Titus The Fox was yet another one of Sonic's leeches. Okay, sure, Titus operated more like Chip and Dale in Rescue Rangers on the NES, but the only reason for his creation was to cash in on Sonic's success. Why didn't this game catch on? Because it was nothing more than a generic platformer that felt like a poor man's Rescue Rangers with a craptactular soundtrack. Seriously, this has that "I'm bored, let's check this out" vibe to it, because of how mediocre it is. Expect this to be a short review, because there isn't much to discuss.

Story: Typical damsel in distress plot. Titus has to go from one side of the Sahara Desert to the other in order to rescue his beloved Suzy. Whoopee. At least it gets to the point and doesn't bore us with the details...

Gameplay: The introduction practically speaks for this paragraph - a poor man's Rescue Rangers. There are 15 levels, separated by two parts and a bonus level. Rinse, lather and repeat. Now, that's not a bad thing, because lots of good platformers like Mega Man and Rescue Rangers do this, too. The problem is just how *bleep*ing generic, boring, lackluster and inconsequential this game is in the long run.

The levels feel open in the sense that you can run around and explore to get more coins and... well, that's it. Often, you'll need to look for collapsing or expanding blocks and go through the nooks and crannies to get the coins. The bonus levels allow you to collect more coins, thereby, giving you more lives, provided you get to the end of them and have at least a hundred coins. But if you're a lazy bastard and just want to finish, you'll notice that the linear path from start to finish is normally short, and there's no reason to go beyond the linear path, unless you get lost, because levels are designed sort of like mazes. But after a runthrough or two, you'll get the idea of where to go and whatnot. In a sense, the levels could be well designed, except they feel bigger than needed, because when you go off on a tangent, there's nothing except coins. There aren't any items to interact with, except for crates and bouncy balls, and there aren't any puzzles or anything to solve; you're just going from Point A to Point B with no frills. Really, the levels feel half finished!

You'll occasionally encounter enemies, and they'll either move back and forth, or stay in place. You can kill them using crates you find, and... that's about it. No ability to jump on them or anything - I suppose it's supposed to be one of those family friendly platformers that have less emphasis on violence. Shouldn't be anything wrong here, because Rescue Rangers operated this way, but... well, again, it emphasizes the fact that it's a generic platformer with nothing to gain and nothing to lose.

So is this game fun? Nope. It has that "been there done that" vibe to it, like you know you have better things to do, yet you play anyway, because you're procrastinating. Everything is regurgitated from other platformers, but the only difference is that the charm isn't carried over, meaning... well, I think I've said enough.

Controls: The controls are competent enough. You get a standard jump button, and a pick up button. Both respond when needed and are mapped in a way that you'll get the hang of it quickly. Yep. Competent.

Graphics: At least the game looks nice. The colors in the Game Boy Color version are well laid out and make the game look a little more colorful, even if it doesn't really help make the gameplay any more interesting. The sprites also look fine. You can at least tell what they're meant to be without referring to any guides or anything. The stills between each level look excellent, with Titus Fox looking like he's got no business delivering the smackdown, but more as something you'd want to pet at a petting zoo. Just one problem - it's hard to tell what can and can't be walked on at times unless you jump around like a rabbit. What I mean is that some parts look walkable, but aren't, and some parks don't look like they can be walked on, but can be anyway.. Not the best programming, that's for sure.

Audio: The soundtrack is *bleep*ing abysmal. Each tune is nothing short of ear *bleep*, earhole sodomizing, eardrum shattering piece of shit made in a vain attempt to make the game seem better, but fails because each note is composed in a way that makes each song sound like a jumbled mess of crap. You could turn this crap to mute, and still feel a dick inside an ear. They're all short and repetitive, and since some stages are somewhat of a maze, you'll be scrambling to find some sort of panic room to hide from this soundtrack. It sucks, pretty much.

Replay Value: As a generic platformer with nothing to offer, Titus The Fox lacks replay value. There's no point in going through the same mundane levels over again, despite the two difficulty levels you're given and a 2 player mode... which perplexes me, because I don't know anybody who is willing to play this game with me. Not when the Game Boy was popular, and certainly not now. It's probably lame, anyway, like the rest of this game.

Overall: Titus The Fox is a bland, boring, mediocre, mundane, generic, run of the mill, success leeching, parasitical ball of nothing, which could accurately sum up Titus themselves before they made abysmal games, such as Robocop on the sixth generation systems, and of course, the ever so infamous Superman 64... I'm glad Titus closed down.

Story: 3/5
Gameplay: 7/15
Controls: 9/10
Graphics: 3/5
Audio: 0/5
Replay Value: 1/10
Tilt: -3
Overall: 20/50

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