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One of the best games ever.

The good:

The graphics in this game are very nice when paired with a capable graphics card or cards.

The leveling system is classic, where if you try to skip through you will most definitely be defeated by a monster or enemy that is a few levels higher than your character. This is one point that I feel this game reigns supreme over the most recent hit "TESIV: Oblivion".
The plethora of weapon and armor choices is overwhelming. You can sculpt your character to into whatever type of hero you wish to be(male or female I might add). Along side of the offense/defense choices, you have magical decisions to make regarding what specific skills you wish to master in.
The directions you can take your character in are pretty robust to say the least. Whether you wish to be an all powerful sorcerer or a full-blown balls-to-the-wall-axe-to-the-face warrior...the choice is yours to make and the ability to get there is a challenge whichever direction you decide to go.

The bad:

Through my playing and my research, there seems to be a few issues with graphical anomalies and random game crashings which can possibly corrupt your save points and in turn ruin a high level character that you've spent seemingly countless hours sculpting. There are 4 patches available for the game which claim to fix the lot of these issues, so if you feel like treading on the safe side, patch your game prior to getting majorly involved in it.
With the stock game, there are glitches and stuttering with entering and exiting caves and very active fighting scenarios.


Before the light of the Gods entered the world, there was only darkness ruled by Titans. After an epic war, Zeus seized the heavens and exiled the Titans, seeking to imprison them for all eternity. The lands were cleansed and mortals flourished, but arrogance precedes many a fool...and even a God's prison may be breached.

The Titans created the Gods. The Gods created the mortals. The mortals started defying the Titans in favor of the Gods. The Titans wished the mortals' doom...the Gods felt differently. The Gods did not want their greatest achievement being destroyed and they fought valiantl...

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