Tiny Tower Tips

Extra Towerbux / Time jump Error
Change the iphone Date to match a Bitizen's b-day will give you extra towerbuck, and if you keep doing it for all the Britizens, it will give you unlimited towerbuck.

changing the date to future date may not necessary give your extra towerbuck from b-day, but instead it will give you more money as the stocks will be ALL sold out by then, that also mean the construction is undergoing will be done. However, there is a higher chance that jumping the time gap will corrupt the game, and let one or more of your stores close for a long time. In my case: i jumped three months ahead, and I need 2137 towerbucks to bring the Casino back to restock status.

*How to fix it?
change the date to the present then back to the future date, it will fix the bug (it may need more than one adjustment).

*Missing the foot traffic in your tower?
terminate the app or reboot your phone will solve the problem.