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Tingle RPG (Import) FAQ/Walkthrough

by AlgusUnderdunk   Updated to v1.0 on
Tingle's Freshly Picked, Rose-Colored Rupee Land
Algus's Happily Pressed, Smile-Typed FAQ/Walkthrough

<-1-> Intro
<-2-> Controls
<-3-> Walkthrough
 <-3.1-> Intro
 <-3.2-> 1st Island:
 <-3.3-> 2nd Island: Small Moon Bay
 <-3.4-> 3rd Island: Treasure Cape
 <-3.5-> 4th Island: Lon Lon Ranch
 <-3.6-> 5th Island: Deku Forest
 <-3.7-> 6th Island: Choking Swamp
 <-3.8-> 7th Island: Bog of Swarms
 <-3.9-> 8th Island: Hollowfrost
 <-3.10-> 9th Island: Death Mountain
 <-3.11-> 10th Island: Garden of Consequences
 <-3.12-> 11th Island: Palace of the Piggies
 <-3.13-> The Grand Finale
<-4-> Storylines
<-5-> Recipes
<-6-> Ingredients
<-7-> Swag
<-8-> Bodyguards
<-9-> Bottle Locations
<-10-> Map Completion
<-11-> Pirate Loot
<-12-> Secrets
<-13-> FAQs
<-14-> Translation Notes
<-15-> Special Thanks

<-1-> Intro
Welcome! This guide is meant to serve specifically as a 
walkthrough/explanation for the Japanese import of Tingle's game, so if it's 
ever brought over to America this guide may not still be wholey accurate. 
Since the game's in Japanese, this guide isn't going to be spoiler free in the
least. As a matter of fact, I'm going to be elucidating and explaining 
plotlines as best I can with each part of the story.

Don't worry, I won't reveal anything out of order, so you'll only find things
out ahead of time if you read past where you are in the Walkthrough. I'm going
to mention things such as recipes, map objects, swag, etc., as soon as you can
collect it in the game. So, I think we're all set here, let's begin the great
journey to Rupee Land, shall we?

I'll be continuously updating and adding info as I go. So if you don't see a
rupee listing for something, or data missing, don't worry, I'm on it. I've got
a LOT of data to write down and test out, so it'll take me a while to finish
every single Island in this manner.

<-2-> Controls
Basics: Use the control pad or the A, B, X, and Y buttons to move Tingle
around the map. The rest is up to the stylus. Move Tingle close to an object
and tap it with the Stylus to investigate.

Battle: When you touch an enemy, a fight begins. Tap the dustcloud as quickly
as you can to win the fight faster and lose fewer rupees. You can also use
the control pad to move the dustcloud around, pulling more enemies into the

Menu: Tap the small icon in the bottom right corner of the screen to pull up
Tingle's menu. The upper left icon is your inventory, where you can pull out
recipes and use items by tapping them.

The icon below this is your log. It's a list of your recipes, information
you've bought from whom, and bodyguards who've worked for you.

The upper right icon is your map. You'll use this when you want to actually
add things to you map. Tap the icon, then a draw a circle on it where the
object you see that isn't on the map is. If you do it correctly, the item
will be drawn onto the map.

The lower right icon is the Tingle Balloon. You can use this to return to
Tingle's House at any time, which allows for quick transport. Don't worry,
you don't lose anything for doing this, and your bodyguard will camp out
until you come back.

Tingle's Bargainer: Tap out the price you're willing to pay (or want) in
rupees. Use 'Clear' to clear the screen, 'Cancel' to put the bargainer
away, or 'OK' to submit your price.

<-3-> Walkthrough
This walkthrough contains spoilers, and will generally be laid out in the
following format. The first time a new mechanic or object of interest is
shown in the game, I'll explain it here. The next time it comes up, I won't.
So, here we go, it's time for us to head off into Tingle's Freshly Picked,
Rose-Colored Rupee Land.

 <-3.1-> Intro

Plotpoint: "Tingle..." the name echoes through the house of a 35-year-old who is lazily scratching himself as life slips by. "HEY! Mr.35-year-old!" At this, Tingle blinks and sits up. A mysterious voice draws him out of his house and towards the strange pond to the west of his house... Explanation, Tingle Movement: This is relatively simplistic. Simply press the control pad (or the A,B,X,Y buttons) to move Tingle around his world. Take a moment to familiarize yourself, then head outside of Tingle's house. Don't worry, you can't get lost at this point. If you try to head in the wrong direction, a voice will stop you. So when you're reading, head West towards the mysterious pond. Explanation, Tapping Things: If you ever see something interesting or odd in the game, you can tap it to read it, see what it is, talk to it if it's alive, etc. This is essential to finding everything in the game. So give that sign outside the pond a tap when Tingle's in front of it. Now head into the grove where the pond is, and behold...

Plotpoint: "Hello, my name is Rupeeji, and rupees are my thing," says the strange old man with a rupee for a head. "They can be your thing too. With enough rupees, I tell you, you can reach PARADISE! Yes! Just think of it! You'll dine on gourmet foods! Relax on the beach sipping tropical drinks! Be surrounded by beautiful women! It can all be yours if you're willing to work a little for it... of course, you can always go back to your normal life if you wish..." Explanation, Yes and No: Those little bouncing icons you see of Tingle are the game's 'Yes or No' choice. The one on the left signifies 'yes', the one on the right is 'no.' Tap 'yes', and let's get this adventure underway.

Plotpoint: "Ah! Well then, allow me to imbue you with my magic that will aid you on your quest with the abilities you'll need... here it comes!" And with that, green lightning flies from Rupeeji's hands, striking Tingle and transforming him into the green be-jumpsuited loony we all know and love. Rupeeji adds a grim warning, "this form is not without dangers. Rupees are now your life! Lose them, and lose your life. But I've got a little gift for you to use to start your way towards collecting your fortune!" <=>Rupee Gift: 100r from Rupeeji at the Rupee Pond. Explanation, Life Meter: Rupeeji isn't kidding. Run out of rupees, you're dead. More importantly, you're broke!!! Losing rupees is no fun, since you'll need them to bargain and buy things in the game, so always keep an eye on your rupee meter in the upper right corner of the top screen. If it starts getting too low, stay away from dangerous areas and try to score some rupees quickly. Explanation, Donating to the Pond: Okay, time for your first transaction. The pond looks interesting, so tap it, and Tingle's Price Meter will appear. You'll use this little doodad to determine how many rupees to give someone, or something. In this case, we only need to make a small donation, so just tap '5' and check them in. <=>Rupee Expense: 5r for the Rupee Pond.

Plotpoint: Now that your business at the Rupee Pond is done, feel free to explore, but wait, what's this? Seems you're getting a message on one of your special new devices, the Tingle Tuner! Pingle introduces herself, and explains that she'll serve as your guide. Should you ever have any questions, feel free to consult her, if you speak Japanese that is. She advises you to check your house, as you've got some gear waiting for you that should help you out. So head into your house and check out the strange black box... but wait, what's that? Explanation, Ingredient Collecting: That Weed thing outside your house is a nice little ingredient for you to use! It's sitting there and it's free, so be a proper Tingle and scoop it up. Ingredients you use will be stored in your inventory, but more on that later. You'll spot ingredients all over the place, and it really is worth your while to grab every single one you can. But now it's time to head inside your house, and check out that black box... BOTTLE ACQUIRED: Bottle 1; included in the black box as a welcoming gift. <=>Rupee Gift: 50r from the Welcome Package. Explanation, Pause Menu: Well well! You've gotten your first bottle, congratulations! You'll be getting a lot more of those as you go. For now, let's open your pause menu. Tap the green arrow icon on the bottom right of the lower screen, and out pops your menu. **To Be Continued** <=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=> <-4-> Storylines <=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=> These are all of the subplots in the game that can either net you a huge cash reward, valuable swag, a bottle, or something else. They're not in any particular order, but the steps to completing them are listed below each one. ---<=>The Nude Subrosian<=>--- Did you happen to notice the Subrosian hiding in a barrel in his own house in the Bog of Swarms? Well, this little guy got attacked by beasts and his clothes were torn to shreds. You should be able to find his clothes behind one of the tall mushrooms in the southwest corner of the Bog of Swarms, but they're in a poor state. They need mending! Luckily, Chiro's Mom is a seamstress. Take the distressed outfit to her and she'll mend it. Talk to her and you can buy it back. Then go back to the subrosian and he'll eagerly take them from you, hop out of the barrel, and pay you a hefty reward! ---<=>Mr.Akindo and the Bottled Man<=>--- In the Choking Swamp, there's a strange hole in the ground in the southwest. Fall down this hole, and you'll meet the strange Bottled Man, who is apparently a professor whose allergies are so severe that he's sealed himself up in this bottle to prevent his sneezing fits. Well, Mr.Akindo from the Pirate Ship has something this fellow likes, small cards with stars on them. Along with the Bottles Mr.Akindo gives you, giving all of these cards to the Bottled Man will get you the Crown Bottle Cap [swag] ---<=>Chiro and the Fairy in the Fountain<=>--- You may have noticed that little fountain in town, right? And doubtless you've pitched in a few rupees to see if anything happens. Well if you throw in enough rupees, close to 10,000, a fairy will appear! The fairy will thank you for showing such open generosity, and little Chiro, the pale girl who always dreamed of seeing a fairy, will stop by and see him. Having seen a real fairy, Chiro happily gives you her Fairy Doll [swag] and runs off to play. In addition, Chiro's Mom will give you one heck of a reward, up to 30,000R if you ask for it! No wonder Tingle likes fairies! ---<=>The Bridge Makers<=>--- Have you been paying off the bridge builders? I'd hope so. Aside from a being a useful, speedy means of transport between close islands, if you get every bridge built, you'll enable them to finish their storyline and find their father, Otoko! One you've paid them enough to build every single bridge, return to Small Moon Bay, and look near the Starfish Rocks. You should see all three of them standing near that busted bridge from before. They'll all work on it, and complete a bridge to an island where there father's been stranded all this time! As a reward, Otoko will give you Otoko's Pecker [swag] and again, I swear that really is the translation for that object. In this context 'pecker' means a pick-axe you see. Also, each of Otoko's boys will be willing to offer you a hefty Rupee Reward! ---<=>Piggies in Love<=>--- Near the Saloon, one of the subrosians has a number of barrels inside his of his house. Behind them, are two friendly piggies, hiding from the ruffians that have busted their way into what was formerly their palace. The two of them were to be married but they've had to put their plans on hold because of this home invasion. But Tingle, being a romantic at heart, can help these non-kosher kids out and get them married by first fighting off all the wicked Piglins, Pigrobes and other creatures. Then return to the Piggies and they'll thank you for your help... but they mention it can't be a proper wedding without fireworks! Well heck! You know how to make those! Whip up a batch of Tingle's Fireworks and return to the Subrosian Village. You'll see the piggies and the subrosian who was hiding them standing outside. Toss down the fireworks near them and they'll thank you with some rupees, and the Piggy Bouquet [swag]. Later on you can talk to them in what was former the Pigboss's lair. ---<=>Teditodo's Trial<=>--- There's a good chance you've scaled Death Mountain, headed past the village, and encountered the monstrous red demon down the hole in the mountainside. This guy will make quick work of you, and ANY bodyguard you're traveling with. In fact, there's only ONE bodyguard in the entire game that can beat this guy, and that's Teditodo, the large fellow you met in the first dungeon, and again in the Infested Dungeon in the Bog of Swarms. Teditodo's got a grudge against this guy. It seems his father also tried to slay this beast, and was killed in his attempt. You can still see his skull in the room in fact. Teditodo will slay the beast, and Tingle will get the Demon Mask... which oddly isn't swag, it doesn't seem to show up again. Teditodo will then thank you and give you 18000R as a reward for helping him avenge his father. When you leave the cavern, Tedi will wait behind for a moment, and place a flower in memory. <=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=> <-5-> Recipes <=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=> Here's a quick note on who the characters are. Monbam is the town guard, Komachi is the girl in the juice bar, the Journalist is the guy with the moustache who keeps passing out, Horace is the Jeweler who lives in the small tower and wears glasses, the Chef is... the Chef. Yorozuya is the old weapon- smith, and Chiro's Mom is the very pale seamstress. The only character you'll sell recipes to who doesn't live in the town is Mr.Akindo, who travels around on the pirate ship. To talk to him you have to go to one of the piers either in Pirate Bay, the Bog of Swarms, or Death Mountain and summon the pirates. Then Mr.Akindo will come out for you to sell things to him. No.01 Name: Tingle Fireworks (Chinkuru wa Tabi) Ingredients: Bones x 3 (3/15) Sales Info: Yorozuya the Weaponsmith, 36R Use: Throwing this will cause colorful fireworks to appear. It is essential for completing the storyline, "Pigs in Love." Recipe Location: You'll recieve this recipe the first time you talk to Pingle via the larger Tingle Tuner. No.02 Name: Ting (Chinkeru) Ingredients: Meat x 3, Blue Beetle Shells x 2 (5/15) Sales Info: Monbam the Guard, 42R Use: Aside from being part of the Gatekeeper's storyline, Ting also has the effect of being able to heal your bodyguards. Throw it at them, or throw it on the ground and have them walk over it. This version of Ting restores four hearts. Recipe Location: Town Gatekeeper. No.03 Name: Simple Juice (Sinmpuru Jyusu) Ingredients: Oranges x 3, Tomatoes x 2 (5/15) Sales Info: The Journalist, 84R Use: This is needed to revive the Journalist when you find him on Treasure Cape, the third island. Recipe Location: No.04 Name: Wallmaster Brew (Hando no Hiyaku) Ingredients: Blue Muck x 1, Red Curls x 2, Carrots x 2 (5/15) Sales Info: Yorozuya the Weaponsmith, 50R Use: In dungeons, if you pitch this brew onto a blue flame, a wallmaster will appear and pull you from the dungeon to the entrance, very useful if you're running low on Rupees and supplies to get you through the dungeon. Recipe Location: Pirate's Den Dungeon, Pirate Island. Within the dungeon, you'll encounter a pirate standing next to a blue flame. He'll give you a bottle full of Wallmaster Brew, but not the recipe. To get the recipe, you need to throw the Brew onto the blue flame he's standing beside, and then the next time he speaks with you, you'll get the recipe. No.05 Name: One Love (Kun*Rabu) Ingredients: Mushrooms x 3, Cow Tongues x 4, Fish x 2 (9/15) Sales Info: Komachi, 110R Use: This 'perfume' can be used to attract monsters to you, useful when beasties flee from you preventing large combos. Recipe Location: No.06 Name: Gyokai Soup (Gyokai Suupu) Ingredients: Garlic x 3, Sweet Potato x 3, Squid x 3 (9/15) Sales Info: The Chef, 170R Use: Recipe Location: No.07 Name: Sweet Juice (Suiito Jyusu) Ingredients: Oranges x 3, Tomatoes x 3, Watermelons x 2 (8/15) Sales Info: The Journalist, 260R Use: This another of the juices you'll need to use to revive The Journalist when you find him passed out. This Juice is for when you find him passed out in Deku Forest. Recipe Location: No.08 Name: Knock-Out Gas (Gussurin) Ingredients: Poison Mushrooms x 3, White Flowers x 2, Goat Horns x 4 (9/15) Sales Info: Yorozuya the Weaponsmith, 140R Use: This stuff is potent! Whip it out and all monsters around you will pass out. They'll stay asleep until you either touch them, or until the bottle of the stuff vanishes. Recipe Location: No.09 Name: Pirate Treasure (Otakara Pyaare) Ingredients: Oranges x 5, Carrots x 7, Blue Muck x 1 (13/15) Sales Info: Mr.Akindo, 310R Use: Recipe Location: No.10 Name: Pesto Sauce (Hamako Pesuto) Ingredients: Bones x 6, Meat x 4, Seaweed x 2, Tingweed x 2 (14/15) Sales Info: Mr.Akindo, 300R Use: Recipe Location: No.11 Name: Lon Lon Ketchup (Ron Ron Kechyappu) Ingredients: Mushrooms x 2, Tomatoes x 5, Sweet Potatoes x 7 (14/15) Sales Info: Mr.Akindo, 360R Use: Recipe Location: You'll find this on Island 4, Lon Lon Ranch. It's being held by one of the monstrous cow-like creatures wandering around in the northern part of the Ranch. It's near the crop-circle-like object, but it could vary. Take out enough cows, and you're sure to find it. No.12 Name: Deku Dip (Deku*Dippu) Ingredients: Goat Horns x 6, Gelatin x 2, Talons x 6 (14/15) Sales Info: Mr.Akindo, 480R Use: Recipe Location: No.13 Name: Tingle Bomb (Chinkuru Boma) Ingredients: Bomb Fruits x 2, Gelatin x 2, Talons x 2 (6/15) Sales Info: Yorozuya the Weaponsmith, 210R Use: These little buggers are useful! They're home-made explosives! You can use them to clear cracked objects, burst open cracks in walls, and even stun some intensely tough enemies later on! Recipe Location: No.14 Name: Demon Soup (Oniku Suupu) Ingredients: Apples x 5, Monkey's Brains x 6 (11/15) Sales Info: The Chef, 790R Use: Recipe Location: No.15 Name: Swamp Stew (Umaishi Chaa) Ingredients: Duck Hearts x 4, Minisharks x 4, Froglets x 4 (12/15) Sales Info: The Chef, 1300R Use: Recipe Location: This one's hard to get if you don't speak Japanese, but luckily, I'm here to tell you. On the 6th Island, Choking Swamp, there are a bunch of explorers wandering around. One of them is obviously a cook, standing near a campfire. When he talks to you, he mentions a recipe he's working on, and name's the ingredients, but he doesn't give you the recipe. To actually get the recipe, you have to use the ingredients he says (as listed above) and make it yourself. Then, bring the finished Swamp Tea to him, and he'll give you the recipe. No.16 Name: Soy Sauce (Shimeriku Oiru) Ingredients: Minisharks x 6, Monkey's Brains x 2, Fish x 4, Duck Hearts x 3 (15/15) Sales Info: Mr.Akindo, 980R Use: Recipe Location: No.17 Name: Super Ting (Chinkurun) Ingredients: Meat x 4, Blue Beetle's Shells x 4, Skulls x 5 (13/15) Sales Info: Monbam the Guard, 530R Use: Another healing brew! This stuff recovers about 8 hearts to your bodyguards. Definitely useful, although it doesn't work on the 3 special bodyguards... Recipe Location: No.18 Name: Unabara Soup (Unabara Suupu) Ingredients: Garlic x 3, Sweet Potatoes x 4, Squids x 4, Octoroks x 3 (14/15) Sales Info: The Chef, 1100R Use: Recipe Location: No.19 Name: Cooling Juice (Kuiin Jyusu) Ingredients: Oranges x 3, Tomatoes x 4, Watermelons x 4, Sour Grapes x 3 (14/15) Sales Info: The Journalist, 1300R Use: This juice is necessary to revive the wandering Journalist again. This juice does the trick when you find him passed out on the 8th Island, Hollowfrost. Recipe Location: No.20 Name: Tartar Sauce (Dorori Tarutaru) Ingredients: Froglets x 7, Frog's Eggs x 8 (15/15) Sales Info: Mr.Akindo, 2100R Use: Recipe Location: No.21 Name: Super Knock-Out Gas (Gussuruuno) Ingredients: Poison Mushrooms x 3, White Flowers x 2, Goat's Horns x 4, Bear Claws x 3 (12/15) Sales Info: Yorozuya the Weaponsmith, 1000R Use: This powerful potion can be used to put enemies to sleep in a wide radius. Useful for foes that try to run, or sneaking past dangerous enemies. Just pull it out, and throw it down. Recipe Location: No.22 Name: Endless Love (Endoresu*Rapu) Ingredients: Mushrooms x 5, Cow's Tongues x 4, Fish x 3, Hibiscus x 1 (13/15) Sales Info: Komachi, 730R Use: This is another powerful creature attractor. Make sure you're not surrounded when you use it, as the monsters will plow right through you to get to it. Works on all sizes, and lasts for a while when you throw it down. Recipe Location: No.23 Name: Daichi's Soup (Daichi no Suupu) Ingredients: Apples x 5, Monkey's Brains x 3, Red Puffs x 3 Sales Info: The Chef, 2400R Use: Recipe Location: No.24 Name: Simmered Bullion (Shibareru Buiyon) Ingredients: Evil Seaweed x 4, White Flowers x 5, Bear Claws x 6 (15/15) Sales Info: Mr.Akindo, 3000R Use: Recipe Location: No.25 Name: Emperor Juice (Empara Jyuusu) Ingredients: Oranges x 3, Tomatoes x 3, Watermlons x 3, Sour Grapes x 2, Pine Nut x 1 (12/15) Sales Info: The Journalist, 3500R Use: Once more, you'll find the Journalist passed out, and this is the only thing that can revive him. This potent Juice is for when you find him on the ninth island, Death Mountain. He'll be up near the peak. Recipe Location: No.26 Name: Nitro Bomb (Kotoro Boma) Ingredients: Bomb Fruit x 3, Gelatin x 3, Talons x 3, Bomberries x 3 (12/15) Sales Info: Yorozuya the Weaponsmith, 1600R Use: These suckers pack a punch! They're basically souped up Tingle Bombs, but these things can blow away HUGE rocks. I'm sure you'll find plenty of uses for them. Recipe Location: No.27 Name: Mega Ting (Mega Chinkuru) Ingredients: Meat x 5, Blue Beetle Shells x 4, Skulls x 3, Steak x 3 (15/15) Sales Info: Monbam the Guard, 1400R Use: Drink Ting! This stuff will restore your bodyguards to FULL health! But, just like the other Tings, it doesn't work on the three special bodyguards, Teditodo, Yamori, and Ienron. Recipe Location: No.28 Name: Death Mountain Slop (Desuma Shiroppu) Ingredients: Peaches x 10, Ears of Corn x 5 (15/15) Sales Info: Mr.Akindo, 4300R Use: Recipe Location: No.29 Name: Vinegar of Consequences (Yorasei Binegaa) Ingredients: Bananas x 7, Pink Flowers x 1, YoSay Rice x 7 Sales Info: Mr.Akindo, 5600R Use: Recipe Location: No.30 Name: Perfect Swamp Stew (Umasugiru Shichyaa) Ingredients: Duck Hearts x 4, Tiny Sharks x 4, Froglets x 4, Shrimp x 3, (15/15) Sales Info: The Chef, 8300R Use: Recipe Location: This is actually pretty easy to get once you have the recipe for Swamp Stew. Okay, here's what you need. A shrimp. Just one. Once you find a shrimp (you'll get lots of them eventually. They're ingredients.) Head back to the chef in the Choking Swamp, and talk to him. He'll reward you with the recipe! No.31 Name: Royal Puree (Oorasunan puraa) Ingredients: Eels x 8, Shrimp x 4 (12/15) Sales Info: Mr.Akindo, 11000R Use: Mainly, this sucker is your best selling recipe. Recipe Location: In the Palace of the Piggies, after your first gauntlet battle, you'll spot a walkway leading to the left. Take it. You'll find the sad remains of the royal kitchen where they used to make... Piggy pudding, and other non-pig based food. But luckily for you, they left a recipe for you! Check out the pot, and Tingle should pull a recipe out of it. <=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=> <-7-> Swag <=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=> No.01 Name: Rupee Poster (Rupi Posuta) Description: It's a hokey poster of a smiling rupee mascot. Location: No.02 Name: Shark's Jaw (Kinba Zame) Description: Colorful shark's teeth. Location: No.03 Name: Obsidian (Noritaba) Description: Shiny black stuff wrapped with a white band of paper. Location: No.04 Name: Wooden Fish (Uddo Fish) Description: A musical fish instrument. Bonk it for a hollow sound. Location: No.05 Name: Moo Moo Parasol (Moo Moo Parasoru) Description: An umbrella with a cow pattern, and horns. Location: No.06 Name: Swimming Salmon (Taki no Bori Unagi) Description: Poor salmon, swimming up a waterfall to spawn... Location: No.07 Name: Deku Leaf (Memasuteia no Happa) Description: A teeny green leaf. Location: No.08 Name: Rupee Tree (Ruppi Tsurii) Description: A Christmas tree decorated with rupees. Location: No.09 Name: Pink Lotus (Pinku Rotasu) Description: A pulpy pink lotus. Location: No.10 Name: Kinoppa (Kinoppa) Description: This little guy looks suspiciously like Mario's Kinopio (Toad) Location: No.11 Name: Goldung Beetle (Kinko Rogashi) Description: This little dung beetle seems to be rolling up a ball of gold. Location: No.12 Name: A Lady's Leg in Webbing (Kumo Onna no Taitsu) Description: ...That's pretty much what it is. A lady's leg in a spiderweb. Location: No.13 Name: Fly's Eyes (Fukugan Gurasu) Description: Funky kaleidoscopic sunglasses! Nifty! Location: No.14 Name: Bronze Butterfly (Buronzu Batafurai) Description: A small bronze statue of a butterfly. Location: No.15 Name: Shining Snowman (Narikin Daruma) Description: A snowman made of rupees. And snow. Location: No.16 Name: Buyer's Emblem (Baiya Emburemu) Description: This is a bit of a pun on 'Fire Emblem,' for those who were unaware. It's a plaque with a rupee on it. Location: No.17 Name: Cash Cap (Toradai Kyappu) Description: A striped cap with a gold coin affixed to it. Location: No.18 Name: Silk Rope (Shiriku no Ropu) Description: Shiny silk rope, all wound up nicely. Location: No.19 Name: Magma Ball (Maguma Boru) Description: A ball of liquid hot magma! Location: No.20 Name: Deep Fried Dragonfly (Doragen Rai) Description: A small red dragon, breaded and deep fried! Location: No.21 Name: Garrish Doll (Ningannin Gyara) Description: A little white doll that looks like Chiro... Location: No.22 Name: Piggy Bank (Bubaku) Description: A cute little pink and purple piggy bank. Location: No.23 Name: Robo-Machine (Mashin da Robo) Description: A strange little robot holding a green rock. Maybe he's a rock polisher! Location: No.24 Name: Otoko's Pecker (Otoko no Tusruhashi) Description: A pecker or 'pick-axe' made of gold. Location: Complete the Storyline 'The Bridge Makers.' No.25 Name: The Master Pen (Masuta Pen) Description: A shining pen, mightiest of all pens! Hm... is the Master Pen mightier than the Master Sword? Location: Complete every map in the game and speak to the Map Maker. No.26 Name: Golden Fan (Shinkusu Sensu) Description: A fan made out of solid gold. Location: No.27 Name: Super Chef Hat (Supa Shefu Hato) Description: One really, really hug Chef's hat. Location: Collect every recipe in the game and speak to the Chef. No.28 Name: Crown Bottle Cap (Kurau ko Kuraun) Description: A massive bottle cap with a crown emblem on it. Location: Complete the Storyline 'Mr.Akindo and the Bottled Man.' No.29 Name: Fairy Doll (Yo Raseinin Gyara) Description: The little pink fairy doll Chiro you found for Chiro early in the game. Location: Complete the Storyline 'Chiro and the Fairy in the Fountain.' No.30 Name: Piggy Bouquet (Boboke) Description: A bouquet of piggy snouts Tingle caught from a wedding! Good for him! Location: Complete the Storyline 'Piggies in Love.' <=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=> <-8-> Bodyguards <=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=> Yeah, Tingle can lay out a beatdown, but some of those later enemies are so tough you just won't be able to handle them on your own. Thus, bodyguards. First, I'm going to explain about their different classes, sizes and basic appearances. Bodyguards can be small, medium or large, and bold, fool or wise. Small Bodyguards (The Dunce, The Elf, and The Dog) These little guys have the useful ability of being able to fit into tiny holes you'll find throughout dungeons. Often times they can be used to discover precious swag or rupee caches! Most holes Tingle makes with his bombs can only be explored by these little guys. Medium Bodyguards (The Clown, The Warrior, and The Agent) These bodyguards have the ability to pick locked doors for you. Unlike other Zelda games, there aren't convenient keys lying around. Instead, you'll have to rely on your bodyguards to open the locked doors you encounter in dungeons. Large Bodyguards (The Drummer, The Brute, and The Hero) These huge guys, aside from pounding your enemies, can also hurl boulders out of your path in dungeons. You'll encounter small areas that hide secrets with boulders blocking them. Large bodyguards can get them out of your way and let you explore. Next are their classes, or their general 'A.I.' Fool Bodyguards (The Dunce, The Clown, and The Drummer) These guards won't go after enemies on their own, and unless you actually roll over them while you're in a fight, they won't join in. You might be asking, "Why the heck would I want a Fool then?!" The answer is simple. First, they're generally the cheapest of the lot. More importantly, however, is that they're the best bodyguards when it comes to making big combos of enemies. Most other bodyguards will rush in so quickly that the maximum number of enemies that you'll ever be able to get into one battle are 2. With Fools, you can get six, seven or even EIGHT enemies in one go, meaning you get a HUGE rupee/ingredient payoff when you win the fight. Fools also tend to live longer than the other two classes, meaning you won't have to waste Ting on them. Bold Bodyguards (The Elf, The Warrior, and The Brute) (The Juggernaut) These guards are intensely overexcited and will go after any enemy they can see, whether you're fighting them or not. Sometimes you'll even find yourself calling them away from enemies because you really, really don't want to fight at the moment. However, Bold Bodyguards can be extremely useful when you're in an area swamped with enemies, or if you're near enemies that escape quickly, such as the Fanged Ducks of the Choking Swamp or the Poison Mushrooms of Deku Forest. They'll help you nab them before they can sneak away. Wise Bodyguards (The Dog, The Agent, and The Hero) (The Ninja and The Master) These guards won't engage an enemy unless you do. The moment you attack, or get attacked, they'll immediately leap into action and fight with you. These guards are nice for when you're exploring and don't necessarily want to fight every single monster you see, but don't want to be caught by surprise either. They generally tend to stay alive a while, and prove helpful in cramped dungeons and passageways because they'll stick close to Tingle. Next are their general appearances, how you'll recognize them. Also, each 'kind' of guard enables you to perform a special "Tingle Chance" when they're with you, triggering a cut-scene specific to each kind of guard. I'll list those cut-scenes as well that I've encountered. The Dunce is a short guy with a dim expression on his face and snot coming out of his nose. -CutScene: The Dunce sits while crayon drawings fly around him and turn into a huge whirlwind of scribbles. A Tingle sketch then falls past. The Elf is a little guy with an eager face, buck teeth, and a floppy cap. -CutScene: Tingle and The Elf appear floating around in soap bubbles. The Dog is clearly a small dog with big fangs. -CutScene: Tingle is seen dancing, while the dog's jaws slowly chawmp him. The Clown is a guy straight out of Ringling Bros., in white face paint. -CutScene: The Clown balances on a ball while Tingle tries to keep him from falling over. The Warrior is a female in skimpy armor carrying a sword. -CutScene: Tingle's knocked out of the way as the Warrior launches into a number of attacks. The Agent looks strikingly like the Agents from The Matrix. -CutScene: Tingle flies toward the screen like Neo, wearing dark sunglasses. The Agent then leaps in and performs a number of sword strikes. The Drummer looks like a large strange pirate carrying a drum. -CutScene: While the Drummer madly plays, Tingle dances around to the tune. The Brute is a large round man carrying a club. -CutScene: The Hero looks like a cross between Superman and a Saiyan from DBZ. -CutScene: Tingle strikes a heroic pose and then gets knocked down as The Hero appears, throwing hundreds of punches at the screen. The Juggernaut is Teditodo, your big buddy who shows up several times. He's first large and green, armed with a club and shield. Later, after the Infested Dungeon in the Bog of Swarms, he becomes orange. -CutScene: Tingle hops around until Teditodo explodes out of the ground with a loud howl. The Ninja is Yamori, the ninja who hides behind sheets in various stages. He's dressed all in blue with a skull design on his mask. -CutScene: The Master is Ienron, and looks similar to one of the tribe members from Death Mountain, except he's in much better shape. -CutScene: In addition to the characters above, the Aged Tarzan temporarily joins you in Deku Forest, and Monbam the Guard joins you in the Hollowfrost Graveyard battle. These characters are only temporary. And now onto what everyone really wants, the stats for each bodyguard, and more important, how much to pay for them. ---The following bodyguards appear in Subrosian Salloons on: Small Moon Bay, Treasure Cape, Lon Lon Ranch, and Deku Forest. 01: Zuzu the Dunce, 35r Small Fool Type, Life: 4, Power: 3, Guard: 3 02: Monyo the Elf, 45r Small Bold Type, Life: 4, Power: 3, Guard: 3 03: Inuichi the Dog, 65r Small Wise Type, Life: 4, Power: 3, Guard: 3 04: Putoran the Clown, 105r Medium Fool Type, Life: 5, Power: 4, Guard: 5 05: Zonma the Warrior, 125r Medium Bold Type, Life: 5, Power: 4, Guard: 5 06: Mike the Agent, 135r Medium Wise Type, Life: 5, Power: 4, Guard: 5 07: Kikumaru the Drummer, 200r Large Fool Type, Life: 7, Power: 6, Guard: 8 08: Boston the Brute, 220r Large Bold Type, Life: 7, Power: 6, Guard: 8 09: Mighty Man the Hero, 230r Large Wise Type, Life: 7, Power: 6, Guard: 8 ---The following bodyguards appear in Subrosian Salloons on: Choking Swamp, Bog of Swarms, Hollowfrost. 10: Tonpei the Dunce, 385r Small Fool Type, Life: 10, Power: 9, Guard: 8 11: Chiro the Elf, 400r Small Bold Type, Life: 10, Power: 9, Guard: 8 12: Gaburu the Dog, 425r Small Wise Type, Life: 10, Power: 9, Guard: 8 13: Scalper the Clown, 620r Medium Fool Type, Life: 12, Power: 12, Guard: 10 14: Victoria the Warrior, 640r Medium Bold Type, Life: 12, Power: 12, Guard: 10 15: Johnny the Agent, 660r Medium Wise Type, Life: 12, Power: 12, Guard: 10 16: Anesu the Drummer, 1180r Large Fool Type, Life: 14, Power: 13, Guard: 13 17: Chicago the Brute, 1300r Large Bold Type, Life: 14, Power: 13, Guard: 13 18: Steroy*D the Hero, 1500r Large Wise Type, Life: 14, Power: 13, Guard: 13 ---The following bodyguards appear in Subrosian Salloons on: Death Mountain, The Garden of Consequences, The Palace of the Piggies. 19: Domingos the Dunce, 1920r Small Fool Type, Life: 16, Power: 15, Guard: 13 20: Dante the Elf, 2000r Small Bold Type, Life: 16, Power: 15, Guard: 13 21: Dongikkusu the Dog, 2200r Small Wise Type, Life: 16, Power: 15, Guard: 13 22: Sokurasute the Clown, 3420r Medium Fool Type, Life: 17, Power: 17, Guard: 15 23: Ready Steady the Warrior, 3600r Medium Bold Type, Life: 17, Power: 17, Guard: 15 24: Smith the Agent, 3700r Medium Wise Type, Life: 17, Power: 17, Guard: 15 25: Rolando the Drummer, 6400r Large Fool Type, Life: 19, Power: 19, Guard: 18 26: Arizona the Brute, 6800r Large Bold Type, Life: 19, Power: 19, Guard: 18 27: Captain Energy the Hero, 7000r Large Wise Type, Life: 19, Power: 19, Guard: 18 ---The following bodyguards are special, and only appear randomly or as parts of storylines. 28: Teditodo the Juggernaut, 20r, 7000r, 5000r Special Bold Type, Life: 20, Power: 20, Guard: 19 You first recruit Teditodo in the Hero's Grave. You'll meet him again later in the Infested Dungeon in the Bog of Swarms, at which point you can pay him more to make him transform into a stronger version of himself. After that, if you lose him, you can encounter him again lounging around in random locations throughout the game. You'll hear him call to you and you'll have about a minute to locate him on that screen before he runs off. 29: Yamori the Ninja, 13000r Special Wise Type, Life: 19, Power: 20, Guard: 20 Yamori's hard to find. You'll first run into him on Small Moon Bay, where he can be spotted hiding behind a sheet of paper. The only indicator of this, is a tiny white triangle on a rock face, just to the south of the Subrosian Salloon. You'll have to find him several more times throughout the game if you want a chance at hiring him. So far, I've spotted him at Lon Lon Ranch, Deku Forest, Death Mountain, and Small Moon Bay, and others have told me they've spotted him at a different location on Death Mountain, Choking Swamp, Bog of Swarms, and the Garden of Consequences. Keep your eyes open as you travel! 30: Ienron the Master, 20000r Special Wise Type, Life: 20, Power: 20, Guard: 20 Ienron's tricky to track down. First, you'll have to meet him in the Bog of Swarms. Once you've saved the Pirates from their dilemma, return to near their pier in the Bog to find a small boat. Have Tingle hop on and steer the boat past the pier into a small alcove. Here you'll find both a minigame, and Ienron sitting on a rock. I don't think it matters how much you pay him here, he won't join you yet. I poured money down the guy's throat and he gave it BACK to me. Like Yamori and Teditodo, Ienron will appear randomly throughout the world, and you'll have to talk to him a few times before you'll get a chance at recruiting him. <=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=> <-9-> Bottle Locations <=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=> 1.) This bottle's a bit of a 'welcome to the family of Rupee horders' gift. You'll find it immediately inside of Tingle's house in a box once you finish up with Rupeeji at the fountain for the first time. Tap the box and there you go, your first bottle. Shiny. <=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=> <-11-> Pirate Loot <=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=> Once you get the red Pirate's flute, you'll suddenly have the ability to home in on and open buried blue treasure chests. You might have even stumbled across one while digging and been frustrated that you couldn't open it. Well, take your Red Pirate Flute out, play it, and POP! The lock comes out, and you can now open the chest. Every Island except for the first one has a chest hidden somewhere on it. Now that you know about the flute, you can either track them down yourself, or you can use the following list, which will tell you where each one is. Happy hunting! To use this part, you'll need your map. Your maps in the game are broken up into a grid. Well from left to right let's call those squares A, B, C, etc. From top to bottom, I'll call them 1, 2, 3, etc. So if I say 'A2' I mean the top row of the map, and the second column. Got it? Okay. Here we go. And remember, if you're unsure if you're close to where I mentioned, play the Red Pirate Flute. If it makes a soft konking sound, you're on the correct screen, but you're not near the chest. If it makes a LOUD knocking sound, you're standing extremely close to the chest. 1. Small Moon Bay, A2 -The chest is buried just to the left of Starfish Rock. 2. Treasure Cape, A2 -Head past the sunbather to where you first met your dog, Dongle. The chest is past the oranges, and slightly to the left and up from the orange palm. 3. Lon Lon Ranch, C2 -Just north of the bridge to Treasure Cape, to the right of the milk can, and immediately below the big rocks. 4. Deku Forest, B1 -Slightly down and to the right from the entrance to the great Deku Tree. 5. Choking Swamp, B1 -This one's tricky. You know the little cavern area where you find the place your bodyguards hang out? It's in a patch of dirt inside this area, right in front of the door to the saloon. 6. Bog of Swarms, A3 -Immediately in front of the bridge to the Choking Swamp, below the mushroom. 7. Hollowfrost, B1 -Cross the blizzard-plagued lake until you reach the northernmost point in that area. The chest is to the left of the strange rock formation that looks like a small pyramid. 8. Death Mountain, A3 -There are two little hills, in this area. The wall you couldn't get past was originally between them. Anyhoo, the treasure chest is buried at the top of the hill on the right. The stairway up to it is closer to where you arrive here by way of the Tingle Balloon. 9. Garden of Consequences, D2 -Immediately below the big cactus in the center of this area, by the trail of flowers. 10. Palace of the Piggies, A1 -In the patch of dirt right in front of the huge rupee ball on the right. <=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=> <-13-> FAQs <=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=> 01: How do I save? -Tap on the large DS looking object in Tingle's house. Saving is the second option, the one with the arrow in a box. After you save two options will appear. These are 'Continue' on the left and 'Quit' on the right. 02: Where's the Dungeon on this Island??? -Not every Island has a dungeon. Some Islands require you to solve storylines and find new recipes to make enough to continue on to the next island. 03: Why did the tower shrink?!? -Until you reach the final height, you need to pitch rupees into the tower every so often. Not a lot, 10r will do the trick. But if Pingle contacts you clear out of the blue after you've been wandering around for a while, that means you need to get back to the tower and FAST!!! Toss in 10r, and all is well. 04: My pot only holds 5 things, how do I cook 15? -Eventually you'll be able to buy larger pots from the Chef's Waitress/Wife. This shows up once you present certain recipes to the chef. 05: So... what am I supposed to do with Dongle? -Give him bones. Give him enough, and he'll go out and dig up some rupees for you. 06: So... I've got an X on my map at Lon Lon Ranch, and I don't know where to go next. -If you haven't done so yet, buy the shoval from the bridge-builder, and dig up some Sweet Potatoes. Give one to the kid with the piggy-nose in town, and he'll give you the nose. Use this and get into the Pigblin's lair with a tough bodyguard at your side. Afterwards, you'll encounter the girl with the girl who's missing her glasses. *NOTE* Special marks made on your maps don't go away, even after their event. So the X will stay on the map even after you've found the glasses. 07: I can't find some of these ingredients, and I've fought every monster, gone to every plant, and dug everywhere!!!!! -Have you tried falling into the water? In some places, such as the Southern edge of Hollowfrost, have rare ingredients you can get if you're willing to fall into the water. 08: Who do I sell ______ to? -Please check the recipes section. 09: I had an item to sell, but instead the Tingle Bargainer came up. What am I supposed to do? -That means the person's willing to haggle for the object, meaning you can get a lot of cash. BUT BE CAREFUL. If you overcharge, the person will be insulted, and take the object from you for a SINGLE RUPEE. 10: I can't hurt these monsters! -Some monsters have tricks to them. Pigblins and Hollow Penguins, for example, have to crash into a wall or a solid object before you can attack them. Firey Piglets have to be doused with water before you can safely touch them, Throttle Monkeys have to be knocked off their perches with bombs before you can attack them, and Twinkeys (the MASSIVE ape beasts in the Garden of Consequences) have to be separated by a bomb-blast before you can go after them. Always experiment. 11: This guy's passed out and I need to get past him. -That's The Journalist. This means it's time to head into town, and get a new juice recipe from Komachi at the Juice Bar. Take the recipe to him and toss it onto him to wake him up. <=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=> <-14-> Translation Notes <=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=><=> I tried to remain as faithful as possible, but on occassion some names struck me as too goofy to use. Although all of the Bodyguard names are exactly what they say in the game (even Agent Smith and Steroy*) Also, here are some fun facts to point out. Your name isn't always Tingle (Chinkuru), in fact you only become Tingle once Rupeeji hits you with his magic. Before that, you're referred to by your 'real' name...