TimeSplitters 2 review

The good:

~The graphics
~The game play
~The many game modes

The bad:

~Story is a bit weak
~A bit to cartoony for some


This game at first did look a bit dodgy but I looked at what it got out of the Official Aussie Mag and it got 9.3 /10 which is really good.
I got the game thinking that it would just be an average game, but I was wrong, this game is awesome.

The game play is the major asset I look for in a game, as a game could have crap graphics but it is fun to play. This game however has really fun game play that will last you for a long time. There are many different modes such as Story mode, Arcade league, Arcade custom , challenge mode and map maker mode.

Story mode can be a single game or you can take 4 of your buddies and kick ass. There are only 10 missions though for you to choose from but they will take you across different time periods like the 1630's right up to the 2460's. There are some cool levels but the story line is weak as all you really have to do is find these time crystals but they get you to do all these other objectives. You might be on Earth for some of the missions but you might be on some alien worlds. On the easy difficulty there isn't much to the levels but when you go on harder difficulties the levels increase in size dramatically.

Arcade league is one of the most fun thiungs you will ever do in this game (actually you might play this mode more than the story line). There are many challenges in this mode as you have ameteur league, honarary league and elite league. Obviosly it goes from easy to hard. This mode will keep you occupied for quite some time. The different modes in this are: Death match (kill all), Team deathmatch (kill all on the opposing team, Vampire (you need to kill in order to live, you can chnge the blood lust level), Thief (Kill people and collect their tokens), Gladiator (kill the Gladiator to score points), Monkey assistant (If your losing, monkeys will appear and help you), Assault (Infiltrate a base with infinite lives and on a team, very hard), Regeneration (Your health regenerates all the time), Flame tag (Some one is on fire and you need to run away from that person or kill them with the least amount of time) Virus (Some one has the virus, like gang up tag) And more.

Arcade custom is the same ezcept you can have system link, aslo you can of course customize your settings.

Challenge mode is a mode where they may pit you in a room where you can not escape and wave after wave of infinte zombies attack you and you need to score points and survive. Awards are give out like bronze, silver etc. These give you bonuses such as cheats and new characters.

Characters are really unusual in this game as you can be a trooper to a mafia guy to a ginger bread man to a snow man to an alien and to a riot officer. There are so many characters for you to unlock and some of them are quite funny.

The cool thing about this game is that it comes with a map maker where you can make your own levels, put enemies in it and customize the light settings. This mode doesn't allow you to create out door levels but hey you can't beet a 5 by 5 metre room with 9 other bots in it with flame throwers or even rocket launchers.
The music and sound are great (kind of sounds like Goldeneye). The thing is about this game is that they kind of took things and ideas from other games and shows, like Star gate and Perfect dark.

Overall this is an enjoable game that is worth your money so I suggest that if you love FPS games, then get this.

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