TimeSplitters: Future Perfect review
TimeSplitters: Pretty much perfect

The good:

  • Brilliant Story mode
  • Vast array of characters to unlock
  • A fearsome arsenal of weapons
  • Non-stop hilarity

    The bad:

  • The bots aren't very good at tactics
  • The Story mode could have been longer
  • Still can't jump


    It's time to split!

    Game types:
  • Single Player
  • Multi-player
  • Arcade
  • Challenge
  • Map maker
  • Online play

    Sergeant Cortez is back in a race against - and through through time. He has successfully retrieved the Time Crystals, and has set up a time machine of his own. With the aid of the "voice in his head", Anya, he plans to go back through time and trace the origin of the vicious TimeSplitters and save the world from annihilation.

    The third in its series, Future Perfect is pretty much exactly that; perfect. It has a vastly improved story mode, in which you can travel through 6 time periods, battling robots and zombies and henchmen and big, ugly, time-travelling monster things, who are known as TimeSplitters. Cortez has also upgraded his Temporal Uplink. In TimeSplitters 2, it was basically just an electronic map that Cortez carried around in his pocket. In Future Perfect, not only is it now wrist mounted, but it has a brand new feature which lets you move objects from a distance. The ultimate lazy mans tool! Why go pick up your ammo, health or amour, when you can simply suck it in to you with this trendy wrist band! The story mode wont really challenge your skills or patience much, the story is compelling and funny. Each time period has you doing something different too! In 1969, you'll team up with the swinging superspy, Harry Tipper, as he attempts to stop a Bond-type villain from launching a missile from a moving train. In 1994, you'll team up with a short-skirted girl (complete with a T-shirt that reads "slut") to infiltrate a zombie-filled mansion.

    The coolest part of it all, is that there is meet yourself gameplay. Throughout the story you will be interacting with your past or future self. Sometimes it can be as basic as handing over a key. Others you will have to provide cover fire to yourself, ensuring that he survives to, in turn, provide cover fire for his past self. The interactions between past and future Cortez are usually pretty inventive and funny too. You can also play the story mode with a second player, which makes for some quality co-operative play.

    The game also has many other single player features. Arcade League is where you can go up against bots in a variety of matches, with the sole purpose to earn trophies. These trophies, depending on whether they are Gold, Silver or Bronze, can unlock bots to play against in Arcade. The Challenge mode also has a lot of fun side games to play in single player, such as racing robotic cats, throwinig bricks through windows, and a lot more. Some of these activites are fun and others make you want to rip your hair out from frustration. But in the end, patience will get you the trophies you need for multiplayer Arcade mode. There are 150 characters to unlock in all, with their own special stats and skills.

    The multiplayer mode offers a wide range of gameplay modes to choose from. There are deathmatch type games like Thief, where when a person/bot is killed, they leave a coin and by picking up that coin you get a point. There is also Vampire, where you must kill others to prevent a meter from draining, which will kill you if it runs out. There are team games, such as Capture The Bag and Assault, among others.

    All of these matches can be played against bots, or other people. The bots are somewhat simplistic, and dont really focus on what they are supposed to be achieving sometimes(in Assault for example), and get distracted with wanting to kill other players/bots. You can raise the stats of the bots, to make them more difficult to beat, but in the end, it is better to just play against people. There is split screen mode or online mode.

    The soundtrack for Future Perfect is quality and one of the best soundtracks on any first-person shooters today. The sound effects, however, are somewhat lacking. The weapon sounds could be better, and you never know if someone is creeping up behind you, as there are no footsteps. Combined with the lack of "bobbing", it makes the player feel like they are being wheeled around the level. The dialogue is incredibly powerful, and Cortez outshines most other characters in the game, in both what he says and how he says it.

    TimeSplitters: Future Perfect is overall a great game with tons of replay value, both in multiplayer and botmatches. Though the graphics could have been better, it makes up for it in the humour throughout the game. This is one of the best First-Person Shooters released on the Playstation 2.

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