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Time Crisis 3

Time Crisis 3 is the third installment in the series, the second game actually being on the Playstation 2. Time Crisis began in the arcade, and has since expanded onto the PS2. To play the game in the arcade, you used an arcade style plastic gun to shoot off your foes. You may wonder, how will that ever work on a console?

The Guncon2

Namco gave us a special treat with this package. Included in the box (granted that you bought the entire package and not just the game) is the Guncon2, a special plastic light gun created just for the Time Crisis series. It definitely has an arcade feel to it.


The VSSE has been alerted of a powerful man trying to take over the innocent country, Lukano. To prevent an invasion by a justice seeking army, he took multiple hostages in to silence his threats. Instead of sending in the troops, the VSSE sent in two of their best agents, Alan Dunaway and Wesley Lambert. They are each armed with four guns, a handgun, machine gun, shotgun, and a grenade launcher.


The Guncon2 really makes this game worthwhile. Pointing the gun at the screen and aiming directly to take out your foes just doesn’t seem to get old with this orange light gun in your hand. The gameplay basically works like this; you shoot down the bad guys, and duck to reload and avoid fire. You have four health packs, and if you get shot, you lose one.
There are multiple types of enemies. The ones in dark outfits barely ever hit you. Red enemies are the ones you really need to look out for. They always seem to hit you. The yellow enemies give you ammunition for your three alternative weapons (handgun has unlimited bullets).
There are three stages in the game, each with three levels inside them. As you advance in a stage, you come closer to saving Lukano. At the end of each stage you fight a boss. However, on the third stage, you are basically fighting bosses throughout each level. They have a lot of health, and take a lot of firepower to kill. You also have to keep your eye out for incoming bullets, because they fly at you in intense boss fights like this.
One major flaw I noticed while playing this game multiple times over is that the CPU is in no way random. If you memorize exactly where your enemy’s bullets will actually hit you, you can duck and avoid being hit. So basically, if you memorize the entire game, you will never lose one life.
One cool option included in the game is another adventure. Instead of controlling Alan, or Wesley, control Alicia Winston who’s brother was captured and taken hostage by Zott and his gang of evil minions. Some new features in this version of the game are weapon upgrades, and the ability to use a sniper rifle.

The graphics in this game are nothing special, but hey, this is on the Playstation 2. They are good enough so that you can tell what is going on, and where to shoot. At the end of the day, that is all that matters.


The sound in the game sounds surprisingly good. Gunshots sound like real gunshots, and people’s voices sounds great. There is nothing to complain about in regards to sound.


All in all, this is a pretty solid game. It is something new to play when you are tired of all of your other shooters. The sound is great, the graphics are decent, and the plot keeps you playing. The replay value however, is not that great. The gameplay gets old after a while.

Time Crisis 3 receives a 7.5/10

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