Time Crisis 3 review
Another sequel to lord of lightguns.

The good:

Shooting soldiers with a virtual gun is great
Graphics are almost the same as the arcade version
Four weapons
New sniper mode
Arcade, Rescue Mission and Crisis modes.
Good two player game

The bad:

You need a lightgun
Hard controls on sniper mode
More weapons!
Lip-sync looks bad
Annoying deaths
You'll get bored after a few goes
Boss's take years to die


This game is a fun game. I first got to grips with Time Crisis in the arcades and the game just play the exact same. But you need a lightgun if you are considering buying this. It work with the control pad but don't bother. This game is so fun and it's very additive if you have never played a Time Crisis game before but i've wasted plenty of money on the arcade version and when I got this wasn't as glued to my gun as much I should be. Fun though. Two player again you need two lightguns and two T.V.s linked up together to have the most fun. The reasion why you need two T.V.s because on one screen, the two seprate screens are tiny and you really see the screen properly. The other modes are good still using shoot and cover action. But in rescue mode you occasionly take control of a sniper rifle. But the controls on the lightgun is hard and it's too fiddly for what it's worth. Despite this stuff I would maybe buy this if you have a lightgun.

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