Time Crisis 3 Cheats

Time Crisis 3 cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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kill machine guns on level 2 helicopter easily
When you battle the machine guns on the side of the helicopter, just use your grenade launcher and blow up the middle one. all three should explode. do the same for the other sides
Unlock Extra Lives for Arcade Mode
To increase the number of lives you are given in Arcade Mode from a limit of 4 to a limit of 9, complete Arcade Story Mode on any difficulty level.
Unlock Free Play for Arcade Mode
To be given unlimited continues in Arcade Story Mode, simply finish the game. When you continue after losing all your lives, you will see "Credits (x)" has changed to "Free Play", indicating you have unlimited continues.
Use a grenade to finish the bosses
At stage 1-1, u can shoot the big cannon (preferably machinegun) before entering the trenches so that u can finish it off with 1 grenade.

At stage 2-2, grenades are best used against the subs... but they will be stronger if playing cooperative

At stage 2-3 and 3-3, once the boss' health reaches green, then a grenade should finish them off

ps. i dun suggest using grenades on wild dog/fang... it's a complete waste


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The highly anticipated third installment of Time Crisis is finally here. This baby is packed with extras-- new weapons, new challenges, new hotties, and more. Veterans will notice a new weapon select system where you can choose between grenades, shotgun, handgun, and machine gun. So grab your Guncon, cause we're goin' in.
Once again the world is plagued with an evil villain and once again they send just two operatives to take on an entire army plus four of the toughest bosses you've ever seen (one even emerges from the pits of hell with a vengeance to kill you).

We'll walk you through the game, screen by screen, telling you where to shoot, when to duck, and the secrets you'll need to help out VSSE operatives Alan Dunaway and Wesley Lambert to get through this grueling array of bullets, grenades, and the occasional claw. So let's begin....

Get the guide here .

Unlock Crisis Missions
Clear the Rescue Mission to unlock the Crisis Missions.

Unlock Infinite Credits (Alternate)
By simply dying in arcade and rescue modes (respectively), your continue credits increase by one each time. This will go into infinite credits after more than six failures.

Unlock Infinite Handgun Magazine (Arcade)
Clear story mode on arcade settings achieving an accuracy of 75% or greater.

Unlock Infinite Handgun Magazine (Rescue)
Clear the entire Rescue Mission with an accuracy of 75% or higher.

Unlock Infinite Special Weapon Ammo (Arcade)
Beat the game at normal difficulty under 30' 00.00" (thirty minutes) to unlock unlimited ammo for all non-Handgun weapons. This figures into an average of 3'00.00" per stage - the more time you shave off at the end of each area, the better off you are.
Submitted by - Big Scooter
Unlock Infinite Special Weapon Ammo (Rescue)
Clear the entire Rescue Mission under 25' 00.00"

Unlock Mirror Mode
Play through the story mode on arcade or rescue settings without continuing to unlock Mirror Mode in Arcade Mode or Rescue Mode.

Unlock New Title Screen
Clear the Rescue Missions for a new title screen.

Unlock Rescue Missions
Clear the game once to unlock the rescue missions.

Unlock Trial Mode
Clear any stage in arcade mode to unlock its trial mode.

Hint: Reload Pedal on PlayStation 2
If you own a non-USB PS2 driving wheel and a GunCon 2, plug the driving wheel into the first controller slot and plug the GunCon 2 in the first USB slot. You can now change the controller options to make the pedals of the steering wheel act as the reload button. The use of the pedals will mimic the actual arcade set-up.
Submitted by - tmanking