A terrorist group has commandeered the Garland Square retail/office complex on the outskirts of bustling, modern-day London. They have made no demands. Their motives are unknown. They are in complete control. It's up to you to liberate the Square by any means necessary.


Using the Guncon2, gunfire has a realistic effect on almost everything in the game: players can blow up items on shelves and tables, shatter glass windows and doors, and destroy beams, statues, and even desktop computers. The game also allows for a different mechanic from other Time Crisis games - rather than duck behind objects or take cover when under fire, your defensive move now provides a shield that allows you to see what's going on through a built-in window --more useful than simply ducking behind a barrel.

The action is set in the recently opened Garland Square complex on the outskirts of London, after the heavily-armed terrorist group U.R.D.A has attacked and taken-over the area. Their motives have yet to be discovered but as elite S.T.F (Special Tactics Force) counter-terrorism officer Claude McGarren, the player's mission is to help secure Garland Square and suppress the U.R.D.A terrorists by whatever means necessary.

Armed with a bullet-proof riot shield and a sub-machine gun, McGarren must eliminate any terrorist threats encountered through environments including a shopping mall, park and office building. Players who have two Guncon2 guns can select a single- or double-gun game to take down enemies John Woo style, adding a fun and unique element to the game. Crisis Zone will also give you 3 basic weapons - a handgun, a shotgun, and a fully automatic machine gun - to use in the story modes, and performing well in the crisis missions will give you access to even more weapons like flame-thrower, or rocket launcher.


  • Experience intense arcade-style action in your living room with the bundled Namco GUNCON 2.
  • Highly interactive, destructible environments. Target and destroy virtually anything—glass windows and doors, items on store shelves, even racks of clothing.
  • Players with dual GUNCON 2s can equip both simultaneously for visceral, two-fisted, Hong Kong cinema-style shooting action.
  • Greatly enhanced for at-home play with additional game modes, special unlockables and new weapons and enemies.

Hardware Requirements

Can be played with a Guncon2.

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  • North America: Sep 21, 2004
  • Europe: Q4 2004
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