Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 (PC) Cheats

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 cheats, and Codes for PC.


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Trophy Balls
Complete the below tasks to unlock the listed trophy ball and attribute point bonus:

Aces Wild: (3,000 points) Hit a hole-in-one to Ace.
Birdie Buster: (3,000 points) Shoot twelve Birdies in one round.
Birdie Streak: (3,000 points) Shoot six consecutive Birdies.
First Birdie: (500 points) Shoot a Birdie.
First Distance Putt: (2 putting points) Sink a 20 foot putt.
First Eagle: (1,000 points) Shoot an Eagle.
First Long Drive: (2 power points) Hit a 300 yard drive.
First Par: (250 Points) Make par on a hole.
First Tournament Win: (1,000 points) Win a tournament.
Long Distance Putt: (3 putting points) Sink a 50 foot putt.
Low Round: (3,500 points) Shoot a sub 60 round.
Missing String: 100% game completion.
Par 4 Green In 1: (2 long game points) Hit a par 4 green with one shot.
Under Par: (2,000 points) Shoot a sub-par round.