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Unlimited Firestorm Wall
This trick allows a fully charged Firestorm Wall to last indefinitely without having to turn it off to recharge. First, fully charge your Firestorm Wall and turn it on. Then before it turns off or runs out of power, sell or turn off your power plants until the message "On Hold" appears in the Firestorm Icon. Your Firestorm Wall will now remain on indefinitely unless you build or turn on your power plants. Note: This trick works with the original, unpatched game. However, this trick does not work in the patched versions of the game.

Gameplay Hints

Hijacking vehicles
Take a Mutant Hijacker into a city, find a car, truck or a bus, and select it. Then you will have control over the vehicle. They can be used as transports.

Control NOD ore processor and mining vehicle
Note: Try this trick on the "Destroy Chemical Tanks" GDI mission. Position an engineer next to the NOD ore processor and wait for the mining vehicle to dock with the structure before capturing it. You will get control of the building and the vehicle.

Kill a Cyborg Commando in with one hit
Note: This trick requires the ability to build a GDI Firestorm Wall Generator and Firestorm Wall sections. Fortify your base and develop it until you have the option to build a Firestorm Wall and sections. Then, build Firestorm Walls across any sections where an enemy can get into your base. When a Cyborg Commando is over one of those sections, turn on the Firestorm Wall Generator to kill it easily.

Baby Visceriods
Order an infantry unit into tiberium until the soldiers die to create baby Visceroids. Note: The Visceroids are not friendly after becoming adults.

Adult Visceroids
When playing as NOD, launch a chemical weapon into the enemy base that has a lot of surrounding population. The people will die and turn into adult Visceroids, which will then destroy the base. They are even a threat if the enemy has an Obelisk Of Light.

Easy building capture and profit
When playing as NOD, purchase some subterranean APCs and fill them with engineers and a Cyborg Commando. Take the APCs within their base and pop up next to something important (GDI Upgrade Center, Tiberium Refinery, etc.). Have your engineers pour out and have them take it over. The commando will protect the building that you capture. Should he fail, sell the building for an easy profit.

Winning with an air assault
The easiest way towards victory using an air assault is to take out the SAM sites. However, when you bomb SAM sites they just re-appear. When playing as NOD, purchase some subterranean APCs and fill them with engineers. Send them to the opposing teams base maker, take over the base maker, and quickly sell it. If the other team is NOD, you will first have to disable their power plants.

Easy way to destroy enemies
Build a Tiberium Waste Facility and a Missle Silo. Then when your Chemical Missile is ready, wait for your Tiberium Waste Facility to fill up again. When it does, fire your Multi-Missle at your opponent's Construction Yard, which should destroy it. Then, fire your Chemical Missile at the Weapons factory. It may not be destroyed, but you will have another Chemical Missile ready. Also fire that missile at the Weapons Factory, which should finish its destruction. The enemy cannot build any more, or build vehicles. The Chemical Missile should make all surrounding troops Viceroids. The Viceroids will destroy most of the surviving buildings.

Protection from NOD ballistic missiles
For GDI commanders, the Firestorm Wall can be used as protection against NOD ballistic missiles. The walls should be placed above the base and/or in the general direction of the enemy base. They can have spaces in between to save on power and money. The Firestorm building should be fully charged. Turn on the wall when you hear the "missile launch detected" warning. If you have nothing else to do, you can watch the missile dissipate in the Firestorm Wall. Note: This was done with a base at the bottom of the map. It may work differently if your base is elsewhere. Also, do not send your aircraft through the Firestorm Wall while it is activated because they will be automatically be destroyed.

Tiberium vein damage
Tiberium veins will damage most vehicles, except for the following: NOD Buggy, Wolverine and Hover MLRS. This makes them excellent units for scouting vein areas. Veins also have no effect on infantry and Harvesters.

Watch The Enemy Base
Ok so this is how it goes, if you wanna look at the enemy base or just find it all you have to do is to save your skirmish mission (but you can only save skirmish missions with new versions) then click on the option menu, click abort and then surrender then all of your base will be destroyed and you'll see blood flying all over the place. Then all the map will be visible and you'll have a few free seconds of looking/ finding the enemy base and all of its goodies :)

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Build anywhere
First set the controls so you can scroll the map using the direction keys. Build a structure and try to position it so you will be able to build anywhere between an empty space between your base and the side bar. Click to place the structure as normal, but now hold the left mouse button and drag it behind the scroll bar. While still holding down the left mouse button, use the direction keys to move the base to wherever you want to build it then let go of the mouse button at last to finish.
Destroying Mammoth Mk IIs
The Mammoth Mk II is a formidable beast, and this trick works best in multiplayer, but it actually has an incredible weakness to the Disrupter because its attack does very little damage to it.

Also if you can fight it on bumpy terrain, the terrain may block the railgun shot, and if your unit's attack is unaffected by terrain height then you can kill it without taking much damage. This works well especially since the computer is unlikely to maneuver the Mammoth into a position where the attack hits.
Free building repairs
If you have a severely damaged Power Plant in play with no Power Turbines on it, create one then place it on the plant to fully restore its health without needing to repair it! You can similarly restore other structures by applying an upgrade to it, e.g. Vulcan Cannon/RPG/SAM on Component Tower, Ion Cannon Uplink/Seeker Control on Upgrade Center.
Preventing NOD missile attacks
You can prevent NOD missile attacks on GDI bases by building firestorm generators and placing sections of firestorm walls anywhere away from the GDI bases themselves. There is no need to actually activate the firestorm effect itself.
Unlockable GDI Mission - Mine the Power Grid
Complete "Rescue the Mutants" to unlock the Ghost Stalker and Mutant Hijacker. Then during "Destroy the Chemical Plant", head to the upper left corner of the map to encounter a Ghost Stalker as a reinforcement trooper. You must keep him alive as you board the train and destroy the Nod Base.

Performing this successfully will unlock the "Mine the Power Grid" mission for GDI.


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easy win
this is a easy way to win.

Take a bunch of half dead infantry, (force fire if you have to) and kill them in the enmys closet tiberrian patch, then sit back and watch there base get destroyed by mutants.