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Thrillville: Off the Rails... Or Is It?

The good:

-Design your own Amusement Theme Park. You choose the rides and other attractions available. In alot of ways, customization is the "name of the game."
-A decent list of Goals to complete among the different Theme Parks, along with two categories of Goals.
-Challenging Mini-Games that are entertaining to add some diversity to the overall Gameplay experience.
-Visual Graphics and Detailing is pretty good for a DS title.
-A great list of Unlockables.

The bad:

-The Soundtrack is pretty basic
-There's a lack of customizing the rides to be unique that shouldn't have been left out of the Gameplay experience.
-There isn't a WHOLE LOT of Replay Value to the game.
-Occasional problems with Touch Screen during some of the Mini-Games. Glitches.


Concept - Thrillville: Off the Rails is an Amusement Park Simulator DS Title. As a Simulator Genre game, you are given command over the development of your Theme Park. Designed for kids, you will check off Goals following humorous or silly story-lines. Even if you're an adult though, the story-line isn't so bad that the game is hard to enjoy. As it goes (with as few spoilers as possible;) Globo-Joy, Thrillville's Rival, continuously tries to thwart you in your park building endeavors. The concept behind the game is great, but it delivers best on the customizable Theme Park.

Graphics - I've s...


Some of the joys of theme parks in the comfort of your own home!

The good:

~ Party play allows you just to play the mini-games by yourself or with others.
~ You can customise you characters appearance and name. You also have the ability to change the characters appearance whenever you want throughout the game.
~ You can be a child or teen.
~ You build coasters from scratch, ride them and even crash them if you feel like it.
~ Customize your stalls, rides and coasters with color and price for a ride/item.
~ Interact with the any of the guests.
~ Teens are able to flirt.
~ You can challenge guests to the countless mini-games.
~ Play cupid – If the matchmaker option is available you can take oer your buddies and find them someone to love.
~ Hire and train your staff through mini-games.
~ Lots of mission help to earn thrill points, increase your income, and keep the game interesting.
~ There are 5 different parks. The beginning one and four to unlock as you play.
~ Good graphics and good use of both the nunchuck and wiimote.


You can customize your character at the very beginning. Firsty you choose one of the "pre-made" teens or children and then customize your characters appearance and name from there. Being a teen has it's advantages.

Starting out in Thrillville Stunts you go through a series of easy tutorials that help you familiarize with the controls and explain the features in the game. After the tutorials it's pretty much up to you how you run the park.

Build rides, stalls and coasters? Make friends with the guests? Complete the missions and earn thrill points and rewards? Hire and train staff?

As your thril...

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