Romance of the Three Kingdoms VI review
True to the theme, thrills at every turn.

The good:

Gameplay, control, completely adictive.

The bad:

The reviews by the pros.


After playing all of the other RTK games (save V), I have found another successful sequel to this genre that continues to facinate and excite me almost 10 years since I picked up RTK2. After reading some reviews I was under the impress that KOEI had finally produced a dud, and that RTKVI was not worth my time. I am SO VERY glad that I didn't listen to the "pros" and gave this game a shot. I think the main failure of the "pros" when rating this game was not giving credence to the AMAZING ability of this game to adict you in a way that no other has. It doesn't have to depend on cheap graphics, it has an advanced gameplay and control that really does let you feel that you are in control of every aspect of your warlord. While, I would agree that the graphics are not the best I have ever seen in a sim game, I would as easily argue that their simplicity is part of the magic of this and other RTK games. You don't have long load times due to graphics, and they don't distract to what the goal of this game was, to make you feel like a ruler.

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