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As you may know, just like my other reviews, this is a hentai based Anime game.No, just because I have been writing reviews for these certain games it does NOT mean Im perverted or anything..I just like writing reviews for Anime games, or more unknown games with no/few reviews listed.With that said, onto the Review:

Plot/Story 7/10:You play a guy who lives at home on his own, getting most he has off his brothers money who works for a big company.Trying to avenge your fathers death, your trying to gain information on who did it, while your brother helps fund your infomation gathering.You learn that he is the father of 3 Girls, and that gathering this information is hurting thier family, including the girls, so you stop trying to avenge your fathers death.Your brother however, has different ideas, and how he is getting the money is a shocking discovery..The story is quite good, one of the high points of this game.

Gamplay 4/10:Its a graphic adventuer I guess you could call it, it has the same layout like Seasons of the Sakura and Runaway City, since it is made by JAST.You choose things to do/say with the keyboard.Like Most hentai games, you end up seeing Adult scenes at certain points if you choose the right options with the girls.Unfortunatley, it is rather easy to get the girls to end up in a sex situation, and very unrealistic, not nearly as challenging to get the scenes as in games like True Love.Also if you choose to sleep with more than just one of the specific girls, you'll get a worse ending.A very dissapointing low point in the game,and picking some of the wrong options could lead to a bad ending, and if you dont know, you could get yourself into a bad ending situation very early without knowing it, which is pretty frustrating.Also, in the endgame if you do not save often, you can end up losing the game entirely before it even ends, and if you saved at a bad part, you can get yourself into a position where you have to start all over, in which you might find yourself nearly smashing your keyboard with frustration, probably the lowest part of the game.

Graphics 8/10kay so its mostly anime art rather than graphics.If you've played Seasons of the Sakura or Runaway City, 2 other JAST translated games, you'll notice the art is pretty much the exact same.Pretty good anime art.

Sound/Music 5/10:No sounds whatsoever, some music, but nothing memorable, just as good if you just turn your speakers off.

Replayablity 6/10:If you want ALL the endings, you could end up having to play the game a good many times, and its not a very short game.Takes about 1-1/2 hours on average to beat the game non-stop.But if you are frustrated with bad endings and such, you'll end up not playing it probably more than once.

Overall 5/10efinatley not the best, or the worst of the Adult Anime Genre.Not as Good as True Love, but not as bad as Ring Out!.If you can somehow find this game at a local store for less than $20, and your a big Adult Anime game fan, might as well pick it up.If your just getting into these kind of games, avoid this one at first and go for a better title such as True Love or Nocturnal Illusion.Not worth more than about $30 in either case.

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