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The good:

fun characters
music (definitely)
did I mention the characters?

The bad:

graphics >.<
story is a bit too short...
is only around one town...


Detailed? Okay.

Gameplay: ...It's FUN!! It's one of the greatest games I've ever played. Anyone who thinks otherwise deserves a kick.

Story: The story is great in its own right, even though it is short...

Replay: You'd think that it would be tiresome playing it all over again. But it's got its challenging plays and such. It's simply lovely.

Graphics: I think that the characters look cute, like they're in chibi. And I love chibis...

World Map: Just my problem, there is none. But it's not such a big factor. The places work just fine without a map.

Overall: Great. Period.

For me: PLAY IT. IT'S F...


Two Different Characters,Two Different Stories,One Object

The good:

The good side,you can ply with two different heroes.And,3-D monster modelling and magic options are excellent.Also,you can play at fabulous stages-such as Underground Ruins or Mel's Atelier.

The bad:

Well,there isn't anything bad mood at this game,I think.But,sometimes game becomes so difficult-so,that's the only bad think at this game.


At Threads of Fate,you can play with two different characters that both two wanting to get Aeon Valen's[Relic]:

One of these is Rue:A mysterious boy that who can transform into monsters that he defeat.Nobody knows where is he from,where he come from and what are he going to do-even himself.He only wants one thing:revive a girl named Claire.Because of this,he wants [Relic].

The other is Mint:A spunky girl who is the eldest princess of East Heaven Kİngdom.She wants [Relic] too,because she wants the throne of East Heaven Kingdom,and she wants to rule the world-yes,she wants world domination.She ...


A light, fun game to help you relax. ^_^

The good:

Easy gameplay and engaging characters help make this the perfect game to play while winding down. While hardly complex compared to other RPGs and being more of a comedy that an action game, Threads of Fate doesn't suffer despite it's relatively light plotline. And one couldn't help but like the game's two main characters: Rue, the mysterious boy with a painful and tragic past, and Mint, the spoiled-brat princess on a quest for revenge and world-domination. As the game progresses and you watch them grow in character, you can't help but fall in love.

The bad:

The graphics were not up to Square's usual standard. While it wasn't bad exactly, neither was it good. The characters were all done up in a cute, superdeformed style that might have worked except that everything was so blocky. The music was also repetitive and, while it sounded fine at first, could get annoying after extended periods of time.


Threads of Fate has the feel of a game that was meant to be played during your spare time. The controls were simplistic and the gameplay was so easy and intuitive that even first-time gamers could get the hang of things in the first few minutes of playing. This is not to say that it would be boring for experienced gamers, however. The world of Threads of Fate, while mostly limited to one town and its surrounding countryside, is a fun place to explore and is full of creatures that you could spend hours just bashing for fun. It's great for stress relief. ^^

The highlights of the entire game ar...


Two storys,One great game

The good:

The two differant stories,and all the quests that you do.

The bad:

A little to long at times.


I want to say first that I love this game.It's alot of fun and has alot to it.I do also want to say that I think that this game should be rated teen because of the langguge and the violence.I do suggest that little kids don't play it cause it has a deep story.

anyway to the other parts,The two main charaters are Rue a tresure hunter,and mint a magic user that wants to get her kingdom back.

When you play as Rue he has a special abblite,when you deffeat a monster some times they drop a coin,when you get the coin you can transform into that monster.there are alot of areas that you can't get past...


This game kicks ass.


Huzzah. This game has it all: it's fun, it has likeable character, has good music, and clean graphics. It's a little short, though... and since Mel's Atelier is so damn annoying... I've played tons of RPGs, but... nothing's as annoying as that place... >_<

But, yeah. If you see it, buy it, or else you suck. Unless you already have it, in which case you're excused.


Threads of Fate

The bad:

I think that the end, a.k.a. Valen's fortress, was a little too long. Maybe you could shorten it to just 3 Arenas?


Very cool game. If there was a Threads of Fate 2, I would totally buy it! My favorite part of the game was Fancy Mel's atelier. The animals were cute. I absolutely loved the music and graphics. Blah Blah Blah and all of that other stuff. My favorite characters were Mint, Belle, and Elena.

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